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bareboards Well, that got through....
Jun 6 bareboards commented on AP Just Called the Democratic Nomination for Clinton.
I say news event, not event event. Or more accurately -- trolling for ad revenue event.

I'm a Clinton supporter and I want her to win. Having said that, I think this "announcement" is too early. Let the people vote.

I'm old enough to remember when the TV news would call election results after the East Coast polls closed but before the West Coast polls did. It skewed the results, their predictions.

Stop Trump.
Jun 6 bareboards commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
I find it deeply humorous that Bernie supporters couldn't bring themselves to spend 50 cents for a stamp and tell the entire country how much they support Bernie.

Not a very good political decision -- they had an opportunity to really bring it home. And didn't. For 50 cents.

As my dad used to say to me -- for a smart person, you can be really dumb sometimes.

Bernie supporters pride themselves on being really really smart. Yeah.
May 27 bareboards commented on I, Anonymous.
Here's the truth of me -- it would have crossed my mind that I could profit, and I would still have done all I could to return it.

And I'm a woman.

Know what else I am? A human being. @2 is indeed one sorry misogynist who took a remark about being human and turned it into an attack on women.

Good grief, man.
May 25 bareboards commented on Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump "A Small, Insecure Moneygrubber"—and Doesn't Stop There.
I cashed in on the housing collapse by buying a piece of property really cheap which allowed me to help a young family get into a home that they couldn't otherwise afford. They are still putting together the down payment while paying pretty low rent -- which I could do because the price was depressed.

And I also felt bad for the people whose dreams were crushed.

Can't I do both? Be smart about the situation and grieve for the losers?
May 25 bareboards commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
What I find perplexing are the knots that Sanders folks tie themselves into to prove that Sanders has more support than the lamestream media says.

Big turnouts for rallies! Crushing the caucuses! Rap videos! See? Sanders is popular!

But they can't be bothered to spend a stamp, and send a message to the entire country of his overwhelming support?

I voted for Hillary. Knowing it was meaningless. But wanting to send a message to the entire country. I honestly thought that Sanders would take the state. It may end up closer than these early results show but he isn't going to "win" it.

And lookee here. My decision to engage in the political process paid off.

How many Sanders supporters threw away their ballots? We'll never know. But for the Sanders supporters, it is thousands and thousands, with no proof to back it up. There is always some reason the facts in front of them aren't real facts.

Hillary wins delegates? It's rigged! Hillary wins the popular vote? Never mentioned! Repeating Republican talking points slandering Hillary and doing their work for them? Doesn't matter, HIllary is the devil!

It's like dealing with a blob of mercury. Touch it and it skitters away. No matter what one says, it maintains its toxic impenetrability to forces from the outside. Like facts.
May 19 bareboards commented on Watch Robin Wright Talk About How She Got Equal Pay on House of Cards: "I Want to Be Paid the Same as Kevin".
"Equal competitive demand." In an industry that has few jobs for women of a certain age. She is at a disadvantage in a world that skews towards men. So that is an impossible standard.

So yeah, I'm guessing they gave into her "demand" to avoid being shamed in public. That makes her a great negotiator, picking her time.

Those are two equally meaty roles, performed beautifully by both of them. Go back to #1 -- they ARE actually doing equal work. Period.
May 19 bareboards commented on Watch Robin Wright Talk About How She Got Equal Pay on House of Cards: "I Want to Be Paid the Same as Kevin".
I learned this lesson in 1978.

At the time, women were just beginning to flood the job market -- in two years, being a woman went from being an advantage to being nothing remarkable.

I was a brand new accountant at a seminar. I happened to sit next to an older woman who not only was a CPA, she had had her own firm for 20 years. Quite the outlier.

She told me she liked to hire women. Internally, I'm thinking -- power to the Sisterhood! And then she said -- women work harder, are more attentive to detail, and... don't ask for as much money.

Most people, when I have told this story over the years, have been appalled at her.

I knew instantly she was smart. She hired people and gave them what they asked for. So the employees were happy.

So yeah. Women need to ask for more.

Did I absorb that lesson in my own life? Not really. Except one time -- I wanted to cut back my hours and knew I needed more per hour to make it work. This was 15-20 years ago. I met with the two partners, told them what I wanted, told them they had a bargain, and that I wanted a $5 per hour raise.

$5 is a lot - and it was a buttload more 15-20 years ago.

I got it, too.

So yeah. Women need to ask. Make their case. Not apologize.

And yeah. Poor people -- not just women -- don't have that luxury.
May 16 bareboards commented on Travis Weber's Youth Pastor Watch.
One of my concerns has been the masculine-looking women I know, both gay and straight. They are used to getting inquiring looks, especially from kids. I fear that they will be subject to abuse from "Christian" gun-toting women who have been riled up by all this nonsense.
May 14 bareboards commented on Captain America: Civil War Is Such a Fucking Mess, I Don't Know Where to Start.
This movie drove me slightly batty, too.

The "good" guys and the "bad" guys fight at the airport -- and destroy vast quantities of buildings and equipment? To what end? Maybe that little detail was buried in there somewhere, but these huge fight scenes bore the pee out of me. How many different ways can you hit someone?

The very definition of insanity -- repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.

And the Bechtel test... was anyone paying attention? I wasn't, until it was all over. Did the women even make fricking fracking EYE CONTACT, much less talk to each other? If they did, it was extremely minor.

Lazy screenwriting. Lazy penis-centric screenwriting. Can't even come up with ONE SCENE.

I may be wrong about that -- please enlighten me if I am. There is no way I am sitting through that again.
May 9 bareboards commented on Mysterious Panama Papers Whistleblower Releases Manifesto.
I understand loving money. I like money. I would like more money and I objectively have "enough." (I could give away more!)

But the super wealthy? Who want more? The heads of states who are draining their countries dry while their people suffer?

I don't understand that level of .... what? What is it? How do you translate that behavior into normal human pathologies?

All I have is a quote from one of the robber barons at the beginning of the last century. Not sure which one -- a Rockefeller? When asked when he (and it was a he) would have enough money, he answered, "When I get my next dollar."

Stunning in its black hole of rapaciousness. Black hole of need.