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Jul 15 Goldy commented on Referendum on the $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Go to the Ballot This Year.
@6 Come to Drinking Liberally tonight, Anna, and I'll make it up to you by buying you drink. Paul will be there. Come hang out with the cool kids.
Jul 15 Goldy commented on Referendum on the $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Go to the Ballot This Year.
@3 That is an awful thing to say. If you had an ounce of compassion you'd encourage collectivism_sucks to wait a few years to hang himself, until the $15 minimum wage is fully implemented.
Jul 15 Goldy commented on Referendum on the $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Go to the Ballot This Year.
Hey, Anna, remember when Slog used to be the outlet with honor of always being the first one to call these things, like when it called the 2012 governor's race for Inslee on election night, while most other outlets waited a week? What changed?
Jul 14 Goldy commented on The Numbers Look Bad for the Group Trying to Undo the $15 Minimum Wage.
I've got the latest numbers from today's batch and this thing is over. At the very least, Forward Seattle would need a 91.5 percent validation rate on the remaining signatures, and possibly higher.

Trust me. I've been tracking these things for years. There will be no $15 minimum wage referendum on the November ballot.
Jul 7 Goldy commented on Timothy Egan's Independents Daze.
@19 That's entirely the point. Take for example Yakima, which is 41 percent hispanic, and yet has never elected a hispanic to its at-large city council. Ranked choice voting would assure that the council more accurately reflects the electorate than the current system in which a bare majority of white voters assure that the council is entirely white.
Jul 5 Goldy commented on Timothy Egan's Independents Daze.
@9 Odd, after reading your comment I re-read my post, and was surprised to find that I did not propose doing away with the states or the senate. I proposed proportional representation for the house, eliminating the electoral college, standardized voting laws, and imposing real campaign finance and disclosure reforms.

I did mention that the senate was antiquated (because it is), as a means of pointing out that Democrats are at a permanent electoral disadvantage in the body due to the vast overrepresentation of rural voters. That Democrats ever win the senate is a miracle. But I didn't propose an alternative because that would be unfathomable outside a constitutional convention.
May 26 Goldy commented on Festival Virgin, Part Three.
@10 Sure HA can get too serious and politicky. But trust me, you don't want me to start covering music.
May 13 Goldy commented on Seattle Times Tries to Make Obamacare Look Bad....
@9 Thanks, Dan. I always welcome your traffic-driving vague links. (Block quotes, not as much.)

But I have to admit to enjoying a little schadenfreude reading this comment thread.
May 2 Goldy commented on We Can Be Sure of This: The Fate of the Bundy Militia Will Not Be the Same as Move's.
Charles, Waco is a much better comparison than Move. What happened in Philadelphia was a terrible fuckup—gross incompetence compounded by a long history of confrontation. You had to live there at the time to understand. (I grew up through the Move era, and watched Osage burn from atop my dorm at Penn.) It was the city's first black mayor who ultimately made the decision to drop the bomb (based on awful advice from the police), and it was Move's black neighbors who had demanded the city evict them. I'm not saying race wasn't a factor. This was Philly. But it wasn't a motivating factor in the final conflagration.

FYI, the thinking behind the bomb was that they wanted to blow out barricades on the roof, and then storm the house from the roof of neighboring row houses. They used way too much explosives. Also, they didn't account for the fact that Move was storing fuel on the roof. Then, once the fire started, firefighters initially refused to move in because they had been shot at during previous confrontations.

Total fuckup. But there wasn't much sympathy for Move before the bombing, even from within the African American community. Would you want to live next to the people disposing of human excrement and dead animals in the backyard?

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