Jun 18, 2014 LukeJoe commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
Re: "this doesn't stop them from using the name"

Yes it does. It's doesn't strictly, but the implications of them using a name they don't "own" make so little business sense that functionally it does. This is a multi-billion dollar property in the NFL (an economy to itself). If they lose their trademark, they change their name.
Jun 18, 2014 LukeJoe commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
Rename the Redskins?

Suggestion 1: I suggest the change to the Washington Lou Gehrigs! It works because they all stand a much heightened risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases!!!

Suggestion 2: The Washington Cady Stantons, because why the hell not?!
May 28, 2014 LukeJoe commented on Do I Sound Gay?.
I'm more self conscious about my gay walk!!!! I run like a total sissy.
May 28, 2014 LukeJoe commented on I'm Afraid That X-Men: Days of Future Past Has a Lot in Common with J. J. Abrams' Star Trek Reboot.
I have really mixed emotions about this movie getting good reviews. On the one hand, I would like to see a good X-men movie. On the other, I would like the FOX X-men franchise to fail and be rebooted (preferably by Marvel/Disney). First Class also got some positive reviews, so part of me also just doesn't trust the good press DoFP is getting. It's getting to the point where I'm just starting to hope Ian McKellan or Patrick Stewart will die soon and force a re-evaluation. And that's kind of a sucky thing to hope for.

Also I REALLY liked the 2009 Star Trek. I cry when Chris Hemsworth dies. So disappointed by Into Darkness!
Apr 7, 2014 LukeJoe commented on Important Game of Thrones Poll.
@6 duh! obviously. It's completely unbelievable that anyone would stop having sex with that hot blond to got stab someone in the wrist.
Mar 24, 2014 LukeJoe commented on The Morning News: At Least Eight Dead in Snohomish County Landslide.
So I know there is a lot of serious news today...but how great will tonight Snatch Game be? We have impersonations of Judge Judy, Maggie Smith, Julia Child, Paula Dean, and Fran Drescher from the best queens on the show and seriously, I think it's the "oldest" line up snatch game has ever had. Of course all the queens you hate are doing reality show celebrities, and it will be AWESOME watching them belly-flop next to real talent. Trinity's Nicki Minaj? I'll without judgement will I see it. It could be like Tatianna as Britney or like every other girl who fallen on her ass on this challenge. Anyway, very good odds that someone I hate will be axed this episode!
Mar 21, 2014 LukeJoe commented on HIV Treatment = HIV Prevention.
@2 other people butt fuck all the time.

Hey y'all I've seen enough x-tube to know that people who view prep as a license to bareback are probably already bare-backing anyway.
Mar 18, 2014 LukeJoe commented on Wonkette Drops the Snark to Beg Bernie Sanders to Run for President.
@2 they understand that, and yet their reasons for supporting his run were pretty clearly stated. They want a measure of the number of democrats who will back a real socialist. And they want to budge Hillary leftward.

I'm opposed to the idea. For one, we wouldn't get an accurate read on opinions from Sanders running because a good deal of people who back Sanders' ideas will still vote for Hillary. And Sanders can't budge Hillary to the left. She's polling around 70% of the primary vote. Why would she get into the weeds with Sanders? As she knows that as long as she's deferential and polite to Sanders she will pick up enough support to become President.

It's also not necessary. Hillary will be at least a shade more populist than Obama. She can read the tea leaves. And we will have a hard enough time with reasonable populist goals nationally, especially if she faces a GOP controlled congress. Hillary is at least as populist as we need her to be, and I'm not convinced that a more populist President will result in more populist policies after that point.

Also, Sanders running would fuel that media narrative that "even Democrats don't want a 'coronation' for Hillary." That's bad. I'm not saying we should actually throw her a coronation, but seeing as how she IS GOING to be our nominee, let's not undercut her at every chance we have okay?!

If we want real populist policies it's about time we start aiming at Republicans and not each other.
Mar 13, 2014 LukeJoe commented on Mark Driscoll Battles Integrity in the American Jesus Madness Bracket.
Did they mean Jerry Boykin v. Assualt Rifle Jesus? Because I want to write to Jerry Boykin and ask him what the fuck is so hard about reading the Bible literally. The bible says SWORD, Jerry. Jesus will be carrying and fucking SWORD! Why is it so hard to take the fucking LITERAL word of our GOD on FAITH! 6 days is 6 days. Lazarus rising from the dead is FUCKING LAZARUS RISING FROM THE FUCKING DEAD. And a sword is a sword. If our divine and all knowing father had meant an AR-15, the Bible would have said Jesus will return with a fucking AR-15! This "oh, it's a symbol" crap is straight from hell. And Jerry Boykin is a false prophet.
Mar 12, 2014 LukeJoe commented on Betabrand's Entire Spring Wardrobe Is Modeled By...Women with Ph.Ds?.
The comments in this thread make me sad for liberalism. Seriously. There's now award for most pretentious K peeps.