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Nov 4, 2014 olive oyl commented on Lunchtime!.
Sam’s is GREAT .. but Paul, the longtime owners of that property have applied for a rezone, so you know what that means. Just between us, I’ll be glad to see that particular corner developed and in the mean time I hope Sam can stick around and move somewhere else in the neighborhood before the wrecking ball comes.
Oct 29, 2014 olive oyl commented on "I'm going to stand up for fucking Christians.".
I’m surprised so many people were quietly standing around watching him, I would’ve left for fear that the Christian would be armed. And then I would have called 911.
Oct 6, 2014 olive oyl commented on The Morning News: Central District Church Protests Pot Store, Shouting "Shut It Down!".
funny how the church never seemed to be up in arms about the open air drug market that was at this same corner for many years ...
Sep 27, 2014 olive oyl commented on Wine Not Wine.
love this column ... now if The Stranger would only talk about cooking too!
Aug 6, 2014 olive oyl commented on Monsoon's New Room Is for Adults Only.
jesus .. a restaurant expanded by adding a bar .. kids aren’t allowed in any bars in washington, you can’t take your kids to any number of places, why is this even a conversation?
Aug 5, 2014 olive oyl commented on Have Your Own Philip Seymour Hoffman Film Festival.
Though he isn’t the star, his performance in Magnolia is finely wrought and holds the emotional strings of the film together beautifully. He is missed ....
Jun 19, 2014 olive oyl commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
I grew up near Monterey California .. my first concerts were the jazz fest in October starting when I was about 5 or so in 1968, though I don’t remember much more than running around in the sun and dancing.
Jun 16, 2014 olive oyl commented on The Biggest Elephant in the World Killed for His Tusks.
#’s 4 & 5 .. you are two of the most fucking miserable people. I’m certain deep down inside you know this, I just wish you would try to hide it.
May 31, 2014 olive oyl commented on Cavity Search: Party Cake, Party Cake, Party Cake.
I don’t really like Molly Moon Ice Cream but I do love the Birthday Cake flavor! Oh and that Birthday Cake drink, that is yummy too.
Cake conjurs up memories of happy times, its no surprise the corporate food schmucks are trying to capitalize on it

May 23, 2014 olive oyl commented on The Person Who Stole Kelly O's Camera from Linda's Tavern Got Duped by Superhero Security From Neumos.
@9 .. there is a Beavis and Butthead episode, where they find a lost/stolen camera in the bushes and photograph their buttcracks etc .. when the camera is returned to the balding, pony-tailed, pot bellied photographer he has a show of their work, claims it as his own and the work receives much acclaim