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bareboards Well, that got through....
Aug 18 bareboards commented on Why Nate Parker Should Never Have Made The Birth of a Nation.
That Trump statue?

Now, that Trump statue is almost perfection.
Aug 18 bareboards commented on Why Nate Parker Should Never Have Made The Birth of a Nation.

I'm a feminist. Woman. Just to be clear.

When does the justice system get to do its work? Acquitted. Served his time.

When does someone get to move forward with their life?

How does this jibe with saying that people who have gone through the justice system should be allowed to have jobs, be allowed to vote, be allowed to live in "your" neighborhood?

Yes, there is a definite rape culture in the world. Let's address that.

Yes, there is racism in the world. Let's address that.

This jumbled mess of an opinion does neither of those things.

And yes. I'm aware that the "justice system" isn't about justice. Very little in this world is perfect.
Aug 11 bareboards commented on Dan Savage to Daily Beast: Take Down Your Creepy Olympic Grindr “Exposé”.
I can't shake this story and the feeling of dread I have about these gay athletes.

Is this story going to inspire their home countries to go on Grindr themselves? Looking for gay athletes in their ranks?

Or are these countries self-serving enough that they will leave them be -- at least until their athletic prowess has waned.

Aug 5 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Amazon to Fly Plane Over Seafair, the Real Solution to Seattle's Growing Housing Crisis.
Is there a Politico poll asking the Dems their opinion? I suspect the numbers would be reversed.
Aug 3 bareboards commented on Donald Trump Reportedly Says 'Why Not?' to Use of Nuclear Weapons.
"It's not designed to debate the decision."

The single most chilling sentence I have ever heard in my life.

Zero safeguards. Zero.

Holy crap.
Aug 1 bareboards commented on Primary Ballots Are Due Tomorrow and Turnout Is Depressing as Hell so Far.

I would have missed the deadline!
Jul 28 bareboards commented on I, Anonymous.
Or maybe ARTY "could just shut up"?

Perhaps look in the mirror and take his own impassioned advice?

(I'm not a hipster, by the way. I'm a 62 year old accountant who is puzzled by those slouch hats and the soul patches or whatever uniform is currently extant. I have been terminally uncool my entire life and have never understood the desire to BE cool. I do, however, yearn to be kinder than I actually am.)
Jul 26 bareboards commented on Tommy Pico's IRL Is Better Than the Internet.
Did anyone else think he was wearing a Star Trek uniform?
Jul 22 bareboards commented on I, Anonymous.
I came to make a similar comment about the inappropriate artwork.

Why are people talking about "the homeless" as if they can be all lumped together as one monolith?

This I, Anonymous is an individual who was touched by kindness and got out of there.

This carping -- and that artwork -- is seriously off-topic.
Jul 13 bareboards commented on New Column!.
One thing about this column you might want to consider editing -- the phrase "and now police officers."

I don't want to rain on the funny parade, but police officers have been murdered with easily accessible guns for a long time.

It's nothing new, and acting like the event in Dallas is a first is one of the reasons some police officers are angry as fuck. They go to work with a target on their back and they sometimes don't come home.

I'm all for extensive gun safety measures. Restrictions on high capacity killing machines and accessories. And laws that hold trigger happy (and fist happy) law enforcement officers accountable.

That phrase though... gasoline on a fire at the wrong time, dudes and dudettes. Wrong time.