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Mar 20, 2012 WestSeattleDan commented on Taking Education Reform Advice From the Blethens Is Like Taking Sex Advice From Rick Santorum.
So how are we spending the money to get TFA corps members? I mean as a society and total dollars dumped into TFA.

(1) TFA CMs are costing Seattle and Huntsville Alabama a cool $4,000 / CM / year sent to TFA.

(2) The total annual budget of TFA divided by CMs teaching in schools = $20,000+ / Corps Member (2010 data)

So where is TFA getting all this money to run its operation?

Gates Foundation, Broad Foundation, Ford Foundation, and the Federal Government are some of the funders.

TFA once only provided CMs only to districts with severe teacher shortages ... but now its like a Giant Pyramid Ponzie scheme taking advantage of High Minority / High Poverty populations in places that can be tricked into giving it $4,000 per corps member per year.

But Seattle had the Seattle Foundation headed by Norm Rice providing the $4,000 bucks per CM for 2011-2012. --- put the Seattle Foundation on the donor list.

Hey put the UW on the donor list as well .... for creating and running its only alternative certification program, which is 100% TFA. Others seeking alternative certification need to look elsewhere ... only "5 week" TFA newbies allowed at UW. A entire program is now in place serving less than 15 corps members.
Nov 16, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Peaslee Pulls Ahead of Incumbent Maier in School Board Race.
Goldy has it correct ...... Peaslee wins.
Nov 16, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Peaslee Pulls Ahead of Incumbent Maier in School Board Race.
Sharon leads Peter by 91 votes now .... but Peter only won in the first two days of ballot counting. He has been losing each day's counts by progressively greater amounts. Peter lost Tuesday's drop by an 11.7% spread.

It appears that there are about 10,000 more votes (no counting write-ins) to count which will bring the total to around 145,000.

If Sharon takes 54% of the remainder and Peter 46%, she will increase her lead by 800 votes and a lead of 891 will not merit a recount.

725 or less an an automatic machine recount is required.

150 or less an a manual recount is required.
Nov 15, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Peaslee Pulls Ahead of Incumbent Maier in School Board Race.
It appears that those voters that voted later took more time to examine the evidence. Early voters may have used the Seattle Times as a guide to voting. ....

Hopefully Peaslee's 91 vote margin gets bigger.
Nov 7, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on SECB Fucks Up School Board Endorsement!!.
Here is yet another voter's guide

As long as too many voters choose to:
cast their votes founded in opinions formed by myths and half-truths, rather than the facts,
we will continue to have legislative bodies filled with purveyors of half-truths.

In an effort to counter the dissemination of half-truths and myths I present:

Seattle School Board 2011 Voter's Guide -- - an evidence filled voters guide.

Nov 7, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on SECB Fucks Up School Board Endorsement!!.
“That may be true but…when you write it down, it’s real.” Clearly, Martin-Morris doesn’t think state and federal laws are “real” enough.

Check the State Auditor's reports ... This Board on several occasions did not follow laws or policies. /// Martin-Morris doesn't think often enough. He prefers to spin yarns around subjects like TFA and New Tech Network contract instead of following laws.
Nov 6, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Students Fight to Keep From Being Censored by School District, Principals.
WOWZERS... ""school publications "must be free of content that: runs counter to the instructional program... ""

So students don't write about "instructional programs like k-12 math" that do not do the job. Please don't write about the WA Adoption of the "Common Core State Standards" that will remove $165 million from local school district funds to spend on products, services, and administrative salaries unlikely to benefit you.


Martin-Morris has an odd view of free speech. I guess when elected officials wish to silence opposition to their decisions that is just fine.

Oct 13, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Seattle Public School Teacher's Aide Allegedly Chokes Student.
Wippel is currently investigating the employee's tenure with the district, as well as any past disciplinary record. Wippel also notes that "the detective did come out to school yesterday, and [the student] would not talk to her."

,,,, .... Hopefully Wippel will actually investigate the incident....

(Did the Stranger miss that idea?)... What does a 19-year record have to do with what happened last week?
Oct 3, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Second Student Attacked at Rainier Beach After School Officials Failed to Call 911 for First Attack.
Dear AC,

.....Perhaps contempt for Ms. Wippel's employer is merited in this situation.

..... Is a media spokesperson to be communicating the truth? Or just putting a positive spin on everything?

..... Note RBHS has been faulted for this kind of failure to report in years past.

..... The new RBHS principal Mr. Dwane Chappelle was not involved in the failure to report to police.

..... Welcome to Seattle and keep up the good work Mr. Chappelle.