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Jan 10 femwanderluster commented on What's Your Best Guess?.
Downtown Abbey, obvs.
Jan 8 femwanderluster commented on The Morning News.
@1: Seconded. Also, what the fuck, Daddio!? Your own 6 week old? This fatherfucker needs to be tested for steriods, among other things (psycopathy).
Jan 5 femwanderluster commented on There's More to Life than Workplace Productivity.
woot, @Clara; simpatico!
Jan 3 femwanderluster commented on There's More to Life than Workplace Productivity.
the best way to workout is to vape vape vape before during and after, especially outdoor runs, never been fitter in my life than as a stoned solo athlete. lady needs a toke or two before she elliptizes or whatever other indoor stationary exercizes she does. sheesh. also, eating uber healthy is never tastier than when one is baked.
Dec 4, 2013 femwanderluster commented on You Get a Hymen! You Get a Hymen! Everybody Gets a Hymen!.
There's a difference between wanting to use one of these for fun and NEEDING to use one of these because your life depends on it.

Child marriage happens in the US, too, usually among immigrant populations from the countries where, yes, most women are complicit in their own and their daughters' oppression because it can be dangerous NOT to flow with the status quo.

As to 'how it's being marketed'...notice anything about that video? Low/no budget? Hand vagina? ONLY hands (of a woman? of a man?) There is only the necessary info, demonstrated in a rudimentary way with absolutely NO EXTRAS of any kind. Yeah...marketed? On the ultra DL, maybe. Otherwise, instructional video at its most basic.

Taking issue with the characterization of this product as inherently supporting the patriarchy is the most obtuse, privilege-blind reaction one could have.

That's not to say that if indulging in faux virginity-taking is your thang, it can't also be purchased for that or any other reason.

But let's be real:

What came first, the virginity test or the fake-bleeding hymen? Hmm....chicken, egg, chicken, egg....
Oct 21, 2013 femwanderluster commented on The Monday Morning News.
"But I guess anything to distract from the way the EU is raping the Greek economy."

Nothing can distract from the jarringly casual and unnecessarily misused analogy in the above statement. C'mon, Goldy.
Oct 8, 2013 femwanderluster commented on Chris Christie Doesn't Think Gay Marriage Is a Human Rights Issue.
It all depends on who you view as human.

Race, gender, class, sexual orientation: it's all intersectional, baby! Degree of rights directly relate to degree of humanity afforded to us by those in power.
Oct 7, 2013 femwanderluster commented on Fox News Goes Big.
55" touch screens? At which one sits as though at a lovely-sized monitored computer, but without a frakkin' mouse?

My arms hurt just looking at that shit.
Aug 30, 2013 femwanderluster commented on Savage Love.

Wow, this comment thread. Fist bump. Thanks for being the voice of reason and sense.

I think everyone else missed the info you stated about your friend having narrowly avoided being attacked herself one night, before this incident at the party.

The statistics show this out; chances are, the majority of the women you know and/or are dating have experienced some degree or form of sexual harassment or even sexual assault.

She has a right to defend her bodily autonomy.

Men should assume the women they are with have been infringed upon before and to proceed with respect, deferring to their partner's enthusiastic, unmistakable consent.

In the event of lolorhone's friend pulling a knife to emphasize just how seriously her boundary transgressing boyfriend was NOT taking her repeatedly, clearly-stated dissent to his groping, especially because she had been scared into hyper-vigilance from her previous encounter; though, that shouldn't matter, but it goes to context; she defended herself with what I see as a level-playing field tactic.

That this thread shows just how seriously gendered violence isn't taken doesn't surprise me in the least.

Fist bump, lolorhone. Your friend is badass; I would that more women and girls didn't have to break through our socially instilled fear of offending others who transgress our boundaries. Maybe then guys wouldn't have to assume some other guy has already harassed the women they interact with.
Aug 19, 2013 femwanderluster commented on SL Letter of the Day: POOP!.

Yeah, I hated receiving oral until I came and came and came from someone who knew what he was doing. Fast. Like, not even 5 minutes.

Before being blessed by the clit-licking, finger-pumping Adonis, I just "preferred" not to get oral, but really, the ex had no clue (he assumed he should use his tongue as a phallic replacement and instead of drawing the ABCs on my clit, tried to do so in my vagina...yeah, not so nice, actually) and I didn't know what it SHOULD be like, he was my first BF, I was young, so it was just this weird, uncomfortable time-out during otherwise awesome sex--I'm an easy comer, multiples from PiV only, breast play only, so you'd think oral'd be cinch on me. Turns out, yep, yep it is, if you do it right.

This is weird because it's not a regular SLOTTD, so no LW, but, yo, maybe gay troll! You don't have to climb up her vagina! Just try playing with her clit, it's like a mini penis! Just like a guy, though, you gotta watch out; if you get it right, you might find you've an eruption on your hands, or even better, your face :P

Though, you should probably find a glory hole stat, if only for a concise diagnosis.

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