Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Apr 13 deepconcentration commented on Comic.
nice toy machine t-shirt.
Apr 10 deepconcentration commented on I Thought We Had Plans.
shitbarf is a hero.
Apr 9 deepconcentration commented on Seattle Is Not Beautiful.
ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME neoliberal economics ME ME ME ME ME ME ME i read a book ME ME ME ME ME ME ME trolling ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME i want to fuck that actress ME ME ME ME ME
Mar 27 deepconcentration commented on Van Halen's New Record AND American Tour.
without michael anthony to hit the high harmonies... it's just not VH.

the VH brothers are so ground down and worn out. i don't know if the stories are true, but it sounds like eddie is basically on a whiskey and cigarette diet and is chock full of cancer. i'd rather not watch dave dance around his corpse. and making his son watch is just cruel.
Mar 17 deepconcentration commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved but You Can't Listen to Now?.
i was the right age at the height of love & rockets popularity, and while bauhaus and tones on tail still sound good to me, much of love & rockets catalog now sound like the worst christian campfire sing-along bullshit ever.
Mar 3 deepconcentration commented on High Voltage Music Store Puts Up “For Lease” Sign.
best of luck to the HV people. as a former platinum guy, we really enjoyed having someone in the neighborhood who could string a guitar. i could recalibrate a tonearm but tuning pegs and pickups were out of my league, it was great when HV appeared, it seemed like we could take care of all types of musicians on one street.

man, all of a sudden i really want some of ballet's pad thai. if that place ever loses it's lease, i'm burning down the entire block.
Feb 25 deepconcentration commented on My Philosophy.
beck sucks, always has.

born on third base, scientology, hipster irony, cultural appropriation, novelty songs, the whole works. fuck beck.
Feb 24 deepconcentration commented on Bill O'Reilly Threatens NYT Reporter.
old men have to talk tough. #oilybloodmen
Feb 24 deepconcentration commented on MacFarland, USA: After Kevin Costner Saved Black People in Black or White, He Sets His Sights on Improving the Lot of Latinos.
word on the street is that paul took a job with amazon.

just kidding, so long paul.

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