Oct 13 SPG commented on More Women, Including Miss Washington, Say Donald Trump Groped Them.
@18, Only one candidate is involved in assaulting women. But your candidate Stein will harm countless children with her anti vaccination nonsense.
I'll vote for the one candidate that has consistently been there advocating and making life better for women and children...Hillary Clinton.
Oct 12 SPG commented on Watch Barack Obama Talk About Donald Trump in North Carolina Today.
Trump is Putin's bitch. Maybe that's why he's talking trash? To compensate for how big strong Vladimir treats him?
Oct 12 SPG commented on Evicted Ballard Resident Who Has Autism Stares Down Homelessness.
@5, I wasn't there or directly involved, but I was told that the hoarding was pretty low level as far as hoarding typically goes. Nothing that couldn't easily be cleaned up, and actually was immediately cleaned up. After the clean up the landlord could have let him stay, but instead chose to continue with the eviction. Section 8 vs "market rate" rents and all that so maybe you can't blame them too much for taking the hit every month in this market, but this guy is pretty harmless and could have continued as a normal tenant.
Oct 12 SPG commented on The Morning News: Police Fatally Shoot One in The Jungle, Severe Storms on the Way.
"Three thousand homeless people sleep outside in Seattle every night and people are throwing a fit over efforts to allow them some limited places to sleep."
Nope. Not even close. People are throwing a fit to keep a useless law from going on the books. The law won't help the homeless get real housing but it will ruin what's left of our parks. It will tie up the city in lawsuits and cost a shit ton of money in fines. In the end will it provide a single home? Nope.
Most of the people throwing this fit actually want something done to house the 3,000 people sleeping outside, get treatment for those who need it, and generally make life better for the homeless. Not some bullshit that will let the worst offenders take over the parks and greenbelts with legal camps.
Oct 11 SPG commented on Police Arrest Man in Connection to Seattle U Gropings.
@1, Race was not the issue here. Fame was. If the perpetrator was famous then the women would just let him do it and there would be no crime. That's how it works in Trumpland, right?
Oct 11 SPG commented on The Morning News: Authorities Sweep the Jungle, Seattle Times Editorial Board Publishes Something Heinous (Again).
There's been a lot of pushback on this proposed homeless camping law from the neighborhood residents up here. A lot. There's a couple, or maybe one very vocal supporter, but everyone else is pissed off about it. These aren't just your typical NIMBYs either, but a lot of people I know who are normally vested in human rights campaigns and active in fund raising for the food bank are opposing this law.
Nobody that I talk to sees any upside to it. What's the point? To let homeless camps spring up in the parks and become semi permanent? To make problem spots linger for a few days more before moving?
We do need a real housing first option here, and I understand we don't have one and won't for a while, but once this law goes into effect it will definitely be abused just like it is down in Portland. SPD doesn't have the personnel now to do much when clear violations are happening so why would we think that they're going to be able to do anything when they have to give 48hrs notice and provide an alternative "suitable" camping site?
Who's going to determine that a sight is "suitable"? How many lawyers are going to sue the city over what's suitable and unsuitable?
The city could get the same effect of this law today if they just issued a memo to the SPD saying this area is suitable and this area is not. Done. No legal constraints and no hand tying.
Oct 7 SPG commented on Rents To Rise Sharply in Seattle's Suburbs.
Increase the population suddenly without an increase in available housing? Tear down anything that costs under $350k and replace it with a $900k megahouse?
Gee, what did you think was going to happen?
Oct 6 SPG commented on More People Are Riding Sound Transit Trains and Buses than Ever.
Have you noticed how crowded the roads are? I've driven north at 5 and 6am a few times recently and traffic was backing up around Edmonds each time. I can't imagine sitting in that at actual rush hour every day. SLU is a complete cluster. 99 backs up to the Zoo daily. Park and Rides are full by 9. We've clearly outgrown our car infrastructure with no way to really expand it enough to relieve congestion. We just don't have anywhere to put the roads.
If we had more trains, I can't imagine that people wouldn't be using them.
Oct 3 SPG commented on Seahawks Shoot Down Jets, But No One Is Mad Because Football.
Spike, Why so nervous? That was the least suspenseful/nerve wracking game since demolishing Denver in the Superbowl.
Oct 2 SPG commented on Newly Obtained Returns Show Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Federal Taxes In 18 Years.
Every dollar that Trump dodged was instead paid by you and me.