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Middle-aged bisexual woman. Licensed psychologist, gamer, modder, fanfic author

Aug 30 Corylea commented on Shut Up About Trigger Warnings....
Trigger warnings aren't always about wanting to AVOID a subject; often they're about wanting to BE PREPARED before dealing with a topic one knows is triggering. They're so people can put their emotional armor on, rather than being blindsided.
Jun 15 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Get Out There and Fight.
So well said, Dan!

I agree with #1 -- this should be reprinted everywhere.
Jun 1 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex?.
Back in the early 80's, I was a member of a mixed-gender support group for gay people. One of the gay men had just tried anal sex for the first time and didn't like it, and he was angsting about What This Meant to the group.

One of the other gay men in the group -- one who'd been in a committed relationship for a long time and who was looked up to as a REAL gay man by most of the others, said, "What made you decide to have anal sex? You don't have to, you know. You can be just as gay without it." I remember being impressed at the insight and sensitivity of his question, back when we were all in our early 20's and were mostly clueless. :-)
May 19 Corylea commented on Second Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer a Charm?.
That trailer is a lot better than the first one. It remains to be seen if the actual MOVIE is any good. I'm hoping that the humor isn't dependent on the fact that many of the women aren't conventionally attractive; that would really, really suck.
May 7 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bonus Advice for WWWM & VIRGN.
#3 @TwitterEgg -- I was thinking the same thing! This woman is good at no-nonsense advice; maybe she can write a column.
Apr 19 Corylea commented on Savage Love.
Oops, typo. Obviously, that should have been "who wouldN'T try to own me."
Apr 19 Corylea commented on Savage Love.
How do you talk about marriage without proposing? Oh, that's easy! You talk in hypotheticals and in distant-future terms and stuff like that. Five years before we got married, my now-husband asked if I ever thought I'd get married someday. I'm bi, and at the time, gay marriage was illegal. So I said, "Well, the law won't LET me marry a woman, and I don't want to marry a man, because then he'd think he owned me."

Five years later, I'd finally figured out that I was with a man who would try to own me, so *I* proposed to him. Both of us were more comfortable that way, anyway; I've always been the more assertive one, and he's always been kinda sweet and shy. It works for us. :-)
Mar 18 Corylea updated his or her bio.
Mar 18 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Longest Read.
I sometimes think that Dan is a lot more caring with gay male letter writers and a lot more lackadaisical with straight women. I take it all back! Making it all the way through that letter and giving reasonable advice qualifies him for sainthood.
Mar 11 Corylea commented on Helen Fisher on Open Marriages: "They never end up working long-term.".
Thanks, Dan, for talking about actual DATA, for pointing out the logical fallacies, and for generally fighting the good fight. We're SO lucky to have you!