Jan 15, 2013 sarge commented on The Problem Isn't White People With Guns, It's Black People With Guns.
So how come almost all the mass murderers white dudes?
Dec 12, 2012 sarge commented on It's Time for Organized Labor to Build Their Own Media.
Since a lot of people, like me, recently cancelled their subscription to the Times, now would be a good time to launch a union rag.
Nov 10, 2012 sarge commented on Slog Poll: Who Will the Seattle Times Endorse for Governor in 2016?.
This is a great question. It's pretty sad that Dave Reichert is the top Republican in the state. McKenna has been running for Governor since forever. Will he go the DIno Rossi route and take another shot? Four years from now, the economy will be better, unemployment will be lower, demographics will have trended even more in the Democrats favor, and Inslee will be an incumbent. Things are looking good for Democrats in 2016, and bleak for the Seattle Times, who just lost a chunk of subscribers proving that print advertising is ineffective.
Oct 18, 2012 sarge commented on Inslee, Marriage Equality Up in New KCTS-9 Washington Poll.
@Doug: Obama has an advantage in Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado relative to Washington. Washington's unemployment rate is 8.6%, well above the national average. Colorado is about average, Ohio is 7.2%, and Virginia is 5.9%. The Auto bailout has helped the Ohio economy tremendously. If Ohio's unemployment was as high as Washington's, Obama would be in real trouble there. As it is, he's in good shape.
Aug 31, 2012 sarge commented on Koch Sucker.
@7: It is a civil rights issue, which makes it a Democratic issue.
Aug 29, 2012 sarge commented on Catholic Bishop's Anti-Gay Campaigning May Violate WA Election Law.
At my church, we are about to put up a sign that says "Support marriage equality, APPROVE Referendum 74".
Jul 20, 2012 sarge commented on Darcy Burner: "The NRA Can Go to Hell".
@19) Reichert was not a "weak" candidate. He was a popular, well known, well financed, Republican incumbent in a district that has never elected a Democrat.

The idea that he was a weak candidate came from the fact that Darcy nearly knocked him off.

Reichert wasn't a weak candidate, Darcy was a stronger than expected one.
Jul 20, 2012 sarge commented on Darcy Burner: "The NRA Can Go to Hell".
Yeah, my first thought was, this might not play so well in Marblemount and Rockport.

Jul 11, 2012 sarge commented on Pro-Ruderman/Anti-DelBene Super PAC Continues to Dump Money into WA-01 Race.
Darcy is the primary beneficiary of Laura's Super-PAC.
Jul 5, 2012 sarge commented on In Which Goldy Proved a Better Constitutional Attorney Than Our Attorney General.
Didn't you nail the Goldmark decision as well?