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May 31, 2016 pdonahue commented on Joshua Clover Discusses Riots and Strikes at Left Bank Books.
@6 so, when people head out and block a freeway (or Rainier Ave. as they did once a month last summer) that's not a riot, that's actually a 'neo-anarchist kabuki riot' . But, when people set fire to the car dealership or loot the big box pharmacy (like in ferguson and baltimore), that's a riot? And, by that logic, anarchists could bring more authenticity to their actions by popping the window at Nikietown and taking some shoes?
May 29, 2016 pdonahue commented on Joshua Clover Discusses Riots and Strikes at Left Bank Books.
oh RS don't ever change. Is there such a thing as a "good" riot (protesters occupying factories), and a "bad" riot (people who try to block freeways)? Please tell me the difference.
May 10, 2016 pdonahue commented on Two May Day Protesters Were Charged With Third-Degree Assault.

Naw, I'm saying they probably brought those things in to start a structure fire, not roast a pig.
May 10, 2016 pdonahue commented on No, Anarchists Don't Want Trump to Win.

anarchists don't have a credentials committee, you can still work for class criminals and aspire to make the world a better place.
May 10, 2016 pdonahue commented on No, Anarchists Don't Want Trump to Win.
@ 13

once again, the purity test is being applied to people who dare to get off the couch and do something. Noam Chompsky can charge $$ to give a talk because he is booked out a year in advance and lots of people want to hear what he has to say, he and you both live in a society that is unequal, his role as an academic does not change that fact.

Would you have expected George Washington to tell the troops before they crossed the Deleware to not carry English made muskets? Or to exclude foreign mercenaries from his ranks just to make sure he had the moral high ground before conducting his campaign?
May 9, 2016 pdonahue commented on No, Anarchists Don't Want Trump to Win.
wow, thanks for throwing us a bone, Ansel. Textbook history tells us that radical restructuring of political structures occur when things get better, not worse. Anarchists want things to get better so we can do more good, not the other way around.
May 7, 2016 pdonahue commented on This Week on Blabbermouth: Badly Behaving Basketball Fans, Your Calls, and More!.
Eli- your attempt to contact anarchists directly participating in the Mayday events via "the agency" while laudable as an attempt to get a full perspective, is still missing the overall concept of Anarchism. What those blac bloc kids are utilizing is a tactic, not a political expression. I guarantee you they did not come to their ideas of anarchism by reading Hobbs or "Homage to Catalonia", they are thoroughly post modern millennials, raised on x-box and CNN. Your attempt to tie them to the larger whole falsely ties them to philosophical tenets established 100 years before their birth, I think we would both agree a lot has happened since then.

First of all, they are operating in small collectives or affinity group structures, accountable only to each other, loosely affiliated with the larger whole you deem so important. This is a marked shift from the anarchists of the Classical period of anarchism or even the anarchists of Orwell's day. As distressing their message of wholesale destruction, it is a tiny cadre of anarchism, that you devote all of your attention to them and not other collectives that engage in direct service projects the rest of the year skews your reporting. Could you at least say these people are engaging in a small collective activity rather than waving the big flag of anarchy that signals the beginning of the glorious revolution?

Second, these kind of actions are symptoms of the larger problem of political stagnation. There is a huge undercurrent of anger at this stalemate that allows the normal channels of democratic representation to atrophy, increasing income inequality and stripping your beloved government's ability to provide education, healthcare and legal recourse. If you thought anarchists represent the Hobbesian nightmare of rule by the strong, you really are missing the real story of economic elites stomping unabated over the needs of the majority poor.

May 6, 2016 pdonahue commented on Two May Day Protesters Were Charged With Third-Degree Assault.

have you actually used a firebomb? have you seen one being used? it's an extremely temperamental and notoriously low impact incendiary device, notice resistance fighters in Iraq used IEDs made out of old artillery rounds and good old fashioned dynamite when they wanted to kill somebody?
The Athens riots actually had some pretty good molotov cocktails, like they put some detergent and styrofoam in their to make some napalm that actually would stick to cops clothing and vehicles long enough to do some damage, those guys seem like they actually got some practice in with them to get the job done. I'm guessing these kids read about it on the internet and never actually tried them out until the day of the event. Give them some time and they might get as good as Gaza or Warsaw Ghetto rioters, if they live that long.
May 3, 2016 pdonahue commented on Appetite for Destruction.

Imna go crazy here and say, all that was done in the Seattle general strike of 1919, and if anarcho-syndicalists had been running things, I'd say we would have mass transit a lot sooner than the pace we have today. The point is, that's not how history went, that's not what anarchist are doing now, so why the fuck are people still asking; "if there were no doctors, if there were no nurses, wouldn't people die a lot?, who would drive the hearses?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1Ez7m7V…
May 3, 2016 pdonahue commented on Appetite for Destruction.

some crazy shit happened right after all these high points in Anarchist revolutionary activity of which you speak. Like WWI which pretty much got all the really fun people deported or thrown in jail where they ran into anti war activists and religious pacifists, and then WWII which got a whole bunch of hard corps anarchists killed off as you point out, then the implosion of mass movements after the vietnam war. At each stage of the game anarchism adapted, changed from world thumping revolutionaries to collective based strategies: the plowshares activists, latin american sanctuary movement, small businesses modeled as worker collectives, info shops, food not bombs, critical mass, one straw revolution, You get the idea.

I'm really not that interested in creating a nation building experiment in Anarchism, and anybody who thinks about it after their hormones stop raging will probably try something a little more manageable, like a cooperative day care? But it's fun to dream big, and knock a few straw men down.