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Apr 29 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
When I want a raise I go talk to my employer. I don't hassle my customers.

Uber drivers need to pressure Uber to raise rates instead of harassing customers. Part of the attraction is the "everything is included" price.

I tip for service in the typical places (restaurants, etc) but when its part of your company's policy not to tip I don't see how you can be upset.
Apr 22 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Anon, quit projecting your understandable surprise and embarassment onto others. A little kid puked, so what? Mine puked in the middle of a grocery store once. You alert the management so they can come clean it up with the proper tools (hint: not 1000 napkins) and then you move on with your life. If you're extra cool you give the person who had to come out $10-20 and say thank you.
Apr 22 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blown Apart.
Late to this as well but for someone bringing so much baggage to a relationship being upset about not getting blown seems petty and possibly an excuse to hit the auto-destruct button.

Sounds like she's into you and into doing other things as well. Ask her to become a hand-job goddess instead. 10 fingers instead of a tongue and can buy toys that can provide suction.

Besides, you never know what will happen in the future. Her sexual peak is coming up and many people expand their repertoire as the relationship goes on.
Apr 22 debug commented on Jon Stewart: Don't Forget to Google Santorum.
@4 If Rick Santorum doesn't get elected president then it does help LGBTers and every American. You can grab at your pearls and faint like a dowager if you wish but you can quit pretending that ridiculing politicians with crude humor is somehow a novel thing that Savage Love readers invented. It's an American tradition that goes back as far as apple pie.
Apr 13 debug commented on Russian Siri Is Seriously Homophobic.
Not trying to give Apple a pass but its possible some of the non-answers are due to Russia's internet censorship. Siri for the most part works by parsing a command and deciding if it is related to an installed app: "what's the weather, set an alarm for 7:30pm, set a reminder to wash the dog, etc" or a more generic web search: "siri, tell me about 'ping pong'".

Apple's technology would still rely on the locally available interent, which I'm assuming in Russia is censored and possibly 'gamed' to give the answers that sounded specifically homophobic.

Apple should certainly be asked about some of the responses and how they can avoid being gamed. Apple is large enough where they could have some leverage here.
Apr 8 debug commented on Voters in Springfield, MO, Repeal LGBT Civil Rights Law.
@7 Describing those who disagree with you as hate-filled bigots who cannot be reasoned with is a convenient way to never have to back up what you say. Classic trolling.
Apr 8 debug commented on Voters in Springfield, MO, Repeal LGBT Civil Rights Law.
Homophobic religious people are losing the culture war so it is only natural that they're stepping up their game. The important thing is to continue to make it economically inconvenient to be racist, homophobic, sexist, whatever. As we saw in Indiana, politicians will quickly tuck their tail in between their legs when big business says it will pull out.
Apr 7 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: I'm Horny and He's Jerking Off In the Other Room.
I thought the biggest red flag was "he's squeamish and likes the easier 'clean up.'".

Unless the letter writer has a serious feminine hygiene issue it isn't normal for a hetro man to be worried about getting vaginal juices and his own semen on his penis/body.

Not sure if this guy is marriage material to a woman with a high libido.
Mar 26 debug commented on Copilot Deliberately Crashed German Plane with 150 On Board.
@5 Or gay or a woman, or a marsupial, amiright?

You sound like a politician who can't help but to take advantage of any fresh tragedy to push their own political view whether it applies or not.

This was a mass murder. The color of the co-pilot doesn't matter, nor his religion as far as we know. Nobody is describing it as a simple suicide and even actual terrorists have had the label "suicide bomber" for years.
Mar 26 debug commented on Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed German Plane With 150 On Board.
Obviously we need to get rid of the human component when it comes to safe travel. How horrifying for those passengers and their loved ones.

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