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May 9, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Top Science Cities of the World.
Not that I'm not proud of Chicago, but if you look at the paper's algorithm used to assign rank, it's messed up. This ranking is completely useless.
May 3, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Who Is More Qualified for Public Office?.
I give two shits about hard candy. But here's a good rule to live by: NEVER mix bubble gum and chocolate. They absorb each others flavor slightly and ruin each other. NO. Total fail.
May 1, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on WTF, Neil.
I always thought of this as a song to sing about giving dating a second chance after a break up. You rely on this other person so much, but then they hurt you or you just get hurt. So sometimes, you wish you could still live with someone and have them help and support you, but without the emotional connection that could lead to pain. But there's still this longing to meet someone and actually connect with them. It's the duality of a breakup. You never want to feel again, but you want to be in love again.
Apr 26, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Which Will Be the Next State to Legalize Gay Marriage?.
I'm really saddened by how slow things are going here?

Apr 24, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on How Much Do Lawmakers Really Care About America's 4.6 Million Longterm Unemployed?.
A) When and where was this?
B) Who is in charge of the chamber this was part of? Often, these are scheduled in a way meant to exclude people; was this an example of this phenomenon?
C) Who was the one lawmaker?
Feb 24, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Slog Bible Study: Luke 19:29-34.
Does anyone really know why he needs it? He made it all the way there and he can't walk for a little bit?

"In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. "
- Proverbs 14:23
Feb 15, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Rahm's Love Poem.
That dude is such a jerk. He fought against expanding gay rights during his time in the Obama administration and now is pretending to have been an advocate. He's bad news here.
Feb 14, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Illinois Senate Approves Gay Marriage.
What's really sad about Illinois politics is that, just like Chicago Fan says, it's more about personalities than legislation. If Madigan wants this done, it'll get done. If he wants to wait and hand this victory to his daughter, the governor, than it might not happen right now.
Feb 12, 2013 AndyInChicago commented on Doctor Who Crusaded Against Comic Books Was Manipulating His Data.
I got so excited when I started reading the title of this article that it'd be about Daleks and Sontarans, and then it was about comic books and violence. I'm disappointed?

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