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Nov 7, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on SECB Fucks Up School Board Endorsement!!.
Here is yet another voter's guide

As long as too many voters choose to:
cast their votes founded in opinions formed by myths and half-truths, rather than the facts,
we will continue to have legislative bodies filled with purveyors of half-truths.

In an effort to counter the dissemination of half-truths and myths I present:

Seattle School Board 2011 Voter's Guide -- - an evidence filled voters guide.

Nov 7, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on SECB Fucks Up School Board Endorsement!!.
“That may be true but…when you write it down, it’s real.” Clearly, Martin-Morris doesn’t think state and federal laws are “real” enough.

Check the State Auditor's reports ... This Board on several occasions did not follow laws or policies. /// Martin-Morris doesn't think often enough. He prefers to spin yarns around subjects like TFA and New Tech Network contract instead of following laws.
Nov 6, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Students Fight to Keep From Being Censored by School District, Principals.
WOWZERS... ""school publications "must be free of content that: runs counter to the instructional program... ""

So students don't write about "instructional programs like k-12 math" that do not do the job. Please don't write about the WA Adoption of the "Common Core State Standards" that will remove $165 million from local school district funds to spend on products, services, and administrative salaries unlikely to benefit you.


Martin-Morris has an odd view of free speech. I guess when elected officials wish to silence opposition to their decisions that is just fine.

Oct 13, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Seattle Public School Teacher's Aide Allegedly Chokes Student.
Wippel is currently investigating the employee's tenure with the district, as well as any past disciplinary record. Wippel also notes that "the detective did come out to school yesterday, and [the student] would not talk to her."

,,,, .... Hopefully Wippel will actually investigate the incident....

(Did the Stranger miss that idea?)... What does a 19-year record have to do with what happened last week?
Oct 3, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Second Student Attacked at Rainier Beach After School Officials Failed to Call 911 for First Attack.
Dear AC,

.....Perhaps contempt for Ms. Wippel's employer is merited in this situation.

..... Is a media spokesperson to be communicating the truth? Or just putting a positive spin on everything?

..... Note RBHS has been faulted for this kind of failure to report in years past.

..... The new RBHS principal Mr. Dwane Chappelle was not involved in the failure to report to police.

..... Welcome to Seattle and keep up the good work Mr. Chappelle.
Sep 1, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Mark Your Calendars!.
All four incumbents supported the New Student Assignment Plan. The NSAP justification was that Transportation savings would be used to make every school a quality school.

Supt. Enfield has failed to disclose the amount of Transportation savings under year one of NSAP. Supt. Enfield in a time of extreme budget restrictions has significantly raised salaries of many individuals in the upper Central Administration.

How is the NSAP making every school a quality school?

It appears the "savings" are unknown and if there were any savings, they may have funded raising Central Administrative salaries.

Jul 27, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Endorsements.
I've always been somewhat clueless about endorsements....(and happily so)

So SPS incumbent School Director Peter Maier has the following endorsements on his website:

Organizational Endorsements
46th District Democrats
King County Young Democrats

Elected Public Officials
Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council Member*
Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council Member*
Reuven Carlyle, State Representative, 36th District*
Sally Clark, Seattle City Council Member*
Richard Conlin, Seattle City Council Member*
Mary Lou Dickerson, State Representative, 36th District*
Bob Ferguson, King County Council Member*
David Frockt, State Representative, 46th District*
Jean Godden, Seattle City Council Member*
Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor*
Bruce Harrell ,Seattle City Council Member*
Adam Kline, State Senator, 37th District*
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, State Senator, 36th District*
Marcie Maxwell, State Representative, 41st District*
Joe McDermott, King County Council Member*
Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Council Member*
Gael Tarleton, Commissioner Port of Seattle*
Scott White, State Senator, 46th District*

PTSA Presidents
Andrea Baumgarten, 1st Vice President, Seattle Council PTSA*
Lisa Bond, former President Seattle Council PTSA*
Laura Brosten, Co-President Whitman MS PTSA*
Linda Ellingboe, former President Ballard HS PTSA*
Betty Hoagland, former President Seattle Council PTSA*
Lauren McGuire, President Seattle Council PTSA*
Paul Plumis, former President Ballard HS PTSA*
Lyn Porterfield, former President Ballard HS PTSA*
Sharon Rodgers, former President Seattle Council PTSA*
Rita Sheckler, Co-President Madrona K-8 PTSA*
Sam Star. Co-Chair Friends of Salmon Bay K-8 (PTO)*
John Verduin, President Ballard HS PTSA*
Sue Verduin, former President Loyal Heights PTSA*
Greg Wong, President John Muir PTSA*

Leaders of Civic and Political Organizations
John Burbank, Exec. Dir. Economic Opportunity Institute*
Alicia Edgar, Vice President Parents for Public Schools*
Lucy Gaskill-Gaddis, Families & Education Levy Oversight Committee Member*
Pamela MacEwan, Board Chair, Alliance for Education*
Tre Maxie, Exec. Dir. Powerful Schools*
Susan Sheary, former Chair, King County Democrats*

* For identification only; does not mean endorsement by organization

Former Seattle School Board Members
Dorothy Hollingsworth
Jan Kumasaka
Barbara Schlag Peterson
Barbara Schaad-Lamphere
Marilyn Smith
Nancy Waldman

My Granny always said that "fools names and fools faces are often found in public places".....

Don't these folks above have some splainin' to do?

.... or are they just clueless?

No wonder the public has such little confidence in their elected officials.

I thought Joe McDermott was a really knowledgable guy ... and now I see him endorsing Peter Maier.
Jul 27, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Endorsements.
The Stranger seems to have the Seattle School Board figured out...

A vote for an incumbent is a vote for "inequity and incompetence".
Jul 27, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Endorsements.
It is good the "The Stranger" gets it, even when the Municipal League is clueless with endorsements.

The job of SPS Directors is really pretty simple in the basic requirements.
1.. Follow State Law.
2.. Follow School Board policy.
3.. Supervise the Superintendent.

The four incumbents up for re-election are a combined ZERO for TWELVE.

The Stranger follows closely enough to make the leap that
ZERO for THREE for each of these folks = NO ENDORSEMENT

.... Now how does the Muni League figure that
Sundquist is Outstanding and each of the other three incumbents is very good?

Does the Muni League not care about laws, policies, supervising the superintendent, and/or results? Which is it? Perhaps all of the above.
Jul 13, 2011 WestSeattleDan commented on Red Flags.
I believe that a thorough investigation would show that Steve Sundquist is likely Peter Maier's equal in regard to making incompetent decisions.

Steve Sundquist is heralding his leadership in the New Student Assignment Plan ... WOW Steve have you noticed the overcrowded mess in Northern West Seattle elementary schools after you pushed for closing Cooper and giving the building to Pathfinder. ....

Steve will likely now suggest the reopening of Fairmont Park .... Steve delivers maximum inconvenience at great cost.... What a guy.

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