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Jun 9 NotYourStrawMan commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
It's a small minority of Bernie backers and Hillary backers that are stoking these fires. Remember, you're not hearing anything from the vast majority of their supporters who truly respect each other and plan to work together to keep Agent Orange out of the White House.
Jun 7 NotYourStrawMan commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
So helpful to attack someone for something done 26 years ago rather than working to make things better now.
Jun 7 NotYourStrawMan commented on AP Just Called the Democratic Nomination for Clinton.
@15 Kleptocracy? What did she steal?
Jun 7 NotYourStrawMan commented on AP Just Called the Democratic Nomination for Clinton.
@13, you're too late. By the way, in a recent poll of Wall Street, the vast majority did not want Clinton to win:…
Jun 6 NotYourStrawMan commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
@54, if you're right, why was it that only Bernie supporters didn't vote in the mail in primary? Was there a memo that I missed? The only way Bernie gets the nomination is if the superdelegates reject the clear choice of those who voted in the Dem primaries and caucuses. Not going to happen, nor should it.
May 31 NotYourStrawMan commented on Jerry Brown Does Math, Endorses Clinton.
@33 is the strangest logic, or lack of same. Here's how it works:
1. I know Candidate A will kill me and he even admits it
2. Candidate B might or might not kill me. She says she won't, but I don't believe her.
3. Therefore I will support Candidate A.
May 27 NotYourStrawMan commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh, thank God they didn't get his AARP card. :-)

But seriously, he picked the right place:…
May 24 NotYourStrawMan commented on John Oliver on the Meaninglessness of Our Presidential Primary Votes.
If you hate the caucus system, then vote in the primary to show how many more people would be involved if the parties switched to it. Don't be a baby by tossing it in the trash.