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Jun 7 Catherwood commented on Brock Allen Turner “Got Far More Than 97%-98% of Rapists Do”.
Maybe a useful comparison would be to regular ol' assault cases, and let's say, not just shoved somebody in a crowded bar kind of assault, but, I dunno, with a weapon?

How many of those cases are reported? In how many are suspects arrested, prosecuted, put away or punished in some way? Does the frequency of "unsolved assaults" seem roughly comparable to "unsolved sexual assaults"? I don't have the numbers handy (but I'd be happy to crunch those numbers down if someone could provide a link to a queryable database on the matter!), but I'm guessing they're not even close to comparable. Smacking someone with a bottle seems somehow easier to prove than penetrating them with, say, a bottle.

tl:dr: Sexual assault cases are probably avoided by law enforcement. Much easier to deal with other stuff, and it's just women, amirite? (obviously, not endorsing this, just figuring that's what's happening)
May 8 Catherwood commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
@54 is right - people are pissed that Cliff isn't an advocate about climate change. Well, no: he's a scientist. Scientists do science. Advocates do advocacy. A scientist who has an axe to grind is a crappy scientist because hir worldview will be biased whether intentionally or not.

I spent a decade working in academic research on two different politically-fraught topics (acid precipitation, and then salmon management on the Columbia/Snake River system), and I have first-hand observations to back this up. The best scientist is the one who doesn't care that the answer be yes, or no -- s/he just wants to know the answer. Once you start to care, to pull for one answer or another, your work becomes suspect.

And my wife is a VERY ENERGETIC advocate about climate change, and I support that (I have to work for a living, however), so I don't doubt for a second that increasing temperature, especially ocean water temperature, since that drives so much of global weather, is A Bad Thing and will produce some, as we scientists say, Seriously Weird Shit. Anyone who thinks this isn't true is a tool (I'm looking at you, @53) and I will happily ignore whatever bullshit you spew here. Have fun!
May 7 Catherwood commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
I've been stewing about this since last night, and I think what bugs me the most is one particular fundamental misunderstanding about science. Science, when applied to complex systems (like the global surface conditions) is about patterns, not specific events. Let's say that climate change makes it more like that people will get struck by lightning - so your chances go from one in a million to, let's say, one in a hundred thousand. Yikes! That's a ten-fold increase! Serious stuff!

Now, your buddy gets struck by lightning. Was that because of climate change? No. Is an increase in the number of people getting struck by lightning because of climate change? Yes. The TREND is related, the EVENT might be, might not be, there's no way to say.

Do trends worry me? Oh HELL yes. That's why I'm worried about climate change, because it will increase the frequency of high-energy large-scale storms (hurricanes and the like), because rising seas will inundate coastal areas (for sure), and so on. But trying to say a particular event IS BECAUSE OF climate change is just as stupid as waving a snowball around and saying that it proves there is no climate change. One can be left-wing and stupid or right-wing and stupid. I don't care about your wings: just don't be stupid.
May 6 Catherwood commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
I don't have the time to go read all of Cliff's articles, so I guess I'm not seeing all the stuff you folks are saying he says -- but I did read THIS article, and he doesn't say "because we can't be sure, therefore it isn't [due to climate change]". Given Charles's apparent ignorance of how science works, I can see how he'd misread it: as others have pointed out, he begins from his conclusion and works backwards to what he wishes to be true. But Cliff points out that there's been a ton of anthropogenic warming in the Arctic and Antarctic, the effects of which are thus far attenuated the further one goes from the Poles. This is manifestly true. He makes exactly zero claim for future trends, at least in this article. In other articles about, for instance, hurricanes and other large-scale cyclonic storms, he has pointed out that warming oceans contribute higher energy levels to already energetic storms.

I guess my question is, what would you have him do? He is, as you point out, a meteorologist, not a climate modeler. Isn't it enough to point out (as he has) that warming will produce more, and more energetic, storms? More and more extreme weather in general? I believe that climate change is an existential threat to humanity, but I'm not slamming Cliff Mass for failing to wear sackcloth and ashes and froth and the mouth about it. He's a scientist, not an advocate. You want to advocate? Go advocate. Don't be pissy because he won't do it for you, and the claim that he's some sort of climate change denialist is idiotic. You're smarter than this, Charles. Do better.
Mar 11 Catherwood commented on Washington Public Schools Are Criminally Underfunded, But Governor Inslee Won't Commit to Vetoing Charter School Law.
I don't think the motivations of the big charter supporters are monolithic. Some, like Gates, believe that technology can, and should, replace teachers. Kids are all interchangeable widgets, and computers can teach them better than any regular ol' PERSON can, doncha know, so all we really need are rows and rows of computers and a handful of non-union repair-folk drifting around cleaning up the occasional mess.

Others (Broad, Walton) see this as a good way to destroy teacher's unions. And for those guys, destroying a union, any union, is A Good Thing, and that's enough to make charters an equally good thing in their books.

The hedge fund guys are offended by public anything, especially unionized public anything. By god, if there's money being spent, then THEY should get a cut, preferably a truly gigantic one. In a lot of ways, public education is the last big pot of public money that they don't have their porcine noses thrust deep into, and they WANT it.

So, how good/useful are charters? As currently composed in this country, they're sometimes no worse than real public schools, very occasionally better (when funded at much much higher levels, for instance in the Harlem Project), and often worse - sometimes much much worse. From the perspective of kids, it's likely to be no improvement, or worse. From the capitalist's perspective, it's ALL good, because they're stealing^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hobtaining public funds.

Feb 16 Catherwood commented on South Dakota Becomes First State to Pass Anti-Trans Student Bathroom Bill.
What about those people whose chromosomes and external genitalia don't match up? (They do exist.) Which one wins? I assume it's the chromosomes because as we all know, God arranges those via the holy books of Meiosis 1 and 2.
Feb 8 Catherwood commented on Apple Corporation Breaking Phones That Receive Unauthorized Repairs.
Simple solution: don't get an iPhone. There are plenty of less-expensive and better smart phones out there; all the iPhone has going for it is cachet. (And, to be fair, the hardware is pretty good, even though the software ranges from meh (the OS) to horrible (iTunes; good GOD what a clusterfuck).)
Jan 9 Catherwood commented on Republicans Enact Fanciful Obamacare-Repeal Pageant.
The thing I found most amusing about the whole thing is that, pressed on the Republican alternative to the ACA, Ryan said the equivalent of, "Real Soon Now". Which they've been saying ever since the ACA came up over the horizon: "It's horrible! We'll provide an alternative soon!"

So... they're not really there to hunt grizzlies, are they?
Jan 6 Catherwood commented on What the Vanilla ISIS Crisis in Oregon Says About the History of Wage Labor.
@12 I think you're misreading this protest. It's not the sentencing - which even I, a lefty liberal commie pinko freak, find absurd: five years for a little brushfire arson, on the basis that it's "terrorism"? Come on - but the land management. These yahoos want to be able to fuck around with public land any goddam way they want without interference. That is, at least, what they're saying, not that the sentences are unfair (which they are) but that this isn't even an offense at all because "it's our land, goldurnit!" (which is idiotic).
Dec 8, 2015 Catherwood commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Take a Trump.
As I understand it, "trump" is Brit-slang for "fart". I'm just saying. But @1 is right: you can't shame someone who is devoid of shame.