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Jul 12, 2014 Morosoph commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
I do suspect there are some people with particularly significant issues with social anxiety, for whom this might manifest itself as a contempt for service workers. They can't deal with feeling frightened, so they respond with contempt.

I don't really feel superior to all the service people that I have to deal with every day; I just find small talk awkward and would like to avoid it if possible. I just find talking to strangers an inherently difficult thing to do. And we live in a society that increasingly enables you to focus your energy less on figuring out how to elegantly handle interactions with very large numbers of people, and more on other things. This can definitely be a good thing in some situations, but in the aggregate it's probably a little unhealthy.
Jul 8, 2014 Morosoph commented on Seattle City Council Repeals Its Ordinance Regulating Rideshare Companies Like UberX and Lyft.
Good. If there was any regulation that was needed around Uber/Lyft, it absolutely _wasn't_ a vehicle cap. That detail was there only for the benefit of cab companies, not consumers.
Jun 30, 2014 Morosoph commented on Why San Francisco Sucks and Why Density Alone Cannot Save Seattle From Becoming a San Francisco.
@20, yes, they do, and it's a reasonable approach. But the SF progressives right now want to set the BMR fund and/or construction requirements for new development to be so high (some demand 50% of new units be subsidized) that it would become unprofitable.

Unless, perhaps they raise height limits - which SF progressives won't stand for either, of course.
Jun 30, 2014 Morosoph commented on Why San Francisco Sucks and Why Density Alone Cannot Save Seattle From Becoming a San Francisco.
@13 - "Liberals would welcome more housing as long as the city holds to its promise to make a sizable portion of it affordable,"

As an SF resident, I'll believe it when I see it. The progressives here pretend to be in favor of building more housing, but only with restrictions so tight that it would be essentially impossible to build housing without taking a loss. Developers aren't nonprofits (and nonprofits will have neither the resources nor the inclination to satisfy most of SF's housing demand either).

The negotiation of housing would go more sensibly if it wasn't accompanied by a cultural resentment of the younger tech workers and newcomers. San Franciscans like lower rents, but evidently they'd rather pay more in rent than build new housing to accommodate a new population of software engineers.
Apr 23, 2014 Morosoph commented on Gentrification "Counterforce" Blocks Central District Microsoft Shuttle Bus.
What a waste of carbon these Counterforce dipshits are. They're doing the same nonsensical bullshit in Oakland right now. Last week their Bay Area crusty equivalents presented a demand for $3 billion in funding to fund an anarchist utopia. Sure thing, kids!

There's a different group protesting shuttles in SF, but at least that group was smart enough to focus on a valid point - the use of public bus stops by the shuttles. These kids, OTOH, are just in it to thump their chests and feel important.
Mar 25, 2014 Morosoph commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
We deal with enough of these whiners here in the Bay Area, and they have some _real_ cost of living issues to deal with.

Twentysomethings, please take note now: The community you live in and love will not look like what you remember it as forever, and it probably shouldn't. Cities aren't museums of your youth. When you get older, accept this with dignity and keep building.
Mar 21, 2014 Morosoph commented on Oh My God, Look at This Old Photo of Kelly O.
I love that cover photo so very much. Because on the first day I came to Seattle, I picked that very issue up. I won't say that reading it was what convinced me to stay in the city, but it was one of many things that made me feel good about my decision to move. It was the beginning of a many-year-long love affair.
Mar 20, 2014 Morosoph commented on Dispatch from the Bay Area.
@30 - SF still has a particularly low office space vacancy rate:…

... and there are challenges to building more, so even if you want a nontrivial amount of "normal" office space, it can become a big problem.

You're right about the tax deals, though: the SF payroll tax is a big sticking point, and the special exemptions (e.g. Twitter) have certainly been a big liability politically. Payroll taxes have always seemed like the wrong way to raise revenue, though - especially if you're a city like SF, and have lots of people living in the city that you'd rather not see working outside of it.
Mar 20, 2014 Morosoph commented on Dispatch from the Bay Area.
@24, well, however large or defense-ful they may be, they haven't always had much success against that vast pit. Just one example:…
Mar 20, 2014 Morosoph commented on Dispatch from the Bay Area.
And Fnarf@17, you need to read @20 as well before going off about tech assholes.