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Dec 1 JonnoN commented on Muslim UW Student Who Was Attacked Wonders: "Why? Was It Because of My Hijab?”.
@1 had a point because he said "I know you don't like facts".

So clearly @1's point was that he is a raciat piece of shit.
Nov 29 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: Evacuation Order at Standing Rock, Matt Hickey in Court, Jon Grant Running for City Council.
The law would have prohibited burning or otherwise destroying and damaging the US flag with the primary purpose of intimidation or inciting immediate violence or for the act of terrorism

Yea, exactly the same thing. The level of distraction you people fall for is unreal. Now carry on talking about Orange Hitler's atrocious cabinet picks.
Nov 18 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: City to Fund $29 Million in Affordable Housing, Seattle Central Professors Walk Out.
Will the last non-troll leaving slog please turn out the lights?
Nov 17 JonnoN commented on The Resistance: How to Defeat Donald Trump's Plot Against America.
The Stranger doesn't even care enough to ban the racist deplorable trolls here. If they're not willing to stand up to this shit on their own site, seems hypocritical to give anyone else advice.
Nov 17 JonnoN commented on Stop Reading Facebook and Go Watch Moonlight.
@24 "stop the culture war"

stop standing up to bigots and racists? No.
Nov 16 JonnoN commented on WATCH: The Student Walkout Gives Us Hope.
@4 fuck off troll.
Nov 10 JonnoN commented on In Cities Across the Country, Protestors March Against Donald Trump.
Fuck the administrators of this site for continuing to provide a platform for hate speech. Bye.