Jul 7, 2013 K X One commented on The Pseudo Problem-Solving of Traffic Engineering.
FYI cyclists: sometimes the sensor for bikes at lights is a circle in the road as well as the T, or T in a box.

As far as Charle's post goes, I'm sympathetic. If the traffic engineers don't hate cyclists and want them dead they are incredibly incompetent. I'm sure politics thwarts well meaning attempts frequently, but it can't possibly explain everything we have to contend with.

I'll give the traffic engineers one other out. I suspect that the people who paint the sharrows and bike lanes on the road are road raging assholes who want cyclists dead too. It's quite possible it is they are who are often thwarting the will of the engineers.
Jul 7, 2013 K X One commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@ 23 "@17 are you calling Mother Teresa a cunt?"

If he isn't, I will.
Jun 5, 2013 K X One commented on Ads in the Motherfucking Sky.
It's far more appealing when it is on blimps. Bring back blimps!
Jun 2, 2013 K X One commented on Now Closed.
The First Hill Bar and Grill deserved to close. As a night shift medical worker at various institutions on Pill Hill over the years, I (& many others) would have embraced a place nearby where we could get a steak and a whiskey at 8AM. Instead, when I ventured in there they were surly and unhelpful and acted like I was putting them out ordering food, much less a simple drink. No better when they reopened after what seemed like a long hiatus either. Good riddance.

Also, Herfy's Burgers in Fremont is gone.
Apr 30, 2013 K X One commented on City, Police Union Announce New Contract Agreement After Two-Year Impasse.
Fire them all and start over already!
Apr 16, 2013 K X One commented on SL Letter of the Day: Big Time.
Dan Savage wrote this? Where's his usual fat hate?
Mar 27, 2013 K X One commented on Slog Poll: Where Can a Guy Drink in This Town?.
I too, on occasion flout the law by drinking a beverage on the street. Usually on my way to the bus on my way downtown, if I've been drinking and am going to continue drinking, I'll walk out of the house with a beer in my hand and stroll down the sidewalk sipping it. Waiting for the SWAT team to take me down as I do so.

* Thanks Fnarf! I would've gotten that wrong up until a minute ago!
Feb 20, 2013 K X One commented on Where Your Bag Goes at Sea-Tac Airport.
Looks like the Times couldn't handle the increased traffic of the Slog readers or they didn't want us there, because the video link is down now.
Feb 20, 2013 K X One commented on Dems' Budget Would Tax Bicycles to Pay for Freeways.

I disagree that bicycles have any impact on the roads. Especially in comparison to large trucks and asshats who run their studded snow tires all year. If there weren't any cars and no weather effects you could probably cycle over our roads for hundreds of years without seeing any effect.
Feb 20, 2013 K X One commented on Faith Healers.
@ (unregistered commenter) Thomas122, yes Swedish wasn't planning on providing DWD services before Providence took them over*. That is different from Catholic hospitals not even allowing their staff to educate patients as to options.

* Swedish sold its staff on the "affiliation" as a "new kind of partnership, not a take-over". This "new kind of partnership" included a new board that was mostly made up of Providence executives and immediate changes to how Swedish operated. After about a year of working under the new system I think even the most optimistic staff are realizing that Swedish got took over and talk of "getting in line with industry standards" actually means "do more with less, so you can suffer and be closer to god".

It's especially galling to have Catholics cutting staffing and supplies to the bone so that they can make a greater profit (Catholic Health Services MAKES money) so they can use that money to gold plate more crucifixes to rape children with and then spend more money protecting those child-rapists.

We need to actually contact our legislators and got something done about these threats to the health and safety and rights of all of us.