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Feb 3 2Old_Fred3 commented on Gallery: #CapHillPSA's Second Round of Agitprop Poster Art Premieres Today. See It Here First!.
@14 precisely!
Make broad vague statements, receive broad vague misunderstandings.

Just saying, don't be an asshole.
To witch people people become offended by, and then act like assholes.
I love all these assumptions about the artists!
Feb 3 2Old_Fred3 commented on Gallery: #CapHillPSA's Second Round of Agitprop Poster Art Premieres Today. See It Here First!.
Just because you're an artist / designer / worker doesn't mean you're automatically a sexist ignorant homophobic racist non-tipping apodment living stale ass saltine cracker.

THAT'S what this is about.

Just not being an asshole.

So... just don't be an asshole on "cap hill" and everything's fine!


(or anywhere for that matter)
Feb 2 2Old_Fred3 commented on New Column!.
lets argue about a joke.
I love you comment section.
Jan 28 2Old_Fred3 commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
I thought this was going to be awful but it was perfect... thank you. <3
Jan 7 2Old_Fred3 commented on The Stink-Fog That Coated Seattle Last Night.
Damn these new garbage rules!! damn them!!
Kidding, of course.
Dec 22, 2014 2Old_Fred3 commented on Why Does the Mayor Want to Put Your Weed Delivery Guy Out of Business?.
You wanna make money off pot how bout you make a reasonable price as opposed to $26 per GRAM. You can buy HEROIN FOR CHEAPER.
We now have legal weed, so now the capitalist system lays it's stain on the transaction by allowing douchebags like the guy who owns Ike's to cry about how he has to jump through hoops while these "black market" dealers are selling at a reasonable price without the hassle of all the state enforced BULLSHIT. Maybe instead of just jumping on the fuckin caboose of this train and bitching about the pioneers trying to make this a friendly system, how bout you get on the right tracks and help the movement make progress.
All these yuppie fucks want is money. So long as weed is $26 a gram there will ALWAYS be a "black market" aka, the ONLY market for it. Yuppie political fucksticks need to pull your heads out of your fucking asses if you wanna do this right. We're too fucking poor to wait for a $15 min. wage initiative to afford $26 taxed weed. It's not a luxury, it's a fucking plant, but so long as it's marketable you gotta have your greedy fucking paws all fucking over it. Fuck you. Let it be free.
Nov 18, 2014 2Old_Fred3 commented on What's Going On with Bumbershoot?.
Stoked for the future Amazumbershoot