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Whoever I end up voting for in a mayoral election, never wins.

Aug 3 Kinison commented on What Last Night's Primary Election Results Mean for Housing, Transit, and the Futures of a Bunch of Big-Name Pols.
Park Advocates: And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin Viaduct Park.

Voters: No.

Park Advocates: Oh sir! It's only a tiny little park.

Voters: No. Fuck off - we have too many parks (burps).

Park Advocates: Oh sir... it's only *wafer* thin.

Voters: Look - I couldn't possibly take on another park. I'm absolutely
over budget as it is. Bugger off.

Park Advocates: Oh sir, just... just *one* more...

Voters: Oh all right. Just one more.

Park Advocates: Just the one, sir... voila... bon appetit...

Jul 28 Kinison commented on Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart.
@10 "But there's a ton of publicly available information that strongly indicates that she is a war hawk, and is owned by the banks."

There isnt a shred of evidence that suggests the money she got in speaking fees resulted in legislation that benefited the banks.
Jul 27 Kinison commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
Thank you Christopher Baird! When the store is out of Pepsi, just order Clorox bleach.
Jul 20 Kinison commented on Melania Trump's Speechwriter Apologizes, Offers Resignation, and Gets to Keep Her Job.
Whats with the Trump Organization stationary? Shouldn't she be using a more official Trump For Prez letterheads?
Jul 6 Kinison commented on House Dems Boo Sanders.
At this point, nobody cares if he endorses Clinton. But after the convention, he needs to end his campaign.
Jul 6 Kinison commented on Hillary Clinton Won't Go to Jail, But Will the E-Mail Scandal Hurt Her Chances In November?.
It didn't hurt her chances in the primaries. She destroyed Sanders, she hit so hard, he still thinks hes running for president.

Trump can make whatever attack ads he wants, but TV/Radio stations wont accept an IOU.
Jul 5 Kinison commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
@26. CIA/FBI have two different servers for email. What they call the High-Side, is for classified top secret clearance stuff. The Low-Side servers are for unclassified emails and Clinton had her private server tied to the Low-Side, so anything classified that was sent to her, was a mistake.

Cables are sent to consulates/embassies.

This WSJ article explains it in better detail.…
Jul 5 Kinison commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
@9 What Colin Power did was worse. He used an AOL account, a private commercial server that he had zero control over to conduct Dept of State business on. With Clinton, theres always someone at home who could have turned off the server at a moments notice. She had full control over that server. His excuse in no way justifies what he did, nor is Clinton's excuse justifying what she did, but these violations are nothing more than dept rules, no actual laws were broken.
Jul 1 Kinison commented on Local French Bull Dog Has a Steamy Romance with a Koi Fish.
Kinda odd, this isnt the first time ive seen this. Google "Dog and Koi Fish" click image. Theres like 8 difference stories about dogs and koi fish getting along.
Jun 23 Kinison commented on Bernie Sanders Joins House Reps at Sit-In for Gun Violence.
What 13 said. Sanders showed up, got alot of applause and praise from everyone, then left. He was there for about 5 minutes.

Since the DC primary, Sanders appears to be doing everything he can to ignore the Democrats in both the House and Senate, while at the same time making wild demands of them. Gotta give love to get love Bernie!