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Jun 6 spaceapple commented on By Passing Initiative 594, We Have a Chance to Stand Up and Say: "Not One More.".
With any luck, the next shooting will happen at an NRA rally.
May 2 spaceapple commented on Can Someone Explain How V for Vendetta Became a Major Symbol of Protest?.
I always assumed that because Anonymous adopted the masks, people wear them in loose reference to that hacker collective. Because hackers represent the ability of ordinary people to threaten the interests of the state. So it's about appropriating that power.
Apr 17 spaceapple commented on Governor Inslee Is Weighing The Acceptable Cancer Rate Against Business Concerns.
This totally bums me out. I live on fish.
Mar 13 spaceapple commented on Someone Put a Black Bag on Lenin's Head.
Worse things have happened to that statue. Once I saw what was either a severed dog's or pig's head in a big plastic bag, hung around Lenin's neck with a bike chain.
Mar 2 spaceapple commented on Slog Bible Study: Mark 11:20.
I read an article about weird biblical passages (I think in Slate) that mentioned this. I think the idea that the "tree wasn't in season" is supposed to have something to do with the people of the time not being prepared to understand his teachings.

So fuck them, right?
Feb 24 spaceapple commented on Fifteen Years Left Before Machines Outsmart You.
People have been making this prediction for decades now.
Feb 19 spaceapple commented on Seattle Times Makes the Case for Municipal Broadband (and Then Doesn't Make a Case for Municipal Broadband).
Or we could build out the Seattle Meshnet and own the infrastructure ourselves.
Feb 6 spaceapple commented on Coke's Getting Into the Soda-at-Home Business.
I add fruit juice to my Sodastream water, too! I recommend pomegranate
Jan 31 spaceapple commented on An App to Find Street Art.
The motel on aurora that was painted pink with all those messages of support for sex workers
Dec 21, 2013 spaceapple commented on A State-Run Marijuana Bank.
I always thought they should use Bitcoin, but lately I'm not so sure.

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