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long-time reader is contemplating my future.
Nov 26, 2014 long-time reader commented on SL Letter of the Day: An End-of-Semester Public Service Announcement for Hot Professors and Horny Students.
Am I the only one who thinks Dan's response was excessively snarky?
Nov 19, 2014 long-time reader commented on Jon Stewart Hits on Benedict Cumberbatch.
Boo, autoplay!
Nov 4, 2014 long-time reader commented on Election Night 2014! Running Just as Fast as We Can to All the Election Night Parties.
Also, we just legalized pot in Oregon. We're number three, we're number three!

But our possession limit is 8 ounces versus your puny 1. Not that I've ever had occasion to buy more than a quarter ounce, but it'll be nice to know I have that option now.
Oct 21, 2014 long-time reader commented on SL Letter of the Day: Say Goodbye To My Racist Family?.
Looks like the idiom is actually "rung down the curtain". I only mention it because I'd never heard of "run down the curtain" either, so I used the google.
Aug 27, 2014 long-time reader commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
Roller coasters vs. Machine guns:

One of these is designed to be scary but not actually cause harm. The other is designed to turn living things into hamburger meat.

How are we even having this discussion?
Jul 12, 2014 long-time reader commented on Will Dark or Light Curtains Better Stop My Apartment from Broiling Me Alive?.
Cellular shades can have pretty good insulation values, especially if you go with a double or triple cell and get a tight fit.
Jun 23, 2014 long-time reader commented on SL Letter of the Day: Flawed Parents-In-Law.
Yo, Dan? You didn't answer the P.S. Though I think I know the answer.
Jun 18, 2014 long-time reader commented on Savage Love.
@115, okay, either you're a troll, or you really believe the garbage you're spewing and therefor you're a cold, selfish asshole without the tiniest modicum of empathy. Take your pick. Maybe you won't discount my feelings so quickly because I have a penis?

@98, I've thought about this a lot, and I think it has a lot to do with the harassers and abusers being cowards and only doing this shit when they think they'll get away with it. I'm a pretty tall guy, confrontational by nature, and have been described as intimidating, and I've never witnessed the kinds of bullshit that it's clear misogynists do all the time. So either it's just a series of coincidences or (more likely) the pigs are waiting until I've left the area. I'm honestly a little afraid of what would happen if I ever were in the right place at the right time, because I might end up in jail and the perpetrator in the hospital. Or, if he's carrying a gun, vice-versa :-/
Jun 9, 2014 long-time reader commented on The Walmart Man Who Would Be Alive Today If He Didn't Have a Concealed Weapon.
@14, yes, they deserved to die; and I hope they burn in hell.

@26 is correct. You do not point a gun at anybody/anything you do not intend to destroy posthaste.

And @45 is also correct. Wilcox had the best of intentions, and I respect him for that, but his poor execution (pun not intended...okay, somewhat intended) cost him his life.
Jun 7, 2014 long-time reader commented on Almost 20 Years After Calvin and Hobbes, Is Bill Watterson Secretly Drawing Another Comic Strip?.
I thought it was obvious from the handwriting alone.

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