Oct 17 SPG commented on John Oliver Shreds Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Joe Exotic.
@1, No, Hillary's emails are a treasure trove of nothing really.
Trump's taxes would be a treasure trove of privilege and foreign influence by most guesses. Trump's foundation is a treasure trove of money laundering and embezzlement, and Trump is a treasure trove of misogyny, rape, racism, xenophobia, sexual assault, corruption, tax evasion, failure to pay workers, and all sorts of other nasty shit.
Jill Stein is just a treasure trove of stupidity.
I'm with Hillary who is the only one out of the bunch with any ability to actually do the job they're all trying to get.
Oct 14 SPG commented on Journalists Had to Defend a Free Press this Week Because Life Is That Bad Right Now.
I'm still surprised anyone would think that any of this news would sway Trump's base supporters. They're totally ok with curtailing press freedoms, banning religions, tossing out the rule of law, just so long as they're the ones doing it. Dictatorship would sit well with them, so long as it's their dictator. Their concept of patriotism is not rooted in the constitution or freedom or what is right, but simply of tribal identity and absolute loyalty...two of the key ingredients of an autocracy.
Oct 14 SPG commented on Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Man Near Jungle Was Not Carrying a Taser.
It's a little early to judge one way or the other on this specific case, but as a whole it seems that we've lost the plot with the methods of policing in this country. It should never have become "shoot as long as you feel threatened" but "shoot only as an absolute last resort".
I've been around when people have been fighting and knives came out. Luckily nobody had a gun so things got tense, but then de-escalated and everyone was able to walk away. It could have turned stabby quickly too, and that's a risk, but this mentality of carpet bombing any threat doesn't leave the chance that a less violent outcome can even occur.
Oct 14 SPG commented on Four Washington Vape Stores Are Being Sued for Allegedly Selling Exploding E-Cigarettes.
Clearly tootin' on a douche flute is already hazardous, and it's ridiculous to begin with so hopefully things like this will hasten the end of this fad.
Oct 13 SPG commented on Donald Trump Clarifies: He Only Sexually Assaults Hot Women.
@17, What the fuck is wrong with so many Americans that leads them to support this dip-shit asshole? Tribalism. Projection.
He's not black, or a woman, so they assume he's one of them and has their interests at heart. Once they think that, then it doesn't matter what he says or does since that's not what they're basing their support on. One of us vs them. Go team.
Oct 13 SPG commented on Evicted Ballard Resident Who Has Autism Stares Down Homelessness.
@14, Yeah, I get that sentiment, but where do you draw the line? A bunk in a concrete walled warehouse east of the mountains? That would satisfy the "place to live" minimum. I think we can do better for people. This guy has managed, despite major disabilities, to establish some kind of network of friends and a sense of community. There's some value in that and we can and should do a little more than the bare minimum as a society to help each other out.
Oct 13 SPG commented on Watch Barack Obama Talk About Donald Trump in North Carolina Today.
@13, I'm glad you've come out of your travels to such battlefields unscathed. Did you know that in Russia they believe that the airliner shot down over Eastern Ukraine with a Russian missile was a CIA plant with dead bodies from a morgue air dropped into the fields? Did you know that the Sandy Hook massacre of children didn't happen? That 9/11 was a CGI effects show put on by Israel's Mossad?
But here in the real world, we know conclusively that the Kremlin is behind the email hacking. We know that the Kremlin has fed oppo material to the Trump campaign that then ran with it the same day only to find out it was a fabricated story. The timing showed that it came from the Kremlin since that story only ran in one place...a Kremlin controlled news outlet that ran it about the same time Donald quoted it, then they pulled the story that same day so he either read it, in Russian, or was given it directly by the Kremlin.
Trump says he won't support NATO if Russia invades Europe.
Trump won't say anything bad about Putin, but praises him constantly.
Trump spouts the Kremlin line about Assad only fighting ISIS and not killing his own people.
Given any opportunity Trump always takes the Russian position over that of the US.
Those are facts. Not what some portion of misinformed people with limited access to real information might have said.
Oct 13 SPG commented on More Women, Including Miss Washington, Say Donald Trump Groped Them.
@18, Only one candidate is involved in assaulting women. But your candidate Stein will harm countless children with her anti vaccination nonsense.
I'll vote for the one candidate that has consistently been there advocating and making life better for women and children...Hillary Clinton.
Oct 12 SPG commented on Watch Barack Obama Talk About Donald Trump in North Carolina Today.
Trump is Putin's bitch. Maybe that's why he's talking trash? To compensate for how big strong Vladimir treats him?
Oct 12 SPG commented on Evicted Ballard Resident Who Has Autism Stares Down Homelessness.
@5, I wasn't there or directly involved, but I was told that the hoarding was pretty low level as far as hoarding typically goes. Nothing that couldn't easily be cleaned up, and actually was immediately cleaned up. After the clean up the landlord could have let him stay, but instead chose to continue with the eviction. Section 8 vs "market rate" rents and all that so maybe you can't blame them too much for taking the hit every month in this market, but this guy is pretty harmless and could have continued as a normal tenant.