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seatackled filling in my "bio" with the commenters who have cats in their avatars or monickers.
Jan 10 seatackled commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Ex Was Wrong For Me But The Sex Was Perfect.
People of all faiths fuck premaritally even if they strictly speaking aren't supposed to.
Jan 9 seatackled commented on Chuck Schumer's Copy Editing Skills Just Burned Mitch McConnell.
Way to go, Senator Schumer! Sure beats signing that letter Rep. Jayapal needed last week.

Welcome back to the fight. This time I …
Jan 7 seatackled commented on After Buyouts and Layoffs, Nearly Two Dozen People Will Leave the Seattle Times Newsroom.

"And why the "social justice" sneer?"

Kind of surprising he didn't say something about Clinton and corruption.
Jan 6 seatackled commented on Pramila Jayapal Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Save the Country, Block Trump During Final Electoral Tally.
Like Biden couldn't have persuaded a single senator to sign on if he wanted.
Jan 5 seatackled commented on City of Seattle Orders Company to Pay $335,000 for Violating Minimum Wage Law.

I couldn't tell you if the former interns have been compensated, but do you have evidence that they have not?
Jan 3 seatackled commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Marathon Man & Woman.
And by anal, I mean pegging.