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Feb 19 bareboards commented on Walmart Raising the Minimum Wage Is Not a Triumph of Business. It's a Failure of Government..
The minimum wage is the government acting as the collective bargainer for all workers who aren't empowered by a union.

The bargaining comes in because the wealthy business owners pay for the lobbyists.
Feb 14 bareboards commented on Returning Column!.
Much improved. Positivity for the win!
Feb 11 bareboards commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pups.
If Puppy Boy shows up here.... how did it play out? Surely exactly as Dan said?
Feb 5 bareboards commented on Stranger Music Genius Nominee Erik Blood's Studio Robbed.
What the hell is going on???!!!! Why are so many Seattle musicians losing their gear?

Is it worse here than elsewhere?

Stats. I needs comparative stats to other cities.
Feb 5 bareboards commented on Why Do We Still Have an Air Force?.
Why do we have artillery? I was just in Lawton OK, near Ft Sill Army Post, and you can hear them practicing. I thought at the time -- why? Why not just drones?

Not that I am a fan of war. But sometimes, you just gotta. Hitler wasn't going to be stopped any other way. We need to be prepared for the next crazy person. But enough already, right?
Jan 29 bareboards commented on SL Letter of the Day: Betrayal and Ballache.
Yeah, Dan, I was surprised that there was zero mention of the kids in your advice, and this guy's place in the rolling out of this situation.

Glad to see that your commenters are covering those bases for you.
Jan 10 bareboards commented on New Column!.
Was so going to share this. But you are wrong about the time machine.

So I won't.
Jan 9 bareboards commented on My Last Year with the Nuns: A Typical Catholic Boyhood, from Latin Hymns to Racial Violence.
I had the pleasure of seeing this live in its early days.

I also have taken several improv classes from the great and glorious Matt Smith. He's a great teacher.
Jan 6 bareboards commented on Buzzfeed Got Its Hands on the Letter Wet Seal Gave Its Employees.
Am I missing something here? What was the company supposed to do?

The store is closing. The employees are going to lose their jobs. There is no rainbow happy way to do this.

And yeah. Give people two weeks notice, and what happens? Nothing good.

I am getting really really REALLY tired of the entire internet second guessing difficult situations, and passing judgment out of ignorance.

This is a crap situation. There is no way to do this "right."

I wonder if the store managers who put up the signs in their windows are not going to get their "retention bonus". Operationally, complaining in public like that wasn't helping the closing of the stores.

I guess they got their 15 minutes of fame though....
Dec 27, 2014 bareboards commented on Returning Column!.
To expand on Hillbilly's comment:

She-Hulk. As the cousin of Bruce Banner, Jen Walters received her abilities when she had a transfusion of blood from her gamma-powered cousin. She usually has the ability to change into her She-Hulk form on demand, and usually retains her intellect after the change as well.
She-Hulk - Marvel Comics Database
Marvel Database Project

Plus, she seems really cool. RETAINS HER INTELLECT!!!!

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