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Jan 21, 2014 femwanderluster commented on Don't Think Of Them As YOUR Boobs, Think Of Them As OUR Boobs.
Gross male entitlement: bound to show up in the comments on a post about state infringement of women's personal autonomy in the context of reproductive choice that is specific to their breasts.

Because boobies! beget boners. Forget about the actual women. Forget about babies.

Boobies! Boners! Boobies!

Boners! Boners! Boners!
Jan 21, 2014 femwanderluster commented on Don't Think Of Them As YOUR Boobs, Think Of Them As OUR Boobs.
Personal autonomy FAIL.

I'd say this is like making it a law that all women and girls have to use one type of menstruation maintenance supply (only tampons or only pads) but it's so much worse than that. So much worse.

Definitely on the slippery side of the 'forced organ donation--anti-abortion rights' slope.

I had a good faith conversation with a forced-birther wherein she acknowledged that, while we (and many others) have to agree to disagree, we both have our own opinions about abortion. Further in the discussion, I said, "that is exactly why I prefer the law to be INCLUSIVE instead of EXCLUSIVE--when abortion is legal, both of our opinions are valid and we are both free to make choices that we believe are right for ourselves and no one else can tell us otherwise, one way or another". She even agreed that not everyone is religious or believes the same things and that we both respect other women's opinions; only she couldn't extrapolate that consensus to keeping abortion legal.

Because, due to her religiosity, she doesn't REALLY respect other women's opinions, their beliefs, or, particularly, their personal autonomy, when it comes down to the law.

Your amniotic sack is full of holes; it's leaking fluid.

Oh, wait; woops, sorry. I meant to say: your argument is full of holes, there's not a drop of water in it!
Jan 18, 2014 femwanderluster commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mistakes Were Made.
Ugh, (don't) fuck dudes; all take and no give. GGG my puss.

Reminds me of all the douches who would egg on my friends and I to make out, despite our being completely hetero, but as soon as we turned the tables and said, no, you and your guy friend first, the game was off.

Jan 15, 2014 femwanderluster commented on Why Do Poor White Folks Vote Republican? Dog-Whistle Politics Explained.

The majority of the American working "poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

My Fox father is one. I read the whole of the Steinbeck quote to him and he AGREED with it, proudly, no hint of irony involved.
Jan 15, 2014 femwanderluster commented on Father "Accidentally" Shoots 3-Year-Old in Head.
So, if you shoot your own baby dead, NBD, nothing to see here; it was an accident.

Yet, and rightfully so, a man who "squoze" his 6 week old's head in the crook of his arm is arrested.


Hmm. Something fucked up here. Like that Lund, Sweden judge who ruled that, though the evidence showed the man violently raped the woman, the man didn't INTEND to rape her, so NBD, nothing to see here.


By that logic, every defendant ever can just claim the consequences of their actions were not their intent and so they are therefore not guilty: the father who "squoze" his baby's head only intended to stop his crying, not to injure or possibly kill him, so NBD, nothing to see here. Why, then, was he arrested? Indeed, why arrest anyone who does not admit to desiring the result of their actions?

Logic fail all over the place.
Jan 15, 2014 femwanderluster commented on The Wednesday Morning News.

Abortion is legal. The only ambiguity involved is: to get one or not, should the choice arise.

That's the way it is. Get one, don't get one, it's up to you. Do not presume to make the choice for others. Only women and pubescent girls can (at this point in human technological advances) 'get pregnant'. That's the way nature is.

As to buffer zones for protests; they exist already in many situations. Both Presidents Bush and Obama have utilized them at events in which they have appeared.

We all have the right to free speech. We do not have the right to an audience, willing or otherwise. We also do not have the right harass or impede others from legally exercising their right to access legal medical procedures.

That's the way the law is. That's the way rights work. Government is obligated to protect citizens and to ensure public safety; there is precedent involved in buffer zones for women's health clinics (which provide myriad health services, of which abortion is but one).

The First Amendment does not protect terrorism.
Jan 10, 2014 femwanderluster commented on What's Your Best Guess?.
But the facetious answers are better.
Jan 10, 2014 femwanderluster commented on What's Your Best Guess?.
Downtown Abbey, obvs.
Jan 8, 2014 femwanderluster commented on The Morning News.
@1: Seconded. Also, what the fuck, Daddio!? Your own 6 week old? This fatherfucker needs to be tested for steriods, among other things (psycopathy).
Jan 5, 2014 femwanderluster commented on There's More to Life than Workplace Productivity.
woot, @Clara; simpatico!