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Aug 6 Lack Thereof commented on The Mystery of the Central District Surveillance Cameras.
I used to be a manager at a business in that complex, and lived nearby for a decade.

A whole shitload of stolen & illicit goods move from one car trunk to another in that lot. I would not be surprised if large quantites of guns are changing hands there as well... there are certainly plenty of armed people hanging out in that lot at all hours.
Jul 30 Lack Thereof commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.
Why would we get rid of design review? That has an obvious purpose and use. Parking minimums are just creating wasted space in a city where space is at a premium. So that's a stupid comparison, unless you're just arguing that we should keep every requirement that costs developers money because fuck 'em.

Also remember that parking minimums apply to public/nonprofit affordable housing projects as well as private ventures. Their budgets feel the hit of wasteful parking requirements as well.
Jul 30 Lack Thereof commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
@24 etc.

How do you propose we make homeownership affordable in Seattle, without adding more homes?
Jul 30 Lack Thereof commented on Fact-Checking the Fight Against Campaign Finance Reform in Seattle.
It might simply be the campaign consultants working for themselves. Sandeep has run campaigns for a series of progressively bigger and bigger money outfits over the past decade. A spending cap on city campaigns could seriously cut into his income.

Also, it's fun to watch you see developers behind every tree.
Jul 14 Lack Thereof commented on Housing Affordability Committee: Tear Down This Parking! (And Build Homes for Humans!).
@1 Yes, all houses in Seattle without off-street parking were built before the requirements went into effect. Grandfathering is a pretty accurate description.

@2 Please see the city's repeated parking studies that show OVER HALF of the off-street parking spaces in the city are empty, in every neighborhood. There is no parking shortage. Go stroll through the government-mandated garages under every new apartment building... mostly empty. People who complain about not being able to find parking should look at comment #16.
Jul 13 Lack Thereof commented on What Seattle's New "Grand Bargain" on Affordable Housing Is and How People Are Reacting So Far.
I'm no newcomer. I've been here my whole life.

No one hates single family housing. People hate being forced into single family housing against their will, or being priced out of neighborhoods because they can't afford a single family house.

The case has already been made several times that you can't fit all our new development in under existing rules, not unless you bulldoze every building that's less than the maximum height and replace it with one that is. Be realistic - no one is going to tear down a fully occupied 4 story building to build a 6 story one, even if the zoning allows for it.

The bottom line is in the numbers. Last year we added 20,000 jobs in Seattle, and only 6,000 housing units. New tech employees are outbidding low-income seattlites on existing housing stock, and many lower-level tech employees are choosing to commute from Lynnwood and Bothell instead of trying to fight through Seattle's extremely competitive housing market.

No one is going to war with single family neighborhoods. No one is going to force you to move out of your single family home and into a studio apartment. If these modest changes are made, the vast majority of the city is going to still be single family housing.

When I see comments like this, I have to wonder... when was the last time you tried to rent an apartment in this city? 1990? Have you ever had to deal with a competitive rental application process where the landlord compares the incomes of 2 dozen applicants and takes the highest one? Because that's the situation out there right now. The war is not on single family homeowners... it's on renters being forced out of the city!

-LT out
Jul 13 Lack Thereof commented on What Seattle's New "Grand Bargain" on Affordable Housing Is and How People Are Reacting So Far.

It is much easier to add housing stock by making it legal to replace SFH with modest 2 or 3 story apartment buildings over a wide area, than it is to try and get 100' towers built in a handful of small enclaves. Western Capitol Hill is the densest neighborhood in the entire state, and the vast majority of housing there are old apartment buildings of moderate height, not towers. Look at cities around the world with lots of housing near the core, and you will see the exact same pattern.

Don't get me wrong, the towers help a lot, but when we're zoning neighborhoods so that towers taper down to SFH in just a few blocks (see: Roosevelt urban village), we've got a problem.
Jul 13 Lack Thereof commented on What Seattle's New "Grand Bargain" on Affordable Housing Is and How People Are Reacting So Far.
"What prevents the developers from simply paying the affordable housing fund fees and relying on the rapid increase in rental prices and real estate values to keep the city from being able to buy land and build affordable housing on it?"

Nothing. But it's better than the current situation, where developers are starting to decide that being able to build a couple extra floors isn't worth the cost of paying into the fund. So we get both no contribution to the affordable housing fund, AND fewer units in new construction.

This isn't perfect, but it would be a step in the right direction, mostly by chipping away at the unassailable sanctity of Seattle's sprawling single family zones.

I bet it never happens. These proposals are going to get watered down by the city council to the point of uselessness. The BANANA crowd has too much influence in Seattle's government to ever let something like this happen.
Jul 6 Lack Thereof commented on Seattle Police Training Session, Held Up As a National Model, Lands Trainer and Trainee in Hot Water.
An employee who acted like this at an Arby's training session would be shown the door.

Likewise, a manager who implied to his underlings that he did not agree with the policy would also be shown the door by HIS boss.

But I guess SPD has different standards for professionality.
Jul 1 Lack Thereof commented on Oh, Look. The City's Finally Giving Out Those Minimum Wage Education Grants It Promised Months Ago.
Maybe retail & foodservice employers will have to stop blatantly ignoring the sick-leave ordinance soon.