Mar 22 CPN commented on London's Muslim Mayor Wants to Ban Cars From Schools.
The Stranger has wanted to ban cars from Seattle for years now. I'm failing to see why they can't get behind this.
Mar 22 CPN commented on Four Reported Dead, 20 Injured in London Attack.
Since it only took two comments to bring up guns, I'll bite.

There's no way to tell what would have happened if the terrorist had used other means or if other means of defense were available to the victims.

Personally, I prefer having the option to defend myself and my family against a violent attacker with equal force, instead of what other people think is best for me.

I also support anyone else who chooses to defend themselves and their families against a violent attacker in another way, such as calling 911 and hoping for the best, or running away or by cowering in a corner and begging a terrorist or violent attacker to not hurt them please. That's their choice.

Personal choice is good and I don't want to limit how people protect themselves, and I certainly don't want them limiting the same to me, given that everyone's circumstances are different and a one-size-fits-all 'solution' will never be the answer.
Mar 22 CPN commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.

In my younger days, I've had the pleasure of being arrested in King, Pierce, Kitsap and Jefferson counties, as well as in Oregon and Alaska.

At no time was I allowed to smile for my mugshot. They actually yell at you if you try to smile.

Are politicians, celebrities and hot blonde white gals getting preferential treatment in this world?

Say it isn't so!
Jan 17 CPN commented on Washington Governor, Attorney General Propose Abolishing Death Penalty.

Yes. I have no problem with retribution.

When I first moved to Washington in 1983, the very first friend I ever had was brutally raped and murdered by a psychopath named Brian Keith Lord. He kidnapped her, then raped her repeatedly and then bashed in her skull with a claw framing hammer.

They found her body in a ditch about 300 yards from my house. She was only 16.

I sat with her family at his trial and saw firsthand what this did to them. So, yeah, I think retribution should be left to the family. I'd kill that motherfucker myself if I had the chance, then I'd have a beer and sleep like a baby.
Jan 17 CPN commented on Washington Governor, Attorney General Propose Abolishing Death Penalty.
I think it should be left to the family of the victim.

No rational person thinks capitol punishment it is a deterrent, therefore it must be retribution... and I have no problem with the family collecting their pound of flesh, should they so desire.
Jan 12 CPN commented on Mukilteo House Party Shooter Allen Ivanov Sentenced to Life in Prison.

The problem with waiting periods is that it cuts both ways. What if you're a woman with a batshit crazy ex and want a gun to protect yourself with? A 30 day waiting period could get you killed.

At least you could still feel morally superior while you're burying her.


Then bypass the Republicans and put mental health funding on a ballot initiative. I'll vote for it. Then Democrats would actually be doing something useful to prevent gun violence instead of their typical feel-good bullshit political grandstanding.
Jan 12 CPN commented on Mukilteo House Party Shooter Ivanov to Get Life in Prison.
Does anyone seriously think Ferguson's "ban" on AR-15's would have actually prevented this?
Jan 10 CPN commented on The Morning News: State AG Wants Assault Weapon Reform, Burien Becomes a "Sanctuary City".
Instead of feel good bullshit, which is what my liberal brethren hold so dear when it comes to gun legislation and their gun-free utopian pipe dream, why don't liberals actually pass some actual common sense legislation that all sides can agree on?

Instead of Ferguson's political grandstanding, shouldn't somebody introduce a bill that would make the cost of a gun safe 100% tax deductible?

This is an idea that would actually save lives.
Jan 6 CPN commented on Five People Killed in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting.
Why does The Stranger report on an airport shooting in Florida but completely ignore the 55 people shot over Christmas weekend in South Chicago gang violence?

I'm legitimately perplexed.
Dec 29, 2016 CPN commented on 2016 Claims Another Soul—No, Wait. Stupidity and Karma Got This One.

You didn't address my point.

Nobody at The Stranger wrote absolutely bupkus about last weekends South Chicago gang massacre but wasted no time at all jumping on an idiotic 'gun nut.' Perhaps it's because the lefty fantasies of 'common sense' gun control measures, or any gun control measures for that matter, wouldn't do shit to deter real criminals in South Chicago.

Or perhaps The Stranger simply isn't interested in preventing violent crime. They just want to prevent guns. They clearly don't believe that a person has the right to defend themselves and their families against violent attackers with equal force.

So I'll say it again. Agenda much?