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Jan 23, 2014 pussnboots commented on Patty Murray Is Opposed to More Iran Sanctions.
Iran has already shown they are dismantling their nuclear weapons program by shutting down all fuel enrichment facilities. They are abiding to a disarmament agreement with NATO. Sanctions are supposed to be downgraded by that treaty. Now the US is decides it wants to change the terms of agreement.
This is a Republican hype to insist there is an impending war (Syria has lost interest to the American public.) Clinton worked hard to help draft these negotiations. We should not do an about face. Why would anyone bother to negotiate through diplomatic means through us again? Patty Murray is making the right choice. When a hostile country negotiates to disarm possible military weapons to reduce sanctions, and oblige. One does not try to demand further sanctions when the other party is sticking to their end of the agreement.
Jan 21, 2014 pussnboots commented on Don't Think Of Them As YOUR Boobs, Think Of Them As OUR Boobs.
We have to fight to feed our enfants in public here. They have the same problem in the UAE. The big difference? Breastfeeding is being forced on them and ridiculed by us. The effect is the same, giving up the right to be the type of mother you choose to be in public and private.
Texas is actually sadder then Arkansas at this point.
Jan 19, 2014 pussnboots commented on Go Seahawks (and Fucking Fuck the Fucking 49ers) Open Thread!.
Wow, Fox will not show the macklemore half time. After Ann Wilson did a phenomenal anthem, and I need some home town love... yeah block the fuck you artist. Why does Fox get our contracts?
Jan 17, 2014 pussnboots commented on Barbara Bush Doesn't Want Jeb Bush to Run for President.
There is a huge problem of dynasties in America politics. The British scoff at us for our presumptions of "no class".
Politics are hereditary, just like skilled labor. In fact, that concept blinds our American concept of achieved wealth. Old money and new money still exist.
Jeb Bush shouldn't run because he is an embarrassment to their family. He makes W look smart.
Barbra Bush is a clandestine of a public servant. The public would hear more from her then anyone else about service and aptitude. She is the embodiment of a first lady stepping up. How does Michelle Obama compete. She has her nutrition advisement. It may be about servitude vs entitlement. Nonetheless, it still adds up to dynasty. She just advertised possible future running mates. It it's no news to.them. There isn't a member of the American aristocracy that hasn't had a hand dipped in the well, including JFK. This is a launch. This isn't about Jeb Bush. It is about putting the front runners for the 2020 bid.

Jan 17, 2014 pussnboots commented on SL Letter of the Day: To Be Trans, Kinky, and Bi.
Seattle is a great place to be yourself. Being trans is hard. It is even harder to find a partner, even in Seattle.
The expectations of males vs females is bullshit offered up by straight men. These are the same ones that claim there so's are shallow. You want to dress Barbie, fucking pay for it. Funny thing about assholes. Everyone has one and anyone can be one.
Many mtf trans have it easier then ftm. There are strip clubs in New Orleans that taunt anyone to figure them out. Any ftm porn?
It is great you have supportive friends. There are plenty of people looking for that special one; straight, bi, gay, trans, and asexual. It can take a lifetime.
Hookups are easy. Who the fuck would not want a dominatrix whom is masculine? It isn't all guys out there seeking the status quo.
Always be honest. You have excepted yourself. Your closest people have excepted you. You are a lucky guy. Get a cheap sleazy hook up for sex- like everyone else. That certain person may come along, I hope. But you aren't alone, there are many people out there searching for that one.

Jan 9, 2014 pussnboots commented on Please Cover Your Mouth (Goddammit).
Sorry. @14 not 12.
Jan 9, 2014 pussnboots commented on Please Cover Your Mouth (Goddammit).
If you have no elbows, of course you can't put you elbow over your mouth. And yes, I know two individuals that have no elbows, only hands. However, they can't cough into their hands anyways, because their arms are too short.
Think of how people fall asleep on the beach with arms over their eyes. If you are still trying to visualize. Cover your mouth with your elbow pit.

Jan 9, 2014 pussnboots commented on Please Cover Your Mouth (Goddammit).
Remind others to cover their cough with their elbows, not their hands. One does not open doorknobs or clutch bus poles with their elbows.
Oct 14, 2013 pussnboots commented on "A Furloughed Federal Employee Says Thank You".
Laura and others,
Thank you for your service and forced slavery. As a civil servant, one is not allowed to strike. They have to work regardless of contracts, union or otherwise. Police officers cannot strike. SFD cannot strike. Metro drivers cannot strike. Any civil employee is considered a "necessary" employee. This means they cannot strike. Civil institutions would fall apart. When they have contract issues and negotiations, the conflicts are held by arbitration. When civil employees are denied their pay, they may not see it for years! But still, not only can they not strike, they are forced to work- without pay or less then negotiated.
I understand that certain positions require employment, payed or not. But Congress is choosing to treat our federal employees as indentured servants, if not slaves.
Stop the bullshit. Can someone at least get their head out of their asses and at least provide a remedial solution? Most unions that can strike have strike pay. Civil servants don't. Their union dues pay for the arbitrators. Can the red cross set up provisions for federal workers in need? What worse way to get attention then the crushing blow of asking for international aid? Can any lawmaker suggest a possible tax deduction for mortgage or rent extensions for our federal employees?
WE have heard so much about the minimum wage strikes from the stranger. Strikers were fired in retaliation for striking. But how many of them were forced to work for free, or risk losing their jobs?
Sep 17, 2013 pussnboots commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Daily Caller.
I don't know about conventional wisdom, but I do know that restraining orders are a bitch. For the person I had to have ordered, from my place of work:

#1 Have you ever had sexual relations with this person...
Didn't even know his name until he was summoned. The Judge apologized to me. She informed me that most restraining orders are domestic violence associated. She was still obligated to ask.
#2 One must carry an official, court certified, copy of the restraining order. I paper clipped my license to the bundle. You HAVE TO HAVE IT ON YOU, OR IT DOES NOT COUNT.
#3 A restraining order is public record. While my perp did stalk me at work, he then found out my personal address.
Restraining orders are 100% in the favor of the perp.

Treat it as a basic harassment. If sex isn't the issue, then don't even mention a romantic relationship. It's fucking ridiculous that restraining orders are so high geared for DV relationships, but the burden of proof still hangs heavy on the victim.

Go down to your local precinct. Ask the officer to document the info, and place a call. He will inform the recipienct that all information from this number is being cataloged, including future information. The police officer can provide the case number. Don't due it personally.
Best wishes.