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Middle-aged bisexual woman. Licensed psychologist, gamer, modder, fanfic author

Mar 18 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Longest Read.
I sometimes think that Dan is a lot more caring with gay male letter writers and a lot more lackadaisical with straight women. I take it all back! Making it all the way through that letter and giving reasonable advice qualifies him for sainthood.
Mar 11 Corylea commented on Helen Fisher on Open Marriages: "They never end up working long-term.".
Thanks, Dan, for talking about actual DATA, for pointing out the logical fallacies, and for generally fighting the good fight. We're SO lucky to have you!
Mar 3 Corylea commented on New Ghostbusters Trailer Poll.
It looked pretty stupid, but then, most movies are pretty stupid. Some movies are fun-stupid; if this movie is, they didn't manage to get any of those parts in the trailer...
Mar 1 Corylea commented on Savage Love.
"Keep It Short, Savage, Expressed Sincerely" is a nut; please don't listen to them. Anyone who doesn't want to hear what YOU have to say shouldn't be reading your column.

I guess it's a nice way to get a lighter-than-usual week for yourself, though. :-)
Feb 19 Corylea commented on Donald Trump Is Currently In a Flame War With Pope Francis.
Donald Trump makes me ashamed to be a citizen of the nation he wants to be president of. Obama makes me proud to be a citizen of the nation he IS president of. I'll be so sorry when Mr. Obama leaves office.
Feb 3 Corylea commented on Savage Love.
You were at the Wilbur? Damn! I don't remember seeing a notice of that in your column or in the letter of the day. (I'm hard of hearing, so I don't listen to podcasts.)

Where is information about your upcoming personal appearances posted?
Jan 16 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: I Wanna Fuck This Guy I Work With—Should I Do It?.
Dan, if you need a vacation, please take one! Don't give crappy advice because you're feeling burned out.
Jan 7 Corylea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: An Alternate PENSIVE Theory.
Lot of good thought in this one. Maybe you can take this person on as an apprentice, Dan.
Dec 21, 2015 Corylea commented on SL Letter of the Day: High Hopes.
I'm a woman who's 5' 10", and my first serious boyfriend was 5' 2". He was my first serious boyfriend because he was smart and funny and read the same books I read and cared about the same things I cared about. When we eventually broke up, it had nothing to do with either of our heights, and we're friends to this day.

Whatever you're passionate about, go to where there are other people who are passionate about that thing, and the chances are that you'll connect with someone.
Nov 11, 2015 Corylea commented on Savage Love.
Are you okay, Dan? This column seemed, ah, a bit random.