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Jan 2, 2013 vavavarooooom commented on You Don't Have to Be Thin to Be Healthy.
So, just for the record, this comment thread is what science is for. You have these ideas that 'everybody knows,' and you test them. Sometimes you find out that what you 'knew' isn't entirely true. That is hard for most people. At one point everybody knew that gay people were just confused. Everybody knew that beating a child was good for him. Everybody knew that eggs were terrible for your cholesterol. Everybody knew that a Catholic priest is one of the safest, kindest people there are.

Anyway, all the comments about how fat fucks are always unhealthy is kind of ridiculous, when clearly that isn't true. Thin people get heart disease. Thin people get cancer.

To the point on BMI - it is useless for an individual person, and maybe someday we can get doctors to stop using it, but it is useful for studying large populations. Most people are not bodybuilders.

Dec 27, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on Morning News: The Top 10 News Stories I Found Interesting at 6:00 AM This Morning.
@3 - the slog's official position is that to avoid being raped, women should not leave the house unescorted at all. A gun is unnecessary if you have a big, strong, man to protect you.

@7 -- It was a parody of Beauty and the Beast, called Beauty and the Beat.…
Dec 9, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on Sunday Morning News.
OK Unpaid Intern - you are not going to lynch every guy in a tan jacket, you are just going to lock up all the women. Makes sense.
Dec 9, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on Sunday Morning News.
Seriously, Stranger -- how many times are you going to publish this 'she was asking for it by daring to leave her home' bullshit? Again and again and again I read this here. If the Times wrote an article saying that the solution to gay-bashing was for all gay people to be closeted, how would you respond to that? Go fuck yourself, unpaid intern. I will go where I want.
Dec 7, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
I have to say that I think Marc was over the top, but I agree that the cover was tasteless and I was turned off as soon as I saw it. I get the joke, but why not celebrate instead of highlighting one of the worst arguments against equality??
Oct 10, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on The Death of the Ride Free Area.
I am sad about losing the RFA, though at rush hour, plenty of people are still hopping on for free along 3rd ave. You just need a busy bus.

Are you guys going to cover the clusterfuck that is the Rapid Ride C? Westies got totally screwed in the route revamps. West Seattle Blog has been covering the last week pretty well, but I would love to see wider coverage.
Oct 1, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on A Restaurant Recommendation for a Decent, Non-Dairy, Non-Egg, Meat-Filled Meal.
I went to Lecosho with a garlic intolerance and pregnant, which severely limits what I can eat in restaurants, but I thought I could at least get some delicious meat. The waiter did not give two craps about what my issues were, and basically just told me there was nothing I could eat there. He told me he went back and asked the kitchen, and they told him there was nothing but roasted almonds for me, but as I selected items from the menu and asked specifically about them - lo and behold, it turns out the chicken was prepared without garlic! So he either lied, or the kitchen staff does not know what they are preparing.The food at Lecosho is great, but I definitely was not impressed with the server or the staff, and if I had not been pushy, I would have just been nibbling almonds while my friend ate her dinner.

I recommend Andaluca - when there was really nothing on the menu I could eat, the chef made a sauce for me to have in place of the standard one.
Aug 23, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on Woman Hospitalized After Race-Fueled Catfight.
came to say what @2 said. Seriously? In 2012, I can't even come to the Stranger without being degraded for being a woman??
May 26, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on Idiot Tries to Defend Bigoted Anti-Gay-Marriage Preacher on Anderson Cooper.
I was at 6:30 and like, "this isn't the real idiocy??" No, it wasn't. This lady is so ignorant, I am ashamed to be american.
May 18, 2012 vavavarooooom commented on SL Letter of the Day: Grey Is the New Black Eye.
Can we get a warning when you are going to mention 2 girls 1 cup? Something like "Shit ahoy!!" maybe? It grosses me out for a full day even reading the words. I am going to go shower after typing this.