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Jun 9, 2014 remarkablyadept commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
Seems to me if someone has the gall to accuse Dan Fucking Savage of hate crimes, he has the right to use both barrels while defending himself against these children.

The irony of "privilege" is that these kids think they have the right to determine what language is acceptable for everyone else.
May 22, 2014 remarkablyadept commented on Two Reader Responses to My Trigger Warning Post and One Sensible Defense of Trigger Warnings.
@30 Just another example of fan fiction writers ruining everything for the rest of us.
Mar 11, 2014 remarkablyadept commented on No Joke: Reggie Watts Covers Bob Dylan's "Brownsville Girl".
The fact that Under the Red Sky is represented at all is baffling. I agree with the assertion that there are plenty of good songs buried under that 80's production sheen, but "Wiggle Wiggle" and "Unbelievable" are not among them.
Dec 17, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Live Stones c.1971, Mick Taylor Era.
Mick Taylor is the best lead guitarist the Stones ever had. The odd thing is, for all their endless live album releases, the Taylor years were very under-represented until recently. The blu-ray of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones is a revelation, and the officially released bootleg The Brussels Affair both crackle with life, both thanks to Taylor's effortless but dynamic licks.

Also, to hear him tell it, Taylor was concerned about getting even deeper into heroin if he stayed in the band.
Dec 13, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Man Allegedly Planned to Blow Up Wichita Airport in Terror Plot.
What @6 says. I've flown into Wichita many times. There are approximately 10 gates and the entire airport closes down around 7:30. It would be like trying to blow up Paine Field.
Jul 30, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Important Phil Collins Poll.
"Against All Odds," yo.
Jun 20, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Negotiators Hit Snag in Effort to Keep Phoenix Coyotes from Moving to Seattle.
@11 That's the piece that's been missing for me. Who are these "potential investors." Typically, unnamed buyers don't pan out.
May 23, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Bill Wixey Puts Morgan Freeman to Sleep.
I'm oddly proud to say I watched this live and thought, "I'll see this on a few blog posts later."

Who's god now?
Mar 11, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on In Through the Out Door.
What @4 said.
Feb 19, 2013 remarkablyadept commented on Dallas Mayor Calls on Men to Stop Domestic Violence in His City.
As long as this steers clear of Promise Keeper-esque misogyny-cloaked-in-"religious tradition," I'm all for it.