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I was born in Yakima, Warshintun in the mid century period and live with Oliver,… more »

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Aug 10, 2016 auntie jim commented on Amuse-Bouche: So, What Was Malia Obama Smoking at Lollapalooza?.
looks like a lip balm to me...
Aug 5, 2016 auntie jim commented on At Least 10 People Say They’ve Been Drugged at Seattle Bars This Summer.
This is way more common than people think, and has been going on for years. Buy your alcohol by the bottle and drink it in the safety of your home. Even if you're not particularly young or pretty, watch your drink every second in a busy bar where strangers are present. If something tastes bitter or wrong, discard it and go home. It pays to be paranoid.
Aug 3, 2016 auntie jim commented on Walkinshaw Pulls Ahead of McDermott in Primary Election, but Ballots Are Still Being Counted.
I prefer Brady. Jayapal is an opportunist who doesn't even live in the district. On the issues there is little difference between any of them but Walkinshaw is married to a scientist, so we can expect reality based decisions.
Jul 9, 2016 auntie jim commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
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I don't want to hear about Marissa Johnson, she's doing more harm than good, to put it politely.
Jun 24, 2016 auntie jim commented on British Scientists Wanted No Exit From the EU.
I'm opposed to EU austerity policy that beats up Greece, Spain, and Italy and I'm skeptical about predictions of big economic problems from the brexit. I predict that savvy investors will use the decline in equities markets as a buying opportunity and make money.
Jun 10, 2016 auntie jim commented on A Non-Political Hearing on the Human Rights Commission’s Transgender Rulemaking Yielded “Nastiest” Testimony Yet, Trans Advocate Says.
I'm gay and I was born in Yakima and graduated from high school there. This kind of hate speech is actually kind of mild compared to the evil I was exposed to as a child and teenager. I'm so glad that good people are getting elected there, decent Democrats from diverse backgrounds who will kick the bigot pandering Republicans out.
May 27, 2016 auntie jim commented on Do You Still Trust Hillary Clinton?.
In 2004 we could have defeated W with Howard Dean but John Kerry was supposed to be more electable. This year we could defeat Trump with Sanders but the chicken shit wing of the Democratic party is ready to crown Hillary if Bernie doesn't win a landslide in California. This will probably mean continual Republican dominance in congress whether she wins or not. And possibly the extinction of human kind if Trump wins.
May 18, 2016 auntie jim commented on How the Continuation of the Bernie Sanders Campaign Hurts the Chances of a Democrat-Controlled Senate.
Nonsense! Old Hill knows that if Bernie wins California as big as he won here (he'll probably do better) she's toast. Get ready for President Sanders and stuff this line of baloney.
May 11, 2016 auntie jim commented on Who to Believe About the Alberta Wildfires: Cliff Mass or the New York Times?.
Professor Mass correctly points out that individual events aren't evidence of human caused climate change taken by themselves. He is among the huge majority of scientists who point out that long term trends indicate that we are experiencing global warming, at least partly as a result of human activity. Mudede fails as educator.
Jan 26, 2016 auntie jim commented on My Neighbor Is a News Junkie So I Thought He'd Love Getting a Print Copy of Seattle Times and New York Times.
I refuse to pay for Seattle Times or Everett Herald because of their biased reportage. I get the paper NYT paper delivered but read mostly online in spite of the infuriating pay wall forcing you to type your log in over and over. I hate how reading the paper version gets stinky black ink all over your hands and it's just easier to handle the electronic version, plus you can google and tweet while you read.