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Mar 8 Last of the Time Lords commented on The Moral Imperative For Driverless Trucks vs. The Immoral Opposition to Single-Payer Health Care.
yeah, that 55 year old trucker who lost their job will just go work at Starbucks for 15% of what they were making previously.

no electoral fall out there!
Mar 8 Last of the Time Lords commented on Trump Signals That He Wants to Restart the War on Drugs.
Maybe the regressives will stop calling people who don't blindly agree with them bigots and then you will start to win elections?

Oh, and writing pieces talking about how a country, who by large margins, voted for a black man two times to be President is suddenly racist has consequences.

Elections have results, but please...take a shit on people who you need to vote for your side in the next elections. That worked really well last November
Mar 7 Last of the Time Lords commented on Bertha Starts Mining Again After Surveys Catch Six-Inch Misalignment.
So sorry that The Stranger's hopes and dreams of this going on for several more decades didn't come to fruition. So sorry....
Feb 24 Last of the Time Lords commented on Car2Go Vehicle Parked in Ravenna Gets Tagged with Sticker Promoting White Supremacy.
If only we could just kill all the white heterosexual men.... damn damn damn..... Telling them to shut up isn't enough
Feb 22 Last of the Time Lords commented on Two Milo Reax Reax—One Long, One Short.
The damage that Milo did to the gay community is pretty substantial. Milo was/is a walking piece of horse shit but he did allow some conservatives to have a gay that they could like who was on their side. And sorry gang: winning conservatives over to our side is how we won marriage equality and how we gain our rights. You can't do it with just the left.

Now, with this sick defense of child rape (call it what you will but that's what he did) those conservatives will simply double down on their past hatred of gays and make life worse for those of our family stuck in red states. Milo will cause blood to be spilled.
Feb 21 Last of the Time Lords commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
Milo needs to get himself into therapy..the man is very sick and needs serious help. I recommend watching PhillyD's video on this from Monday and Milo's full interview on the Drunken Peasants (who warned Milo about him going down the shit hole he went down) and the interview with Joe Rogan. The Alt-Right really are just child rapists...they shold join NABLA.
Feb 15 Last of the Time Lords commented on King County May Create Legal Fund to Help Immigrants Become Citizens.
So my taxes can help people who broke the law to become law abiding citizens?
Feb 1 Last of the Time Lords commented on POLL: How Would You Like Your Beyoncé News Delivered?.
@1 it's the new and improved super SJW version of The Stranger. What's your problem? ARE YOU A FUCKING WHITE MALE?!?!?!?