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Apr 15 decidedlyodd commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
Wow, most unanimous Slog poll ever! Apparently, there is something that unites all of us in this political world of monorails, viaducts, bag taxes and $15/hr minimum wages.
Apr 9 decidedlyodd commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episodes 7 & 8: RuPersize Me!.
My prediction for final three: Ben, Bianca and Adore. It's all in how they're editing the episodes in a way that sets this up.
Apr 7 decidedlyodd commented on The Percentage of Americans Who Worry "A Great Deal" About Climate Change.
What good does worrying a great deal do? My guess is that other worries like the economy have taken priority or an acceptance that it's already happening is setting in.
Apr 2 decidedlyodd commented on Grab Your Ballot! Save Bus Service! DO IT NOW!.
@2, @3 Read up Baumol's Cost Disease for why Metro's labor costs outpace inflation:…. It takes the same number of drivers and mechanics today as before. When you combine this with higher than historical fuel prices and higher health care costs (the Baumol phenomenon is also very relevant there), the price of services like transit is going to rise faster than inflation.
Mar 25 decidedlyodd commented on Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Headset Maker for Two Billion Dollars.
Zuckerberg seems to desperately want to keep Facebook cool even if it means throwing billions of dollars away in vain to do it. It's the only thread that really ties together the acquisition of Instagram, Whatsapp and now Oculus.
Mar 24 decidedlyodd commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
@14 All "luxury" means is that it's new construction and has a hip name (Gatsby, Three20, etc.). Same old Hotpoint appliances, same old greedy management companies, new higher prices.
Mar 19 decidedlyodd commented on After Lengthy Battle, Seattle Regulates Its Rideshares.
So when do they start collecting signatures for a referendum ala the bag tax from a few years back?

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