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Mar 14 Ken Mehlman commented on Officers Who Shot and Killed Che Taylor Won't Face Criminal Charges.
@4 Che Taylor with a gun was a pretty dangerous situation no matter how you cut it. Do you think the cops should leave people like that alone?
Mar 14 Ken Mehlman commented on Maddow Says She Has "Trump Tax Returns".
Dan has nothing better to do than follow Rachel Maddow's twitter feed? I thought nationally syndicated sex advice columnists lead glamorous lives.
Mar 14 Ken Mehlman commented on The Morning News: Seattle Runner Fights Off Attacker at Golden Gardens, Texas State Representative Proposes Bill to Fine Men for Masturbating.
@11 If you don't understand why men should be allowed to own handguns you need to talk to this guy . . .
Mar 12 Ken Mehlman commented on Preet Bharara to Trump: Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me.
Bharara made a name for himself by putting away crooked Wall St types, so it makes sense that a Republican administration wouldn't want him. The GOP isn't usually tough on that kind of crime.
Mar 8 Ken Mehlman commented on The Moral Imperative For Driverless Trucks vs. The Immoral Opposition to Single-Payer Health Care.
@2 An alternative to the inspectors of inspectors plan is to turn half of the unemployed into desperate starving vagabonds and give the other half jobs as police and security guards protecting us from the desperate starving vagabonds.
Mar 8 Ken Mehlman commented on The Moral Imperative For Driverless Trucks vs. The Immoral Opposition to Single-Payer Health Care.
But Dan, how many of those people who die for lack of insurance are working repetitive low-skill jobs that machines will be able to do faster and cheaper in like 5 years? Doesn't it make things simpler for all involved if they just drop dead rather than becoming unemployable surplus population?
Mar 7 Ken Mehlman commented on No Decision Yet on Whether to Sue Over New Travel Ban, Washington Attorney General Says.
@14 Stricter gun laws might do more to promote public safety than stricter immigration/border controls. That doesn't necessarily mean the ladder is a bad idea. It's not an either or proposition.
Mar 6 Ken Mehlman commented on Washington Attorney General Says Trump "Capitulated" on Travel Ban.
@2 & 4 A complete ban on Muslims entering the country would be impractical and excessive. On the other hand anyone who thinks Muslim immigrants and international visitors shouldn't be treated differently from non-Muslims should have his head examined. When was the last time a terrorist attack on American soil carried out by foreign born persons was perpetrated by anybody who wasn't Muslim? Obviously, home grown terrorists like Dylann Roof are a problem as well, but those people are already here.
Mar 5 Ken Mehlman commented on Kent Sikh Man to Police: White Man Said "Go Back to Your Own Country" and Shot Me.
@12 Actually, Woody Wilson was governor of New Jersey before he was president, but why let the facts get in the way of a good rant . . .
Mar 2 Ken Mehlman commented on Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath.
Lie is such an ugly word, maybe he just forgot? Do you remember every time you collude with a foreign power to subvert the democratic process?