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May 2, 2012 certaindoom commented on Why All the Smashy-Smashy? A Beginner's Guide to Targeted Property Destruction..
So all 200 black bloc was undercover cops. Right. Unless this is confirmably true, please shut up. Even if there were undercover cops not arresting black bloc as part of some sort of conspiracy theory, please tell me you have hard evidence that the cars on 6th ave were smashed by police rather than by protesters.
May 2, 2012 certaindoom commented on Why All the Smashy-Smashy? A Beginner's Guide to Targeted Property Destruction..
Kudos to @23 and @28 for expressing my thoughts very literately and thoughtfully. I would just add this. Black Bloc are a bunch of self-entitled little effs that deserve jail. They don't attack "corporations," they attack people's livelihoods. They don't attack "property," they attack the result of people's hard work. If you parked on 6th yesterday you got a broken car window, expense, time to repair, disruption of your life... thanks to middle class white boys who can write 3000 words of manifesto on their justification and excuse, but who are still doing very little but be zealous vigilante fucks. I wonder how many live or work downtown, probably none. As someone who has, for decades, I feel personally at risk due to these guys, way more at risk than I do from corporations. We need to reform bank laws, we need better politics. RMoney and his ilk need to be defeated. But smashing 99%'ers lives up so you can make a precious statement of rage, to me, just deserves nothing but prosecution and jail.
Apr 21, 2012 certaindoom commented on Text From South Lake Union.
Go easy on Alexie. 200 years ago his family was still stone age or at best had traded for some tools. We cut slack to guys whose backgrounds are only just now becoming modern.
Apr 21, 2012 certaindoom commented on Deluxe Junk Evicted?!.
@31 www.reddit.com is a worldwide forum, the thousands of sub-forums have names and those names all contain the path /r/(name) . One of those is on the topic of seattle, so the full url is www.reddit.com/r/seattle

Its a forum that gets about 10x the traffic as the stranger board or most other boards, depending on the subreddit.

conde nast owns them but maintains a hands-off policy towards almost all content.
Mar 9, 2012 certaindoom commented on Clash of the Middlemen.
Every flippin jihadic moron that said hells yeah to kicking the state stores out owes me money for extra scotch costs. Every damn one of you. I hate you all and hope you die.

I knew this would result in a worse deal, it was all right there in the law if you idiot teabagging morons had bothered to read with your brains instead of your assholes.
Feb 10, 2012 certaindoom commented on Crowdsourcing Uncut Police Video from the Dec. 12 Occupy Protest at the Port of Seattle.
As a grandchild of a Chicagoan from 1968 I can tell you this was no police riot. I kept waiting for swinging billy clubs, mass arrests and curb stomps. Instead I saw restrained, measured, competent police actions to defend the area from vandalism and further abuse by some hotheads who were given every chance to clear out and who none the less were treated very gently considering the circumstances. I am not seeing a riot. You whining babies have no idea what a police riot looks like if you think this was one.

Memo to the so called occupy kids: YOU ARE IDIOTS. You are not accomplishing anything but drive people away from your cause. I am anti cop when they do something dumb, like stomping the mexican piss, or beating up a 15 year old girl in custody, or our shining example of cop incompetence Ian Burk. But not this time. The police did their jobs, they took your crap, they did what they were supposed to and they kept their response to the minimum required to handle the situation. Kudos to the police for keeping violence down and providing the public property under assault with some measure of safety from spoiled angry children, which is all I see on the protest side, spoiled angry children. Go home and do some bongs you failed reject loser protest wannabe jerks.
Jan 30, 2012 certaindoom commented on Police Investigating Pro-Occupy Vandalism and Smashed Window at Seattle Wells Fargo.
look at me mommy i'm somebody, i'm an anarchist. In 20 years you'll look back and understand what a useless gesture all this was, those of you that manage to grow consciences and self-awareness. you are not anyone's heroes, you are not the various figures of history you probably think you are emulating. a handful of ineffectual property crimes does nothing but turn most middle class people against you. So its you against the world, because thats how you were raised, nobody gave you attention at home so you have to go demand it now. hope you manage to get what you need, i know for darn sure you arent going to get what you say you want, the "smash the state" rhetoric is not going to work, it never works, but keep shaking your tiny fists of rage who knows it might be different this one time.
Jan 15, 2012 certaindoom commented on No Fucking Comment.
If your goal is to express your rage, mission accomplished.

If your goal was to enlist more than your own tight knit little group, complete and total failure. You probably just pushed a lot of fence sitters back to supporting the cops, by scaring them into seeing what the true face of anarchy really looks like: violent and willing to destroy. A lot of people will, even with misgivings, support police.

Trying to explain something to a rage-o-holic is tough. But I'll try. You guys make what the asshat cops do seem justified. If you had any brains instead of just baby balls, you'd knock it off and come up with better, more clever, more inclusive ways of protesting.

But you are the same feeble minded little f-wits that took over Occupy. Violent, petulant and probably badly parented children whose parents probably washed their hands of them years ago.

You don't speak for the 99%, you speak for yourselves, and only yourselves. Rage all you want, but you are not helping the cause you say you support.
Jan 12, 2012 certaindoom commented on Florida, Ohio, and Pretty Much All the Rest.
Great film. Its really interesting to me whether this election could become a referendum on Wall Street. Sadly Obama has been giving out pardons to Wall Street, so we might not know. The choice between a Wall Street enabler like Obama versus a Wall Street corporate raider like Romney... not really a great choice.

and @1 is an idiot forum troll, log his IP and turn him in.
Dec 14, 2011 certaindoom commented on Of Ice and Men.
I feel the same about so called pot pie that is only a biscuit or cracker floating on the top of a soup or stew. That is not a pie. A pie has a crust that completely envelops the filling.

Words exist for a reason. you cannot just make up sh*t and call it a donut.