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Aug 12 Ken Mehlman commented on Will the Events in Ferguson Inspire a New Round of Police Reform?.
@7 & 8 Apparently, selling untaxed cigarettes is something people are routinely arrested for in New York. That is what would have happened to Eric Garner had he not resisted arrest. His resistance to police officers engaged in the lawful execution of their duties resulted in the police use of force that caused his death. I think the officer who used the choke hold should be held responsible for his actions, but let's not forget that Garner would still be alive today if he hadn't decided to act like a nitwit and fight the cops.
Aug 12 Ken Mehlman commented on Will the Events in Ferguson Inspire a New Round of Police Reform?.
If you don't want to fear the police obey the law. Michael Garner's death resulted from the application of a prohibited arrest technique, that doesn't change the fact that he was a huge asshole. He felt the NYPD was harassing him because they kept arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes. It never seems to have occurred to him that the cops would leave him alone if he stopped committing crimes.
Aug 12 Ken Mehlman commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
Props to Wilford for not going ballistic after he was sprayed. That mall cop's not a big guy, Wilford could have shoved those mirror shades up his easily enough.
Aug 11 Ken Mehlman commented on Unarmed Teen Shot to Death by Police Outside St. Louis, Protests Continue.
@4 Maybe we should wait until all the facts are in before we declare Michael Brown a victim of police brutality?
Jul 31 Ken Mehlman commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
Federal prison inmates are not eligible for early release until they have served 85% of their sentences. That means this guy will be locked up for at least eight and a half years. If he is foreign born, then after he finishes his prison sentence he will be transferred to ICE detention and likely deported. This guy didn' t get off easy.
Jul 31 Ken Mehlman commented on The Morning News: Boeing Deals Another Blow to Washington State, The GOP Hates the Man God Picked to Be the Pope, GOP Sues Obama for Being the President.
@55 In 2000 Ehud Barack offered to end the Israeli occupation of 73% of West Bank and 100% of the Gaza Strip. Yasser Arafat said that wasn't enough. The Arab-Israeli conflict continues partly because Netanyahu is a huge asshole, but also because the Palestinians don't want peace.
Jul 20 Ken Mehlman commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@37 Morocco is another arab country that is, sort of, a democracy. Still, don't you think arab culture is, mostly, incompatible w/ a pluralistic political system?
Jul 20 Ken Mehlman commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@11 As bad the Israelis can be I think their a whole lot better than the Palestinians. EG Palestinian youth is abducted and murdered by Israelis and the Israeli authorities arrest the perpetrators. Do you think the Palestinian security forces are likely to arrest the people who killed those three Israeli young people?

Jul 19 Ken Mehlman commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@17 & 19 I think the Israelis bear some of the blame for their continuing conflict w/ the Palestinians. I'm not a big fan of Netanyahu. On the other hand Israeli public opinion seems fairly evenly decided between those who want to fight the Palestinians and those who want to make peace. If there's a Palestinian peace movement I've never heard of it. Perhaps I was being a bit trolley when I said that the arab culture is a nihilistic culture. However I think it is fair to say that the arabs lack a tradition of resolving political disputes through negotiation and compromise.
Jul 19 Ken Mehlman commented on The Saturday Morning News.
If the Palestinians had any sense they'd realize that non-violent civil disobedience is the only way they will win any concessions from Israel. Yet they keep lobbing rockets from densely populated areas of the Gaza strip w/ predictably tragic results. Is there any way to explain that sort of behavior other than a collective death wish?

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