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I miss Seattle and I take it out on you

Apr 8, 2014 eptified commented on You Should Be Following @GOPTeens.
The "GOP Teens" feed is funny because it's aimed at the GOP itself - and at bad social media marketing, and at aging people trying to stay relevant generally - whereas the democrat teens thing appears to be aimed at.. fictional teenagers? Who can't figure out how to put pants on by themselves?
Apr 8, 2014 eptified commented on You Should Be Following @GOPTeens.
@4 This is as clear an illustration as anything I've ever seen of the problems that conservatives have with understanding what comedy is and why things are funny
Apr 4, 2014 eptified commented on Orange Theory Fitness Responds to Criticism That Its Ad Campaign Exploits Memorials to Dead Cyclists.
"Trying to partner with the white bike campaign"

That is some grade-A middle management bullshit
Mar 27, 2014 eptified commented on The Town of Oso Is Coping with Unimaginable Loss and Understandably Unwanted Attention.
It is kind of callous of the Stranger to inflict Mudede on a place that has suffered so much so recently
Mar 21, 2014 eptified commented on Deez Nuts on The People's Court.
@3 What on earth is wrong with you
Mar 19, 2014 eptified commented on Boy Pussy Gets Its Anthem.
@13 my god you must be a fun person
Mar 19, 2014 eptified commented on Boy Pussy Gets It's Anthem.
will somebody for the love of god fix that headline
Mar 10, 2014 eptified commented on Tonight in Music: Electric Six's Cheap Cologne Music.
Music reviewers get really snotty about bands who can actually play their instruments
Mar 4, 2014 eptified commented on Headline of the Day.
@10 God forbid the precious bodily fluids of our inviolate english tongue should be besmirched by neologism

You should read grammar and usage guides from the 19th century, dude. I guarantee you use words every day that were beyond the pale once. WE ARE ALL SINNERS AND THERE WAS NO GOLDEN AGE
Jan 25, 2014 eptified commented on I, Anonymous.
...yeah, y'all, telling a parent that they're abusing their child is a great way to get assaulted, and maybe anon wasn't up for getting punched that day

I think that's pretty reasonable