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  • God is: not having any of it.
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
  • Vampire or Zombie
  • Dicks or Vaginas

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Aurora Erratic isn't it obvious? .
Jul 29 Aurora Erratic commented on I Joined ReaganBook, a Facebook for Bigots.
"Say anything you want! Tear down the walls of tyranny!
Hey, can we get rid of these liberal trolls?"

All the LOLs.
Jul 16 Aurora Erratic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Orgasm Pressure.
This advice is not at all likely to be helpful. It sounds like his shy prostate happened before the pressure - not that the pressure is helpful, either.
#1 has better suggestions.
Jul 9 Aurora Erratic commented on Cupcakes Are Not Over.
Cupcakes will never be over, so long as I live.
Jun 30 Aurora Erratic commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
The search history is suspicious, but also: the daycare was in the father's work building. It seems like he would have realized what happened when he went to pick his son up from daycare...Somehow he forgot on BOTH ends?
Jun 19 Aurora Erratic commented on "If America Laughs at This, America Is Beyond Redemption".
It's about time. I've always thought it's weird how movies and TV shows act as if abortion doesn't exist.
May 16 Aurora Erratic commented on People Are Naming Their Babies Vanellope, Pistol, Kyndle, Kaptain, and Subaru.
Vice? Really, Vice? I could see Virtue - I guess - but Vice?
May 13 Aurora Erratic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Locker Room Cock Tales.
Just curious, what about this seems fake to everyone? The size? Too Hot To Happen? What?
May 3 Aurora Erratic commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's Single, Ladies.
I like the part where his "property" dumped his ass.
Apr 29 Aurora Erratic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Friendly Fire.
NoCuteName - Do you think you haven't had another serious relationship because you are still enmeshed in your old one? People only have so much time and emotional energy, and past intimacy can increase a feeling of closeness. Perhaps the girlfriends, however wrongheaded their approach, were not wrong. He might simply not be emotionally available for a new relationship, because of his emotional commitment to you.
I wouldn't say this is bad or wrong, because I wouldn't elevate romantic relationships as necessarily more important or valuable than platonic ones. Just something to ponder on.
Apr 25 Aurora Erratic commented on Saints Preserve Us.
Sainthood ain't what it used to be.

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