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Feb 12 Prettybetsy commented on Blocking Microsoft Vans Won't Make Seattle More Affordable.
@102 10-15 miles is a long way. "Affordable" rent doesn't mean much when you add in the $10K/year it takes to own and operate a car.
Feb 11 Prettybetsy commented on Slog Poll: Will You Read Lena Dunham's Book?.
I've watched some of Girls, but I never read celeb memoirs. The two times I've made an exception (Bossypants and Mindy Kaling's book) I wished I hadn't. I'm afraid the modest respect and affection I have for Lena Dunham wouldn't stand up to the pressure.
Feb 11 Prettybetsy commented on Blocking Microsoft Vans Won't Make Seattle More Affordable.
The way to make Capitol Hill cheaper is to make more of the city look like Capitol Hill: increase heights and densities, allow mixed uses, require developers to fund urban infrastructure like sidewalks and heavy-duty utilities to accommodate the growing population. What you bump up against is Seattle's fundamental hatred of people. Everyone who's moved there in the past 25 years is dismayed to find so many people already there and wants to shut I-5 or the Snoqualmie Pass behind him, put Depo in the water supply, whatever it takes to preserve his Twin Peaks fantasy. That's not to mention the misanthropic old-timers who were already thick on the ground. The first step in planning for population growth is to accept the reality of population growth.
Jan 19 Prettybetsy commented on Wedding Don'ts.
@4 I like giving guests the option of seeing a lot of the wedding party before and after. We had an optional group dinner at a restaurant two days before the wedding, when my grandparents got into town, and we invited a lot of people to the rehearsal dinner. We also had (again, optional) brunch at the hotel the day after the wedding. Not everybody came, but it made the closer friends and relatives feel included, and it made up somewhat for having the wedding in a remote-ish place (there were no good options for us--we were asking a lot of people to travel long distances no matter what). But for the wedding night, absolutely, leave the reception after a couple hours so your guests can go home and you can have some time to fuck before you pass out.

@15 Don't bother getting a good photographer unless you're committed to picking out and buying the prints you want. We had an amazing B&W photographer who made our families look like the Kennedys... at least judging from the proofs. My mother and I passed them back and forth in the mail and on holidays but never actually got around to ordering prints until five years later, by which point the photographer had gotten rid of the negatives.
Jan 11 Prettybetsy commented on Dear Private-School Liberal Parents, Please Explain Yourself.
One factor that's not mentioned, much, in this discussion is bullying. I was a nerdy child of middle-class nerds in a small town where private school wasn't really an option. My first year in that system (7th grade) was a misery of dreading the end of school every day for fear of getting physically attacked. My bullies were smart enough to wait outside school grounds where the disciplinary system couldn't touch them. It hurts my ultralefty heart to say that they were all poors (the town where I lived was too white for the browns to be a factor).

I'm not saying that bullying never happens in private-school environments, but it's undeniable that after that year when I switched into a tracked system (still in a public school in a not-particularly well-off town), where everybody in my classes planned on going to college, I never had to fear for my physical safety again. Again, the ideal is a high-quality education and a safe environment for everyone, at every level. But if a kid is in a public school where he can't get away from the kind of trash that made my 7th grade miserable, and he has the option of private school, where the kids may not be nicer but they have a little more to fear from blemishes on their permanent records? There's no way I would condemn him for switching.
Jan 11 Prettybetsy commented on Dear Private-School Liberal Parents, Please Explain Yourself.
You call out progressive parents for abandoning public schools, yet you link to some charter-school propaganda. Um, what?

Jan 7 Prettybetsy commented on Density Is Bad Because Skyscrapers!.
@28 There was shoddy construction 100 years ago, too, that rotted away, leaving only the most solid examples. It will be the same with what's being built right now. Some of us are sick of cute bungalows and would like a change of scenery, not to mention more housing. In the meantime, if NIMBYs didn't try so hard to drive up the cost of new construction with redundant reviews, there might be more money for solid construction.
Jan 7 Prettybetsy commented on Density Is Bad Because Skyscrapers!.
If you're so concerned about the "wealthy", the way to deal with that is to pass an income tax already, not to deny yourself nice things out of a fear that the wealthy will want them. I'm being generous and assuming this argument comes out of ignorance, not cynicism.

Oh, and shut up about skyscrapers. Nobody's gonna build a residential skyscraper in Seattle. You should be so lucky.
Dec 19, 2013 Prettybetsy commented on Vote For the 2013 Drunk of the Year!.
Good, more Ballerina Bob for me. You people can have Lantz. I was tempted to vote Aunt Roach (her drink looks a lot better than Bob's, for one) but she looks like she could turn mean.
Dec 12, 2013 Prettybetsy commented on OMG Stock Up on Sriracha!.
I have most of a bottle in the fridge that I can't finish. Anyone is welcome to come and liberate it. I can't stand the fruity-sweet flavor or the nameless nasty overtone. Give me a nice thin vinegary hot sauce every time.

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