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Mar 22 Gern Blanston commented on .
Anticipate the Bern
Mar 18 Gern Blanston commented on MISSING: Have You Seen Zachary Bowen?.
@3 Not that long ago, I was wondering about the software engineer who disappeared from the International District last year. I haven't heard anything more on that case in ages.
Mar 11 Gern Blanston commented on Hillary Clinton: "The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start 'a national conversation' about HIV and AIDS.".
It seems like in that audio you posted, it's members of the press at the time who were laughing at prospect of "gay plague." From the way you set it up, I was expecting the laughter to come from officials at a cabinet meeting or something. You can't really hold the Reagan Administration responsible for the reaction of the media, however disturbing or inappropriate it was.
Mar 7 Gern Blanston commented on Thinking Strategically, Who Should Liberals Want as the Republican Nominee?.
I don't see how Drumpf can win a general election if 50% of people polled would be embarrassed to have him as president. He doesn't even appeal to the majority of Republicans, let alone the general electorate.
Mar 7 Gern Blanston commented on Maria Sharapova Failed Drug Test!.
The last thing this story is about is race.
Feb 25 Gern Blanston commented on Liveslogging the Last Republican Debate Before Super Tuesday.
George H.W. Bush is 91. That's what's up with him.
Jan 29 Gern Blanston commented on I, Anonymous.
Where's the fun in that?
Nov 16, 2015 Gern Blanston commented on With a Few More Ballots Counted, Lisa Herbold Keeps Lead in West Seattle City Council Race.
Maggie Gyllenhaal should play her in the movie.
Nov 3, 2015 Gern Blanston commented on Election Night 2015: We Crash All the Parties as All Nine City Council Seats (and More) Go Up for Grabs at Once!.
Yet more excuses for the landlord to raise the rent. Huzzah.