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Canadian Nurse is drinking and answering questions on the Stranger website.
Oct 22, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on SL Letter of the Day: Say Goodbye To My Racist Family?.
@19: I don't know how old your kids are, and I d know anything about the system in France, but I'd encourage you to consider whether getting your kids into counseling, if possible. It can be really helpful for kids caught in the middle of a toxic divorce to have another adult to reality check with.
Oct 15, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill Church.
I'm so angry that they don't think misdirecting funds for aid in the 3rd world is immoral. SMASH, SMASH, SMASH!
Oct 8, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on This Is the Best Paragraph on the Internet.
This is wondrous.
Oct 7, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on SL Letter of the Day: Another Thank You Note.
Congrats, Gou Tongzhi!!

Happy Birthday, Dan! In honour of your day, I started drinking Bourbon at 5:30 EST. I also have cake.
Oct 1, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Internal Memo About Mars Hill's "Global Fund" Shows the Church Intended to Use Some of the Money to "Deflect Criticism" and Quietly Keep the Rest.
@2: Inside. He's constantly getting new documents, sometimes the same day they're sent to the elders.
Sep 27, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on The Daily Show… and That Redskins Report.
I love how transparent this is. It makes the idiocy of the pro-Redskins camp so clear. If you wouldn't wear your jacket around an actual Native American, then maybe you shouldn't wear it at all.
Sep 26, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Will "Cisgender" Survive?.
@93: At one point in time, the truth, as we saw it, was that the world was flat. Some people, who refuse to listen to scientists, still believe that. It doesn't make them any sort of guardians of the truth. It makes them incredibly arrogant. And a little crazy.

I'm glad you treat trans folks well to their faces. But choosing to believe that the issue is the mind rather than the brain and that psychiatric treatment is as/more effective than current treatment is choosing to believe disproven science.

It groups you with those who choose truthy over truth.
Sep 26, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
So sad! Good luck on your future ventures.

Now to stalking you on Twitter.
Sep 6, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Savage Love.
@272/274: Only if we can all agree that seandr's initial statement @97 is then true. Only bad lovers call their partners' interests disgusting. Good lovers listen well, set personal limits, and can say YKINMKBYKIOK.

@275: Perhaps, but my sense is, from doing some work with teens about 5 years ago, most of them had heard 1000 times that porn isn't real sex, but none of them had ever heard that the Notebook isn't real love. So, why aren't we more concerned about schlocky romances destroying young minds?
Sep 6, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Savage Love.
LavaGirl: My sexuality is a deep part of who I am. Calling my sexuality (my sexual needs and desires) disgusting is calling me disgusting.

Your newness to the site was because I honestly didn't know if you knew what GGG is.

Yes, partners can say something insensitive, but then they apologize, they don't double down on calling my sexuality disgusting. I've had that, too, and they were bad in bed. Good, technically, is only the first third of GGG. Anyone who's Good, but not Giving or Game is bad at sex.

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