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Apr 26 Gerald Fnord commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
The underprivileged very definitely can call-out the privileged on their tone; yes, 'standards' can be used to oppress, but they can also be used to subvert the power structure, for example when African-American civil rights leaders showed greater eloquence, intelligence, and even-temperedness (by top-down standards) than racist pobuckers in office and otherwise. The existence of some standards of civility and reasonableness is precisely what allows we non-wealthy types to criticise Trump.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
Claiming that all possible modes of discourse you may use are equally effective denies reality, unless your only need is to hear yourself speak—if the world were such that every way and style of communicating you wished to use were effective, you'd already be in the world you wanted.

If I were trying to persuade others of something and were doing it in such a way that I had very little chance of its working, I should consider anyone letting me know so to be my friend, as much my friend as France tried to be our friend post-2001 by dissing our ideas about Iraq, or anyone hiding my car-keys from me when I might be drunk were mine.

Then again, the dominant political ideology of some of the American Left were best described as 'Marxist-Onanist'.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on I, Anonymous.
Some people consider riding a bicycle as entry into the ranks of Calvin's Elect, not incapable of sinning, but certain that no sin of theirs were really that likely or important.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on It's 4:20, So Here Are Some Photos of Snoop Dogg Visiting a Dispensary in Skyway.
Remember, one of the original synonyms of 'common' was 'vulgar'. Any group of people with an overwhelming interest in one topic is, as I commented to a friend active in the S&M community, at some times functionally equivalent to Trekkies at their worst—add drugs effects, and who knows.

Still, much preferable to living with prohibition...just so long as noöne bleats 'It' s not a DRUG, it's a PLANT, MAAAAAAAAAAAN!', at which point I start to want to ban not dope so much as free speech and perhaps humanity itself.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: London Calling.
Authenticity check: shouldn't that be the collective 'my cluentele have', or have too many succumbed to American conventions there?

Also to note: Prostitution (below young insanely expensive escorting) can be seedy and unpleasant in Britain as it is in Murka, but Brits don't seem to _insist_ on that being the case as it sometimes seems to be the case here.... The venerable 'cards at the news-agent' system comes to mind.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Prince’s Passing, Penis Polishing, Bathroom Bills, $20 Bills.
Don't lower the penis, buy some stilts. Hilarity (and suing) may ensue.
Apr 10 Gerald Fnord commented on Ted Cruz On the Cover of TIME.
Much more than the Child Catcher, and an audio match (and even better character match) : the con-man 'Mr Haney' on Green Acres, who sold the leads their terrible farm and appeared weekly to con them again. æ
Apr 10 Gerald Fnord commented on I Missed the Irony in Calvin Trillin's Poem in the New Yorker but, Ironically, It's Still a Bad Poem.
It's nice to see that the Right haven't completely stolen Zhdanovism from the Left, as numerous examples on alicublog in recent years seemed to indicate, and nice to discover a nearly pure strain of the virus—immune to context, irony, satire, knowledge of form (e.g., 'doggerel doesn't even try to be "good" after the manner of poetry')—to serve as a warning to the rest of us on that side of the spectrum.

(You know, «...pour encourager les autres.», as a dead, white, patriarchal, anti-Semitic, male once wrote.)
Mar 29 Gerald Fnord commented on Mayor Ed Murray to Ban Official Travel to North Carolina After Anti-LGBT Law.

I don't back this sort of law, but to avoid an echo-chamber I'll mention that its backers claim to be worried about cis-men's pretending to trans-woman status.
Mar 29 Gerald Fnord commented on Washington Superdelegates Still Endorsing Clinton, Spurning Pro-Sanders Majority of State Voters.
Any system that can prevent anyone like Trump's getting the nomination—I emphatically do not include Mr Sanders in that number, I am writing of future potentialities—is not an entirely bad idea.