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Jun 18 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
@19: Waah! I want to keep using a name that many people find offensive, and they keep calling me a racist! Waah! Don't let the mean people call me nasty names just because I want to call other people nasty names! Waah!

Really, who is the crybaby here?
Jun 17 Backyard Bombardier commented on This Is What the #YesAllWomen Rally in Seattle Looked Like.
@37: I hadn't seen that before. That's awesome.

(And well played in getting @38, @40, and @42 to immediately provide an example of Lewis' Law in action.)
Jun 14 Backyard Bombardier commented on The "Great Procrastination" On Climate Change.
@16: Try reading the month and day in that post you linked, not the year.
Jun 12 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Onion Launches Clickhole: What Do You Think?.
Poe's law as applied to clickbait.
Jun 12 Backyard Bombardier commented on To Shut Off the Bad Parts of the Internet.
@7: I am well aware that long term personal change comes from within, thank you. Nothing about tools such as SelfControl negates that concept. What they do is provide a way to mitigate the problems caused by distraction while the individual learns to regulate their own behaviour.
Jun 12 Backyard Bombardier commented on To Shut Off the Bad Parts of the Internet.
@3, @4: If Internet distraction isn't a problem for you, great. Well done. You are a superior human being.

That's what you wanted to hear, right? That is why you posted? To reinforce your sense that you are better than others. Happy to do so. You are awesome!

Now shut up and let those of us for whom the myriad distractions of Internet connectivity are a problem talk about ways to help us deal with it.
Jun 12 Backyard Bombardier commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.
@48 How does the concept of a union-negotiated wage floor line up with your views on personal freedom, i.e. that you should be free to offer your labour to any employer at any price that you and the employer agree upon?

Should you be able to walk into a union shop, where the union has negotiated a wage of, say, $15 per hour, and offer your services for $10 per hour?

Do you not see how that totally undermines the power of collective bargaining?

How can someone who calls himself "collectivism_sucks" turn around and say that collective bargaining is good?
Jun 12 Backyard Bombardier commented on Pat Robertson to Kids: Don't Call the Cops If Father Threatens Mom With a Gun.
@10: Yes, absolutely. All a man who is threatening his wife with a gun needs to hear are some soothing words from her.

Come on, level with us. You are trolling, right? You cannot actually be this much of a fucking idiot and still be capable of remembering how to use a keyboard.
Jun 11 Backyard Bombardier commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.
@27: So I take it your answer to "Have you ever actually met anyone living off a trust fund?" is "No, I just make shit up."

As to the devotion of the working man to unfettered free-market capitalism, I suggest you take some time to read up on the history of the labour movement.
Jun 11 Backyard Bombardier commented on Shots Fired, One Person Dead at High School Outside Portland.
@56: You "believe" the study includes suicide rates? Why don't you read the abstract and see if it does or not? (Hint: it does not include suicides when counting homicides.)

And as far as suicides go, studies have shown that "people do not turn to knives and other potentially lethal instruments less often when more guns are available, but more guns usually means more victims of suicide and homicide." (See my link @25.) That is to say, people do not substitute guns for other means.

But hey, you really showed me - all I brought were some peer-reviewed academic studies. You have a list you found on Wikipedia! (And you claim my data are noisy?) Who needs to control for confounding variables, or compare countries with similar economic and social factors? All you need to do is point out that the US has fewer murders than the Sudan, Somalia, or Nigeria and ta-da! Guns can't have anything to do with it.

Here's tip for you if you want to base your opinions on "macro data". Try applying even the tiniest of filters to it. Say, for example, pulling just the OECD countries out of your list. Go on, try it. It paints a much different picture.

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