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Apr 22 Prettybetsy commented on We Saw You Harassing Women Outside the Library, Being a Brat on the Bus, and Watching Porn on Mercer Island.
Ladies' Man at the library needs to be videoed, close up and at length. See how he likes it.
Apr 17 Prettybetsy commented on Hey, Look, the Abyss!.
Apr 16 Prettybetsy commented on What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding? Why Won't She Release Transcripts of Her Wall Street Speeches?.
The most damning thing to me, from an article that quoted someone who was present at the speech, is that she praised Goldman for recruiting women (and maybe minorities, can't remember). Which is exactly the kind of clueless pandering to identity that progressives hate about Clinton. I don't blame her for not wanting that to be known.
Apr 4 Prettybetsy commented on Krugman On Development, Construction, Housing, and Cities.
Thank you, Dan, for staying on top of this issue.
Mar 26 Prettybetsy commented on It's Okay to Cook "Other People's Food," But You Better Be Ready to Talk About It.
Thank you. Rick Bayless seems like a nice enough guy, but his total lack of self-awareness had me cringeing all through that interview (I also noticed Pashman's brave but insufficient attempts to get him to recognize his privilege). I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
Mar 9 Prettybetsy commented on It Looks Like It's Going to Be Clinton Versus Trump.
Get off the stage, Shillary.
Mar 2 Prettybetsy commented on No, Super Tuesday Was Not a Dream (Sorry, Chris Christie).
Matt is blatantly in the tank for Hillary. It's sweet that older black church ladies in red states like Arkansas and Tennessee get so much say in choosing the Democratic nominee (younger African-Americans were much more skeptical of HRC), but what really matters is how popular the Democratic candidate is in states that might actually go blue, like Colorado and Minnesota... the ones Bernie won easily last night.
Feb 22 Prettybetsy commented on Alright, Slog: Bernie or Hillary?.
I voted Bernie. To me it's a no-brainer. He's clean and he's right on all the issues, not just the substance but the process too. We're not too good for nice things.

The Republican Party's whole reason for being is bending over for Wall Street, plus rolling back social progress in their spare time to feed their base. Of course Hillary's better than them: for her, bending over for banks is just a means to an end. But anybody who thinks she'll do better with the Republicans because she's more -corrupt- conservative or "pragmatic" hasn't been watching in this century. The GOP's not going to play ball with any Democrat. They're not even playing ball with people who used to be right-wing Republicans ten years ago. The slogan is wrong: bitch didn't really get shit done in one term as the senator from 9/11 or at the State Department. So while I'll obviously vote for her in the general if it comes to that (won't canvass or give money the way I have to Bernie--she doesn't need me) I'm going with my conscience in the primary.
Jan 30 Prettybetsy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Sexless, Nearly Sexless, and Formerly Sexless Marriages, Ad Infinitum.
Wow, LW2. As someone with crippling insomnia, if my otherwise-uninspired husband woke me up for sex ever, let alone all the time after letting me fall asleep unfucked, he wouldn't just be sexless, he'd be murdered. Hope you're better at getting back to sleep than I am.
Dec 10, 2015 Prettybetsy commented on A Storytelling Renaissance Is Happening Right Under Your Thumb.
I want to like Radiolab more than I do. Too often it's about some kind of cognitive science. Watching them learn about that gets a little too meta for me.

I'm glad to see TBTL getting some love. That show is criminally underrated.

No Spanish speaker alive right now should go another day without checking out Radio Ambulante.