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Jul 4, 2012 DrReality commented on Savage Love.
Come now, Dan. You should know that an argument about ball sucking won't win over someone who believes in intelligent design. God clearly had no intention of designing balls to be sucked. Missionary intercourse for procreation is the only god-approved activity for those balls.
Jan 4, 2012 DrReality commented on Savage Love.
At first my response to the third letter (about the four year affair without getting caught) was the same as many others here: Why the heck was that included? But after rereading, I'm inclined to agree with #33 that the third letter wasn't really a seperate letter, but a second paragraph to the first letter. Perhaps it was an editing oversight that made it start out in bold like the beginning of a new letter, but if you read, both of the letters are about a four year affair, and the second one begins with "So," which COULD be the beginning of a seperate letter, but would make a lot more sense in the context of, "So, because of what I outlined above, I had a four year affair." Dan, clear this up!
Dec 23, 2011 DrReality commented on I, Anonymous.
Am I the only one who read #17's comment as obvious sarcasm, making fun of the common lesbian notion that all evils (particularly sexual ones) are perpetrated by the patriarchy and non-egalitarian power dynamics, which in turn would imply that lesbians are immune to committing wrongful acts? I took the meaning to be pointing out how glaringly wrong that idea is, not seriously suggesting that lesbians can't rape people.
Oct 26, 2011 DrReality commented on I, Anonymous.
What 31 & 35 said. Being in the LGBTQ community, I can understand wishing for someone to disappear. But having known too many people who experienced cancer, that is something I would never wish on anyone.
Oct 26, 2011 DrReality commented on I, Anonymous.
I took a few life drawing classes in college, and it's unfortunate that the profs always had to start out with a lecture about how people needed to act mature. I remember in Life Drawing II a guy who for some sad reason always stood next to me would repeatedly draw nothing but the model's breasts, or draw the whole model but make her breasts unrealistically large, or put a huge amount of detail into them when the rest of the drawing was barely more than a suggestion of a body. This same guy was also incredibly uncomfortable, and would sometimes complain, when the model of the day was a male or an older lady.

There's nothing wrong or unnatural about having some sexual thoughts about a nude person, even in a completely non-sexual context. What's wrong is that rather than override that with the rational mind, a person descends into immature obsession over the person's nudity. The fact that Anon is using it as a way to feel superior to her as well is even more disturbing - you got off on seeing her, but behind her back you're going to mock her nudity that you enjoyed so much? As many others have said, clearly you have never experienced pussy up close and personal if this is what you feel you have bragging rights over.
Oct 26, 2011 DrReality commented on I, Anonymous.
As a person from a psychological background, I immediately thought "system" may be a reference to Dissassociative Identity Disorder ("multiple personalities") because "system" is a common term used to refer to all the personalities in a DID person's head. It would also go along well with the fact that Anonymous sounds like a total nut job.

Of course, multiple personalities aren't real, but are more the product of suggestion and a propensity for drama. They are, however, very "in" for people to claim and even diagnose themselves as having without seeing a professional. I bet Anonymous is referring to abuse, probably blames their abuser for the creation of their personalities, and is in reality just soaking up all the drama and attention this arch nemesis scenario provides.
Aug 12, 2011 DrReality commented on I, Anonymous.
@42: Perhaps a compare and contrast would help you. I anon gave someone his empty cart, which sounds like someone trying to be nice, IMO. Meanwhile, #2, 6 & 41 are assholes. Not knowing the proper response? Socially awkward. Making cruel and judgmental comments? Jerkdouchery.
Aug 9, 2011 DrReality commented on This Gay Man Likes Pussy.
From the article: "Shockingly, he was high on meth."

So.... guy fucks a cat and throws it out the window, but the *shocking* part was that he was high on meth, not your average, sober cat fucking window thrower?
Aug 9, 2011 DrReality commented on Something to Take Your Minds Off the Tanking Economy.
What 9 said. Whether or not it's erotic to you is up to your own personal inclinations. I think this is a tasteful video that's beautiful regardless, but is it hot to me? Yeah, super hot. But either way, the men in this video are being shown in an artistic, respectful light, IMO.
Aug 9, 2011 DrReality commented on SL Letter of the Day: What's a Month Worth?.
This guy needs to run far, far away from She Who Cannot Be Fixed. Also, #9 is right, and it's backed up by science. Studies have shown that some people, subjected to horrible abuse as children, grow into healthy adults without any intervention. Others, subjected to relatively minor traumas fall apart at the seams and cannot be fixed no matter how much therapy they go through. This has to do with the kind of temperament the person is born with (the nature part of the nature/nurture equation), and if a person has a very delicate temperament, not only may they be unable to fix themselves, but it's only a matter of time before everything in their life hurts them in some fashion. Because of this, they often have victim complexes, and end up seeing everyone in their life as an abuser at one time or another. If this guy sticks with her, eventually he'll be the abusive/controlling ex she tells her next BF about.

I'm not saying that she definitely wasn't abused by her father or her ex, but whether or not it's true doesn't even matter the most in this equation. True or not, she's unwilling or unable to fix herself. She went to counseling, if that's true, but obviously didn't stick with it long enough to fix her issues. That's another problem - the main reason why people like this can't be fixed is because working on their issues requires doing a lot of things that make them feel threatened or uncomfortable. You can't fix something you don't want to fix, so a lot of times these types come to therapy seeking a sympathetic ear for their woes and being exonerated of any guilt (and yes, they should not feel guilty if they were abused). However, once the therapy moves from talking about the past to actually focusing on what the person can do with their life NOW in order to become stable and avoid these things in the future, suddenly they feel attacked and defensive, the therapist is no longer there to be their emotional tampon, so they drop therapy.

As for MH himself, YES, this guy should get some counseling as well - most people, after a month, would know this is something they don't want a part of. He may either have abandonment issues (which show themselves not only as not wanting to be abandoned, but also as not wanting to abandon others because they feel guilty about it), or a hero complex in which he only feels a true sense of worth when he's spending all his emotional and mental resources trying to fix someone else. Either way, it's not healthy, and he's not destined for a happy life in the relationship department or otherwise if he doesn't figure out what's going on with him that makes him feel attracted to this kind of person.