Apr 29, 2013 JonnyH commented on The Monday Morning News.
MAJOR American Team Sports. There are out WNBA players for example. So there are other out athletes in American professional sports.
Apr 17, 2013 JonnyH commented on Fertilizer Plant in Texas Town Explodes.
It's all so horrible and apparently first responders were at the fire when the explosion happened.

And this tweet says there was a second explosion: https://twitter.com/YourAnonNews/status/…

I would like to go back to cute picture of cats soon please.
Apr 2, 2013 JonnyH commented on Seahawks Say They Are Fine With Player's Anti-Gay Comments (Updated).
I got a voicemail from one of the Seahawks people I left messages for earlier. He said they are releasing a statement.
Apr 2, 2013 JonnyH commented on Seahawks Say They Are Fine With Player's Anti-Gay Comments.
They have a "Fan Feedback Form" on their website that you can fill out in their "Contact Us" section:

Mar 8, 2013 JonnyH commented on Seattle Public School Auctioning Off a "White Trash Tea" Party.
@3 Agreed. Crock Pots are amazing. How dare someone learn to cook delicious food instead of eating out.
Feb 7, 2013 JonnyH commented on Always Wanted to See the First Known Photo of Someone Flipping the Bird?.
Not just, Charles Radbourne, that is Hall of Famer, baseball record holder, and prolific twitterer Old Hoss Radbourne!
Jan 28, 2013 JonnyH commented on I Was at the Shooting at Twilight Exit.
Holy shit! I'm glad you made it out ok. What a terrifying event.

@3 unreasonable. The police interview(further down Slog) mentions that they had a baby together. He said something about having hurt her baby. The Police forced their way into the home and made sure the child was OK.
Jan 19, 2013 JonnyH commented on Man Attempts to Shoot a Bulgarian Politician on Live TV.
It's a "gas gun" according to some of the articles I have read. So does that mean it's like tear gas? And did it not go off?
Nov 28, 2012 JonnyH commented on Ultimate Fucking Crazy is Coming to Seattle.
I know that this quote was included in an Iowa paper at the time of his arrest: ""There's witnesses that can prove that Jeremy had not assaulted anybody,"

But you are probably right. Just suspend people and keep them from making money until they are proven innocent.
Nov 12, 2012 JonnyH commented on Shorter Danny Westneat: If Only Republicans Hadn't Been So Forthright About Who They Are and What They Believe in, They Would've Won the Election. Or something..
What exactly does he mean by "voters told exit pollsters" when talking about WA state? Was I supposed to talk to an exit pollster on my way to the mail box?