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Gern Blanston
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Mar 19 Gern Blanston commented on Male Strippers at El Corazón: Boob Grabbing, Boxer Briefs, and Zero Penis.
What a poignant metaphor that last photo is. Bravo Kelly.
Mar 17 Gern Blanston commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved but You Can't Listen to Now?.
I'm embarrassed that I liked Guns n' Roses at one point. Even when I liked them, they kind of made me cringe.
Mar 7 Gern Blanston commented on Unfinished Business: Business as Usual.
Ben Stiller? Zoolander? Hello?
Feb 26 Gern Blanston commented on The Mariners Are Good, But What Would It Take For Them To Be Great? Part Two.
After the last decade plus of futility, I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to the Mariners. I'll believe it when I see it.
Feb 26 Gern Blanston commented on My Philosophy.
I'm no Macklemore fan, but it does seem rather weak that the most original thing you can come up with is to take cheap shots at another artist.
Feb 25 Gern Blanston commented on History on Ice in Red Army.
There was an excellent documentary that aired on ESPN recently called "Of Miracles and Men" that tells the story of the "Miracle on Ice" from the perspective of the Soviet team. It also covers some of the larger issues raised in "Red Army." I would highly recommend it. You can watch it here:
Feb 22 Gern Blanston commented on Oscar Watch 2015: A Live Slog of the 87th Academy Awards (a.k.a. Nerd Superbowl).
Baseball season cannot come soon enough.
Feb 19 Gern Blanston commented on We Got Some Rare Face-Time with Bertha's Contractor (And Her Dusty Rescue Pit) Today.
Great Wheel keep on turnin', Proud Bertha keep on churnin'....
Feb 18 Gern Blanston commented on Bertha Has Now Chewed Through More Than Six Feet of Concrete.
Looks like Bertha accomplished a lot more than you did today.

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