Mar 27, 2014 PEM commented on Just Thought You Might Like to See My New Ke$ha Pin! Also, What Should We Do in Baltimore?.
How the hell did I miss this post? I live in Baltimore! #6 Nieuw Hollander has it just about right. Peabody's awesome, too. You might try Harlan's or Rye if you like Prohibition-type cocktails as well.
Jan 27, 2014 PEM commented on Another Shooting at a Mall.
That's my mall. I spent every Friday night there with my family growing up, and still pop by about once every month or so.

I also grew up learning to shoot. I love and respect a number of gun owners, including my father.

So I speak not as some anti-gun evangelist but as an informed rational citizen when I say *my right* to go to *my mall* without being in fear for *my life* should damn well trump your right to lock and load on a whim.
Jan 16, 2014 PEM commented on A Sober Examination of the Amanda Knox Situation.
@9 I <3 you, Sandai.
Dec 20, 2013 PEM commented on The Nation Calls The Stranger the "Most Valuable Newspaper".
And Marc Steiner for radio! Someone at The Nation has exquisite taste.
Dec 6, 2013 PEM commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
I would be fine with adding P to LGBT&P, if only my fursona wasn't a cis-gendered ligertaur who thought we solved this with "queer" back in the '90s.
Dec 5, 2013 PEM commented on Today's Purebreds.
See also Siamese cats, bred to look freakishly angular.
Sep 6, 2013 PEM commented on Post-PAX Shitstorm Report.
Trigger warning for common sense.

Mary, Paul, and Rob's response is exactly right.

The question was about a *past* event. His answer was about his reaction *at that time*. And realizing that answer might (and was) being misconstrued in the press for page clicks, he rushed to clarify.

Anyone thinking that statement was an endorsement/resumption of the whole mess is willfully, intentionally not getting it and will *never* be satisfied.

So the lesson here is that several apologies, pulling merchandise, three years of honest and open discussion, changed behavior, going out of your way to distance yourself from and disavow abusive fans, crafting the industry's only "no booth babes" policy, and creating one of the safest, friendliest gaming spaces means nothing if you have a penis and once said a hurtful thing.

Also breasts are not funny. Ever. We must light votive candles in their honor.
Aug 30, 2013 PEM commented on What Do You Think About Dave Chappelle?.
Friend of mine I very much respect and trust was at the show and spent a lot of time on FB today defending the crowd, not Dave—said as a firsthand witness that it was supportive and excited and respectful (not bro-y) until after he stopped performing. The video that's floating around comes to the scene late: well after Dave had repeatedly confused and then abused the audience.

People have rushed to think-piece this, but it looks like this is more Dave's issue than that of the crowd. This wasn't an "I'm Rick james, bitch," moment; this was an artist who couldn't handle some "I love you"s—in which case, don't play stadiums.…
Jul 22, 2013 PEM commented on The Best of Slog: We Endorsed McGinn, Fnarf Rocked Our World, and There Was a Lot of Bad News.
I'd prefer a button to regret other people's comments. But you knew that.
Jun 6, 2013 PEM commented on Ads in the Motherfucking Sky.
I actually disagree (though I make my living in advertising, so my views are suspect). But I'll take sky banners over, say, billboards any day. They're far less ubiquitous, they inspire genuine curiosity (especially since you can't always read them at first, so there's a little anticipation), and they're fleeting—the sky returns. Plus, anything that sets my mind thinking of flight is welcome... I guess I'll always be four inside, yelling, "A plane!"