South of the Ship Canal, north of I-90
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Apr 18 deadrose commented on Want to Relax? Don't Let Them Talk You Into High-THC Weed.
@ScrawnyKayaker In case you ever reread this and find the comment, yes - low-THC high CBD weed will be kind to your tremor more than likely. It is to mine!
Apr 13 deadrose commented on Want to Relax? Don't Let Them Talk You Into High-THC Weed.
I quit smoking weed for a very long time, because of the turn to high-THC strains. They not only made me anxious & paranoid, they made me shake & twitch like a meth-smoking Chihuahua. High CBD strains have finally made it possible to indulge again.

I also would love to see leaf available again, as it makes it much easier for me to titrate the right dose. I'm one of those one-hit not enough, 2-hits too much sorts. And sometimes I'd just like to relive my youth with a couple of fat joints and a Pink Floyd album.
Mar 10 deadrose commented on Inside the Publix Hotel, a Former Single-Room-Occupancy Building in the International District That's Reopening Soon.
@1 Baron Groznik, That is unfortunately not true in all cases. Especially when it's parts of the company not on the main campus. HR was not helpful.
Mar 7 deadrose commented on Nancy Reagan.
I lived in SF in the early 80s.

I remember a friend's gay father suddenly avoiding all physical contact with said friend, because one of the father's friends was sick, and research hadn't yet shown the method of transmission. Why? No funding for the disease. I can lay that lack of funding directly at the feet of the Reagans.
Mar 4 deadrose commented on These NERVANA Headphones Are So Dopamine.
I would imagine they're as legit as a lot of the other audiophile woo out there.
Feb 23 deadrose commented on Should the City Stop Doing Road Repairs/Upgrades in the Central District?.
I'm not sure that cutting a lane of traffic out of 23rd qualifies as upgrading, since it's a major N/S arterial with several bus routes. Apparently the original plan had pullouts for the bus stops, but they got rid of most of them to cut costs, so traffic (once it returns) will be held to the pace of the buses.

The length of the closure has also affected those of us using those buses, since they've had to reroute around construction or cut off this section of their route entirely.

Meanwhile, the other streets in the neighborhood are in truly awful condition. Yes, they'll come out and patch a pothole if you call them on it, but that doesn't do much good when the entire street is crumbling.

Some people might call our household part of the gentrifiers, but we're just as likely to be priced out of the neighborhood soon, ourselves.
Feb 3 deadrose commented on Tell Us What to Do with a Sad Misogynist Who Wants Us to Pay Attention to His Misogyny and Homophobia.
Perhaps all it needs is a few willing plants to cheerfully misdirect people to random locations.
Jan 19 deadrose commented on When It Comes to Housing, San Francisco Is Doing It Wrong, Seattle Is Doing It Right, Cont..
I'm really bothered that virtually all of the new housing is 2 bedroom or less. Is this the city's way of solving the schools problem - just drive families out? What's going to happen when all these young professionals start to pair off and have kids, and discover the city has no place for people with more than one kid?

If we keep tearing down housing stock for families and replacing it with apartments for singles & couples, we'll have a city that has to turn over its population regularly to keep afloat.
Jan 7 deadrose commented on The Decline and Fall of the Suburban Office Park.
Most businesses can't or won't pay the costs of expensive city locations, and many of them have no need for walkability - they're offices, not retail stores. As long as people can get lunch nearby, they're fine with it. And as long as Metro Transit refuses to acknowledge that people work hours other than 9-5 M-F, they'll have to keep driving to them.

Just because some of the tech giants have made a move into the city doesn't mean office parks are doomed. I expect that eventually they'll undergo some transformations but that's still down the road a while.

I've also never run into an office park that wouldn't subdivide a space to suit a tenant.
Jan 4 deadrose commented on When It Comes to Housing, San Francisco Is Doing It Wrong, Seattle Is Doing It Right.
San Francisco is much denser than Seattle and has been for years. There generally isn't much stock of single-family homes with lawns to rip up. The closest you get to that is rowhouses that haven't been split into flats along the way, except in the richer areas of town. The only times I wasn't sharing a flat with assorted roommates down there were when I lived in an SRO and a tiny (and presumably illegal) loft in the Tenderloin.

I'm pretty sure it hasn't gotten less dense since then.