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Sep 28, 2015 SuperSteve commented on San Francisco Banned Tour Drivers From Driving and Narrating Simultaneously. Can Seattle Do the Same?.
If the lack of an appropriate front bumper is an issue, then I doubt that the Ducks can be modified to be safe both on the road AND in the water.

Adding an appropriate bumper might make them a bit more safe on the road (and that's a big maybe) but that same bumper would almost certainly impact their 'seaworthiness' - imagine a boat with a front bumper below the waterline!!!

Ducks were never designed with safety in mind - they were WWII 2-1/2 ton cargo trucks retrofitted to be amphibious, intended to operate in a combat environment where deaths were expected. Nothing can change that.
Sep 22, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Bros: Let's Talk About Planned Parenthood (Non-Bros Are Allowed to Read This, Too).
It's all in the name: Planned Parenthood! Nothing there about gender. Ages ago, before I had decent health insurance, I went to PP with a partner for STD testing, condoms, and counseling on a vasectomy. There should be far more men going to PP, and far more men supporting PP.
Sep 12, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Governor Inslee, Who Knows How to Call a Special Session, Will Not Call One on Education—Yet.
The Boeing Special Session 'worked' (for Boeing) because everyone at the table (House, Senate, Governor) was already in agreement as to what they wanted to accomplish - hand Boeing the biggest tax break in history.

But what good would Governor Inslee do by calling an Education Special Session when the Democratic House has one solution and the Republican Senate has a different and diametrically opposed solution?

Be careful what you wish for.

A Special Session to solve the challenge of McCleary at this point is more than likely to result in legislators sitting in Olympia and doing nothing for weeks on end, eventually moving to a 'least common denominator' solution closer to what the Republicans want - slashing other state spending to fund education - rather that the pipe-dream of a progressive state income tax to generate much needed new revenue.
Aug 4, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Are Office Temperatures Sexist?.
The decades old standards were likely set in an era when dress codes required men to wear a jacket and tie at work, hence the thermostats were set a bit on the cool side.

With the evolution from 'business formal' to 'casual Friday' to 'business casual,' the thermostat can probably be raised a few degrees - with the caveat that if it's too cool you can always throw on a sweater, but if it's too warm there's still a limit on how much clothing you can take off.
Jul 29, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Poll Shows People Aren't That Excited About Reelecting Jay Inslee, but They're Even Less Excited About a Republican.
Inslee threw the Boeing machinists under the bus, then sabotaged democratic legislators' efforts to enact a Capital Gains Tax when the state got a single modest uptick in state revenues. No wonder there's a lack of enthusiasm among his base.
Jul 23, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Finally, Momentum for Greater Density and More Affordable Housing in Seattle.
@25 & 26

Frankly, I think parking - for everyone, old-timer, new-comers, everyone - should be treated equally with the city adopting either one of the following two models.

1) no street parking for anyone. Streets are for moving, not storage. Parked cars, especially on arterials, inhibit bikes and transit.


2) treat street parking like the limited commodity it is and price it accordingly rather than charging token fees in RPZ areas as they do now - and nothing in large areas on Seattle. And even then, NO parking on major arterials for ANYONE.
Jul 23, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Finally, Momentum for Greater Density and More Affordable Housing in Seattle.
@22 -

"Let's say I live in a big house in an SF zone. It's more house than I need and I don't have as much money as I used to, but I've put down roots in the neighborhood. I can afford to stay if I convert my large house into 3 units, and rent the other two. Right now, that's illegal. HALA has proposed making it legal. Why shouldn't I be allowed to do that? Who is it hurting? "

That depends.

Can the house that you want to convert into three units have capacity for three times as many vehicles parked in the driveway, or are you expecting the public to subsidize your tenants' car storage needs on the street outside - impacting the entire neighborhood?

Does your connection to the local sewer have capacity for three times as many toilet flushes? Can your neighborhoods sewer capacity accommodate your property tripling its input into the system - along with who knows how many other property owners in your neighborhood want to do the same thing?
Jul 23, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Finally, Momentum for Greater Density and More Affordable Housing in Seattle.
@14 - yep, she's parking on the street because that shiny new apartment/condo/whatever she's living in wasn't required to have on-site parking.
Jul 22, 2015 SuperSteve commented on Is John Okamoto Trying to Kill a Seattle Rent Control Resolution?.
A Resolution?


I'm sure the Legislature, particularly the Republican-controlled Senate, will take prompt action on this 'request'
Jul 20, 2015 SuperSteve commented on How Washington's New Transportation Package Forces Electric Vehicle Owners to Pay More for Not Using Gasoline.
@17 - and what happens when a majority of drivers have switched to whatever is deemed the 'socially responsible' mode of transportation?

Sooner or later you hit a tipping point where it's no longer possible for the 'bad' to adequately subsidize the 'good' and/or the 'good' becomes a powerful constituency that is untouchable.

This is exactly what went wrong with not taxing the Internet: first it was exempt because we wanted to encourage an innovative new technology and not risk 'killing the baby in the cradle,' now Internet retailers have enough power to lobby against being taxed - even though they no longer need the exemption to survive and governments are struggling with the loss of sales tax revenue as consumers do more of their shopping on-line.