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Mar 29 NotYourStrawMan commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
This shows such a complete lack of understanding of what just happened that frankly Matt deserves to be sacked or assigned to covering things like the Bite of Seattle instead of politics. See @2.
Mar 28 NotYourStrawMan commented on One Hundred and Forty-Seven FBI Agents Are Investigating Hillary Clinton's E-mails.
You left out the fact that NONE of those emails were classified at the time they were sent. They've been RETROACTIVELY classified though god knows what kind of bureaucratic ass-covering. The same thing happened with Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell.
Mar 25 NotYourStrawMan commented on I, Anonymous.
It's Kshameful, is what it is.
Mar 25 NotYourStrawMan commented on The Morning News: Google Expanding in South Lake Union, Light Rail Struck by Gunfire in South Seattle.
It sucks that campaigns are restricting the press like that. They need to stop that immediately. But it's not just Hillary and Trump. Here's what Lindsay Cohen says in the same piece about the Sanders campaign: "And at a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle this week, media could not roam freely without an ‘escort.’ That includes interviews, trips to the bathroom, and simply walking around."
Mar 24 NotYourStrawMan commented on Morning News: Why New Link Stations Triggered Ridership Surge, and Why Bernie Sanders Is Not the Same as Donald Trump.
Is there any doubt that "Voters’ anger over inequality is one explanation for the rise of ... Bernie Sanders"? And is there any doubt that "Voters’ anger over inequality is one explanation for the rise of ... Donald Trump"? I don't think so. Then the quote goes on to say that Bernie and Trump are not alike. That's what "varied" means.
Mar 23 NotYourStrawMan commented on Support the Real Progressive.
What a cop-out. Either openly endorse them both, or make up your f**king minds. Don't pull this crap.
Mar 17 NotYourStrawMan commented on Bernie or Hillary: The SECB Meets at 3 PM Today.
Hillary. She can stand up to the attacks from Republicans. Bernie would end up folding like a cheap lawn chair. The most unpopular thing you can be to the general electorate is a socialist.
Mar 16 NotYourStrawMan commented on King County Executive Dow Constantine Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.
Good for him. That takes balls to do, here in Bernie Central.