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Feb 6 venomlash commented on Let's As a Nation Have a Frank Conversation About White Incompetence.
Y'all bakers toasting in a roll bread.
Feb 5 venomlash commented on SPD Officer Gives First Public Account of Shooting Che Taylor, Never Personally Saw A Gun on Taylor.
@3, 7, 10: I concur.

@2: The gun had been purchased by a sheriff's deputy nearly three years previously. He had shortly thereafter sold it to another guy. There's not a very good paper trail because the gun lobby makes it so most gun sales aren't reported, and those that are cannot legally be digitized because of MUH FREEDUMBS. (source)
Think about it though. If the cops were gonna murder a guy on the street and later plant a gun at the scene to cover it up, why would they use a gun that had been registered to a police officer? They have access to plenty of guns recovered from crime scenes and felons, including some that have been modified so as to be practically untraceable. Why not use one of THOSE? You're assuming that the police are not only evil, but cartoonishly so.

@8: "Follow their instructions as Taylor did: get shot dead."
If you actually watch the footage, Taylor can clearly be seen to dive back into the car, at which point he is shot. He wasn't following their instructions; he was reaching around inside the vehicle, and they already knew he had a firearm with him, and they made the very reasonable interpretation that he was reaching for a gun.
Feb 2 venomlash commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
@5: Listen to "War On Drugs", fucko.
Feb 2 venomlash commented on I, Anonymous: Womxn's March Fashion Police.
I wear sunglasses as a barrier against eye contact. Helps with anxiety.

Anon, if you're still ticked about this, it's just hurting you. Assholes gonna be assholes, just try to let this stuff go. Water off a duck's back.
Feb 2 venomlash commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
I've learned to be immediately skeptical of people who talk about "womyn" or "womxn" (what, did the 'y' in "womyn" remind them of a Y chromosome or something?), for the very simple reason that they're revising the history of our fair language in order to fit it into the mold of their agenda. It's like people who think that the phrase "rule of thumb" is sexist.

@1: This.
Jan 31 venomlash commented on Starbucks CEO Offers Jobs to Refugees, Earns Boycott Fire from Trump Supporters.
@1: My dad worked for Starbucks when he got laid off, and he was at the time an engineer with over 15 years of experience. I'm a graduate of one of the best universities in the country and I worked retail, and still work retail, to pay the bills while I'm in grad school. A day's work is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it doesn't take your full talent to do.
Jan 31 venomlash commented on Guest Editorial: King County Should Not Build a New Juvenile Detention Center.
@5: This.
It's the same as the loonies who want to abolish police forces (and establish "community justice organizations" to replace them).
Jan 14 venomlash commented on What Does Mayor Murray Think About...the Theater?.
Jan 10 venomlash commented on Dylann Roof Receives the Death Penalty in Charleston Massacre.
Like originalcinner, I'm against the death penalty in most cases but see nothing wrong with this particular application. No shadow of any doubt about the guilt of the condemned? Check. Particularly abhorrent crime? Check. No remorse or attempts at redemption by the murderer? Check.
This earth would be better with him under it than upon it.

@11: Practically any and all ideas have been used for evil purposes.