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bareboards Well, that got through....
Nov 15, 2016 bareboards commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
I would say this differently --

There were two choices this year. Clinton and Trump.

Anything -- ANYTHING -- that was done to disparage Clinton helped Trump win.

She was in a miasma of negativity that affected undecided voters and pushed those Dems into Rs and misled people into thinking their vote didn't matter so they didn't show up.

And the person who quoted the private emails that were hacked without mentioning that Russia was working really hard to undercut and disrupt our election is a tool of the Russians.

Take a page from the Rs. Their people do the most egregious horrible stuff, and yet they get elected/reelected. Vitter and his prostitutes in the bible belt South gets reelected? Anything that came out of Trump's mouth for the past 18 months? But our progressives take Clinton quoting Abraham Lincoln's strategy for getting slavery abolished in the Constitution and act like she is the most corrupt person to ever run for office.

I'm sick to my stomach that all those people voted for Trump.

I'm more sick to my stomach at every Democrat who piled onto Clinton in a nit-picking feeding frenzy WHEN THE OTHER CHOICE WAS TRUMP.

Clinton won the popular vote. How many electoral votes would she have gotten if you had shown some grownup attitude and shored her up instead of tearing her down? How many more people would have voted instead of staying home?

Saying Clinton and Trump were the same is what lost this very close election.

And you guys need to stop blaming Clinton and take full responsibility for your part in this loss.

You did it. You.

Grow up. Be like Republicans and stick up for your person.

The choice was between Trump and Clinton. And now we have lost the Supreme Court for 30 years or so.

Good going. I know you are proud of yourselves for your integrity. You fucked yourselves in the process. Make no mistake about your complicity.
Nov 10, 2016 bareboards commented on Glowering Bigot Donald Trump Meets with Class Act President Obama in the White House.
What the fuck is that Alex whoever's quote????

This is the shit that got Trump elected, just the Left version.

I'm full square opposed to Trump. I am gearing up to actively fund opposition to his most egregious actions.

But what the holy fuck did Alex want Obama to do?

We need resistance. We need effective resistance, though.

Nov 6, 2016 bareboards commented on Fuck This Fucking Guy: Robert Satiacum, the Washington State Democratic Elector Who Won't Vote Clinton.
How do you become a certified Bernie Bro?

You open your mouth speak unrealistic pap that ignores the reality of this world.
Oct 18, 2016 bareboards commented on Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Appears in New York.
Those aren't horses legs -- horses don't have cleft hooves.

Those are devil legs.

Oct 1, 2016 bareboards commented on Newly Obtained Returns Show Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Federal Taxes In 18 Years.
Why no federal tax return for that year? When they could get ahold of the state returns?

Because he mostly likely paid a buttload of federal medicare tax on that business income. Almost 3% on $3 million. Plus social security on the first $100K or so.

Doesn't fit the narrative to show that the wealthy fund medicare for everyone else.

He's still a turd. But I hate cherry picking facts. It's exhausting wondering what I haven't been told.

And. Here's a likely illegal tax dodge. He is an owner of many S Corporations? Why no wages from any of the S Corporations? Some of them must have made a profit, they weren't all losses. He would be subject to social security tax on the first $100K or so from EACH S corporation that paid him wages. It is double taxation and that is one way the wealthy are taxed. And yet his wages are only $6K?

Maybe he only had partnerships back then, limited liability companies. But if he was an owner of at least one successful S Corporation, there has to be wages if he took cash out. And you gotta figure he took cash out.

The IRS looks at that closely though. You'd think he wouldn't be so stupid.

I do taxes for a living. I had a boss once who said to his clients-- you can be a pig, but don't be a hog.

Trump is looking like a hog.
Aug 22, 2016 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Only Swimming Hole for Dogs, a Water Park Tragedy, and Southern Floods.

Yes. I shouted in all caps.
Aug 19, 2016 bareboards commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
Statement for the record.

Theodore Gorath does not understand false equivalency.

Repeating a false equivalency does not remove the false equivalency.

His last comment shows a lack of discernment of Trump's utter failings as a human being that even the most dyed in the wool Republican can see.

So.... self-deluded? Troll? Knee jerk contrariness? Lack of intelligence?

Every person who pretends/believes that there is not something seriously wrong with Trump has something seriously wrong with them and does a disservice to the public life of America.

I usually don't engage with trolls -- I learned my lesson a long time ago. It is a waste of energy. This is a waste of energy. I won't be coming back to the comment stream, so Mr Gorath can have the last word.

I predict that his last words will be false, trolling, nonsensical, and devoid of understanding what human decency looks like.

I do agree with him that political games are tiring and silly and I wish that Americans would stop believing every distortion they are told.

That isn't Trump. To pretend/believe that what he is doing is the same thing?

Humanly indecent.
Aug 19, 2016 bareboards commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.

That is exactly what I hate most. False equivalency.

Do politicians play "gotcha", taking things out of context, making mountains out of molehills, putting a spin on things to gain political advantage? Absolutely. I don't like it. And it works all too well in reaching voters so they all do it.

That is not what Donald Trump does. He insults. He harangues. He can't handle the least criticism without having to respond. He attacks on personal issues, with no pretense of making it about policy differences. These are facts borne out over many months.

He is a petty man who acts petty, boorish, bullying.

To put that behavior into the same category of normal stupid political games is not intelligent or discerning. Or even truthful.

Hence false equivalency. False equivalency, thy name is Theodore Gorath.

Aug 19, 2016 bareboards commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
All good points. I cringe at the thought of a Clinton statue ( although to be fair, it is WAY different when a woman is the target.)

Even as I agree with this article, I can't help just not caring.

I have never been so appalled by a public figure in my life. Ever. I'm appalled at his supporters. I'm appalled at the Rs who continue to endorse him.

I desperately need this public shaming. This stripping away of the expensive clothes.

He is a petty man (who has brought on the whole tiny penis meme on himself by reacting to an article saying he has small hands.)

I want the pettiness to be exposed as the lie that he is.

None of this true is about Clinton. You can disagree with her policies, with her hawkishness. But she is never petty. Awkward, yes.

Petty, never.
Aug 18, 2016 bareboards commented on Why Nate Parker Should Never Have Made The Birth of a Nation.
That Trump statue?

Now, that Trump statue is almost perfection.