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Feb 5 2Old_Fred3 commented on Seattle Has Stolen the Microphone.
Maybe the rich and thriving music scene will get some attention from other cities. lord knows Seattle-ites hate music that isn't displayed to them on a nice radio friendly solver platter.
Jan 24 2Old_Fred3 commented on How Do You Respond If a Friend Makes an Awful Record?.
Seattle WOULD vote for the vague approach. Be honest.
Jan 7 2Old_Fred3 commented on Please Chime In: Would You Attend a New Age DJ Night?.
Would there be any live local bands that could play a set mid dj sets? Drink specials involving absinth? Could it take place in a dabs bar? How about vape pens, could we all bring our vape pens? A nice sit down venue with dark lighting might lull everyone to sleep but a well lit show would kill the vibes, would there be visuals? Will you be playing planet earth on a projector screen in the back ground?
Dec 18, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on Burial's Slow Year.
Haha... you said Slow Year.…
Nov 19, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on Cops Evict Protestors From School Building, Arrest Four.
#2 You are the reason the powers the be have so much power.

"Get over it and move on" HEARD THAT BEFORE.
Nov 10, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on The Language of Hiphop Hands.
He totally missed the "I'm rapping many multi-syllabic words really quickly" hand stretched straight out in front, with fingers acting as if they're walking the rapper forward, which usually includes the knees being bent in a slight crouch.

Did he write this in 98? Cause this is more of a history lesson than a contemporary dissection.
Nov 7, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on Jason Lajeunesse and David Meinert to Take Over the Comet Tavern.
Nov 5, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on Listen to Wizdumb.
Check him out live this Sunday Nov. 10th.…
Oct 2, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on The Comet Tavern Is Closed This Week.
We more Love Town than Hate City...
Sep 20, 2013 2Old_Fred3 commented on Drinking Trouble.
#2 for best comment of the year award. fuck. I'm crying.

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