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Nov 13, 2013 N in Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Surges to 402 Vote Lead!.

Not true. "Voter intent" gives the benefit of the doubt to inclusion.
Nov 13, 2013 N in Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Surges to 402 Vote Lead!.

Good question. I'm no scholar of RCW and WAC, but here's my impression (based on the 2004 Gregoire-Rossi race, which I diaried extensively on DailyKos):

The automatic recount, if there is one, entails passing all of the ballots through the scanners for a second time. That process doesn't look at the content of write-ins, but there could be small variations in whether the scanner actually detects light marks> This could change the proportion of "blank" ballots (previously-uncounted are now counted, and vice versa), but it might also affect the number of "overvotes" (erased marks now counted as choices, invalidating the ballot, and vice versa). These differences will be quite rare.

If it goes to a manual recount, humans look at every ballot. Based on "voter intent", write-ins of "Conlin" or "Sawant" (or variations thereof) might be accepted as valid. In addition, humans might interpret erasures or light markings or "X" marks or circled blobs or whatever as valid votes. If there are disagreements among the human observers, they would be adjudicated by the Canvassing Board.

Still, it's highly unlikely that a margin of several hundred would be erased. Consider that the 2004 initial count showed a Rossi advantage of only 261 votes, out of nearly 2.9 million ballots. The final tally put Gregoire up by 133, so even with that far larger universe of ballots, the change was only 394.
Nov 13, 2013 N in Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Surges to 402 Vote Lead!.

You're so much more succinct than I am. I suppose that's the difference between journalism and academics.
Nov 13, 2013 N in Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Surges to 402 Vote Lead!.

Write-ins are always counted in the total number of votes. That's why Sawant's current share of the vote is 49.99% -- she has received 83,095 of the 166,212 votes (to more decimal places, that's 49.9934%). Conlin has 49.7515%, and the write-ins are 0.2551%.

With respect to a potential recount, the Sawant-Conlin margin is 0.2419%. Her advantage would have to more than double to take it out of the auto-recount range.

The names on the write-ins would be published only if one specific name garnered enough votes to win.
Nov 9, 2013 N in Seattle commented on A Timely Reminder From Richard Conlin.
My ballot made it to the final checkpoint, so my Sawant vote is confirmed. The votes of my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew have also gotten there, but I don't think they'll be adding to the correct candidate-total. :-(
Nov 8, 2013 N in Seattle commented on How the City Council Redistricting Commission Will Work.
Agree with @13 and @18, snicker at @16 calling out an arithmetic (non)error with an arithmetic error.

It's probable that redistricting will be accomplished at the precinct level, that it won't require shaving down to the block level.

In 2013, Seattle precincts contained between 220 and 920 voters. Correcting for residents rather than voters -- multiplying registration counts by [Seattle population / Seattle registration total] -- gives us a precinct-population range of around 325 to 1350. It should be pretty straightforward to adjust boundaries by moving whole precincts between districts.
Oct 29, 2013 N in Seattle commented on Here Are the Anti-Obamacare Ads Republicans Are Airing During The Daily Show.
On The Daily Show, eh?

Do you think Jon would have the balls to let John Hodgman (aka "PC") comment on the ads? Or perhaps they could resurrect the flagging career of Justin Long (aka "Mac").
Oct 24, 2013 N in Seattle commented on God Denies Wanting Eastside Sound Transit Site for Mars Hill Church.

Funny thing is, my God sounds more like Morgan Freeman.
Oct 3, 2013 N in Seattle commented on I Think Alex Jones Has Totally Lost It, You Guys.

WA Health Plan Finder has been working like a charm today. At least, for those of us who want it to work.
Sep 27, 2013 N in Seattle commented on KBCS Grateful Dead Night Tribute to Kris Nyrop this Sunday.
Yay Kris!

To be honest, I had no idea of what Kris does when he isn't at meetings of the 43rd Dems or walking his precinct or otherwise being a politico. I knew nothing of his estimable achievements, yet I still like and appreciate him.

For the record, Kris, I'm the PCO immediately to your south.