Aug 4 Alden commented on This New York Times Video of Trump Supporters is Disturbing.
I've been bored with the relentless attention given to the antics of Trump and his supporters for months now. Is this really what its going to be like for the next three months? I don't think I've seen Clinton on the front page of anything since the convention - even on the most liberal news sites its just Trump, Trump, Trump, omg, more Trump.

I have no idea if this pattern will influence the actual voting in November but it sure drains me of my will to live.
Aug 2 Alden commented on Which Is Better: Jill Stein's '90s Folk Band or Her Chance of Being Elected President?.
What the greens outta do is nominate Hillary Clinton. Then people could vote for the Green Party without helping Donald Trump.
Jul 29 Alden commented on Trump Says You Have to Vote for him Even if you Don't Like Him.
@6 - Maybe so, but at least you have an approximately 50% chance of getting your illusory wish granted. If everybody was going to vote for whomever, you might as well pull a name out of a hat.
Jul 28 Alden commented on The Six Best Lines From Ex-NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s DNC Speech.
@2 gee whiz, by the time we've purged the party of everybody who rubs you the wrong way, there won't be enough Democrats left to carry Capitol Hill
Jul 25 Alden commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
Some Old Nobody has been reading crank diaries on Daily Kos

Jul 23 Alden commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Obviously, Clinton is going to be posturing to the center for the rest of the election. And its the correct strategy - she should take people like the Misanthrope at their word - she's not gonna get his vote and fine, she can get other votes instead. Which of course will mean prioritizing the policy prefs of the ones who actually vote for her. Nice work, Greens.
Jul 22 Alden commented on New Study: "No Compelling Evidence" That Increased Minimum Wage Has Led to Seattle Businesses Shutting Down.
@6 - Right. That's the point. It takes money away from people who have lots and gives it to people who have less.

People who mow lawns gotta eat too. Even if it isn't at Ivar's.
Jul 22 Alden commented on How Green Is Her Bullshit: An Uncharacteristically Brief Response to the Green Party Spokesperson's Dishonest Response to My Podcast Rant.
@39 - I don't think culture has anything to do with it. Its the First Past the Post election rules. The "two party system" fits into the electoral structure the way a river fits into its bed. That is to say, its not really a system at all. Two parties is the optimal way of brokering power given the rules of the US Constitution. The UK has a completely different set of rules for electing its legislature and they end up with 2.5 parties. Italy has another system and they get a whole bunch.

The Progressive Party emerged 120 years ago as part of the 19th century Republican coalition was peeling off. They got some people elected, ran some folks for president and eventually folded into the Democratic party because they wanted to actually get something done. If the Greens were to actually start seeing some success, they'd end up doing the same thing.

But their relentless failure gives them the luxury of being able to live without compromising their principles. Good for them, I guess.
Jul 21 Alden commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
What's missing here is a description of the political coalition that the Greens would assemble which:

1) Is able to win a Presidential Election
2) Does not include the components of the Democrat's coalition to which the Greens object.

And she does not include a description of this coalition for the excellent reason that no such coalition can be plausibly described. There are not enough liberals in this country to dominate politics. And therefore, liberals will have to form coalitions with moderates or we will accomplish nothing. There is already a party that comprises a coalition of liberals and moderates: The Democrats.

Go ahead and lament the structural disadvantages confronting the Greens. Call them unfair or unjust or whatever you want. But unless you have a plan to reform them, those obstacles aren't going anywhere. Politics is about power, not principles.
Jul 19 Alden commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
There's a basic chicken/egg problem for third parties to overcome. Major left interest groups (Unions, for example) are not going to bail on the Democrats for the Greens unless they think the Greens more likely to deliver the legislation they want. But to do that, the Greens will need to start winning major elections, which they won't be able to without the support of important interest groups like the Unions.

Individual voters simply lack the power to effect changes on this scale. And therefore, the Greens and all the other would be third (and fourth and fifth) parties will remain forever a sideshow.

The "two party system" is the product of the institutions defined in the US Constitution. The way US elections work mean that there will always be two parties. Change the rules of the elections and some other configuration of parties will result. Leave the rules of the elections alone, and you'll always have two parties.

If the Democrats lose this election, the party will not respond by moving to the left. They will react they way they reacted to the collapse of the New Deal/Great Society coalition after 1980 by moving to the right, figuring that's where the median American voter is heading. But if the Democrats can win, there will be room to continue the party's current leftward momentum.