Apr 8 SPG commented on I Missed the Irony in Calvin Trillin's Poem in the New Yorker but, Ironically, It's Still a Bad Poem.
Even if you miss the satirical aspect, the poem obviously doesn't even cast China or Chinese cuisine as the problem or butt of the joke, but rather the foodies who have to jump on each trend.
It's not good poetry and that's the point. Calvin Trillin is relying on that forced rhyme tone deaf poetry to make the joke.
Apr 7 SPG commented on Jessica Williams' Brilliant Daily Show Segment on Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills.
@1, Stephen Colbert had a great line he delivered about (and right in front of) GW Bush: After some setup about his beliefs "...he believes the same thing on Wednesday as he did on Monday. No matter what happened on Tuesday."
I like Bernie and the fact that he's been pushing a lot of the same points for decades, but I also appreciate a politician who can change on an issue when the facts and circumstances prove that to be the right choice.
Apr 7 SPG commented on Police Chief Reportedly Turns Down Invitation from Taylor Family to Speak at Community Event.
None of the issues or facts that both sides have brought up are mutually exclusive. A convicted felon can still be a nice guy to family and friends while being a monster to their victims. Taylor having a gun in the car does not automatically exonerate the police for shooting him.
This doesn't mean that I'm ok with felons driving around with guns while dealing. Nor do I think that the police should shoot someone with little provocation.
I don't know if the shooting was justified. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. What I would like to see is a real investigation of the facts that isn't biased by those emotionally attached or those looking to clear their own of any blame. What we really need is to have an unbiased outside agency that automatically investigates any use of lethal force by the police.
Apr 1 SPG commented on The Morning News: Uber and Lyft Expand to Sea-Tac Airport, Hundreds Line Up for New Tesla Electric Car.
re: The Africatown bias crime... "The initial incident was on Sunday, March 20th, and involved a known East African male who volunteers at the center writing an insufficient funds check to the center, and also the theft of some computers and electronics. " This guy then (allegedly of course) broke in, burgled some more, and wrote the racist graffiti.
I fully support the prosecution of bias crimes as bias crimes along with enhanced penalties because those crimes impact more than the immediate victims due to intimidation. But I have to ask if this qualifies when it appears that the perpetrator seems to have added the racist graffiti as a means to defer suspicion from himself. Is there really a bias intent here? Obviously it has a very serious impact regardless of whether the perpetrator is of the same race as those victims. I'm not advocating one way or the other really, but I just have to ask if this should still be classified as a bias crime.
Mar 31 SPG commented on The Gender Pay Gap Is a Problem in Sports, Too.
@11, No kidding? If the USWNT is bringing in more money than the USMNT then yeah, they should be paid at least equally. The only thing that I could think of that wouldn't make that work is if we're comparing a World Cup year for the women to a non World Cup year for the men.
@18, Even though I basically agree with your view, the salaries for the mens leagues does factor in here. They get paid more in Premiere League and MLS so they expect to get paid for their USMNT appearances on a similar level. I guess someone at US Soccer figures that if the women don't make much outside the Internationals, why pay them the same as the men? Doesn't mean it's right, it's just what I'm guessing the pay was based on. If US Soccer is pulling in the same revenue for the women as the USMNT then yeah, absolutely they should be paid the same!
Mar 31 SPG commented on The Gender Pay Gap Is a Problem in Sports, Too.
@7, Yeah, if the USMNT even makes it to Rio.
Mar 31 SPG commented on The Gender Pay Gap Is a Problem in Sports, Too.
@2, That stat may be true here, but outside the US? Not so much. Nothing, really NOTHING comes close to global viewership of the mens World Cup matches. If the US mens team made the finals? Yeah, I'm sure that would beat the women's numbers and nobody would ever shut up about it forever. Anyway, I'm sure that the women are being shortchanged here. I'm just not sure that anyone is going to be able to pin it to WC performance in order to decide by how much they're being shortchanged. It's just too much of an apples and oranges comparison. The men who play on the USMNT are (or should be) the stars in their pro leagues who get paid a lot of money to play in the big leagues. The women on the other hand, are players in a much smaller league that barely scrapes by and doesn't get nearly the kind of viewership and sponsorship money. If they were equal leagues with equal TV deals and sponsors, yeah this would be easy to run the numbers and say by how much the women are shortchanged.

@6, Tennis is not soccer. Since I don't watch any tennis at all, I have to ask if the women there make as much as the men? I hope so. If they don't then they have a real beef with whoever is running that show. That case could easily be shown. Soccer however isn't at that point where the women's matches have gained that kind of attention outside of that Womens World Cup final last summer. The Seattle Reign doesn't pull 30-50,000 spectators every week like the Sounders do. It'd be great if they did, but we're just not there yet.
Mar 31 SPG commented on Morning News: Job Cuts at Boeing, What Should Be Done to Those Who Are Charged and Found Guilty of Illegally Chopping Trees in West Seattle.
I recall when Boeing was begging for these tax cuts that the Dems wanted them tied to job creation. The GOP shot that down and insisted that no strings be attached since we can all trust business to always do the right thing.
Mar 31 SPG commented on City Calls Nonprofit's Closure of 15 Homeless Shelters an Unnecessary "Advocacy Move".
"The organization offers shelter but does not fund case managers to help people find permanent housing, as many shelter services do. "

I've heard this before as a critique of SHARE. To a lot of people this isn't a way for SHARE to stretch their funds and provide needed emergency shelter to more people, but SHARE "endorsing" the "homeless lifestyle". Add to this SHARE's theatrical protests like camping in front of then-mayor Nickel's house and I see why the city would have a contentious relationship with them.
Mar 29 SPG commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
@21, It would, but without the face to face aspect of the caucus the party would lose a valuable opportunity to get it's core supporters involved. The caucus doubles to some degree as a rally, fund raiser, volunteer recruitment drive, info gathering, networking, etc.
Another mail in ballot doesn't do that.