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Jun 22 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Target Engaged.
Huh, I thought this was a gay couple till I came to the comment section. Maybe that's progress.
Jun 21 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: New Father Wants a Threesome Right Now.
If watching Real Sex back the late 90s taught me anything it was that average looking people over 40 can have as much swinging sex as they want if they adjust their expectations appropriately.

There is no ticking timeclock for men (especially with viagra) other than death.

This guy is a putz. Dude, new fathers should expect to go through a long, planned dry spell after a kid is born. Enjoy your new family and cuddle with your wife. Make her feel like Queen Mother Earth that first year until she gets her body and brain back to the (new) normal. A ton of women experience an episode of depression after giving birth so you may want to congratulate yourself on possibly pushing her into a mental health condition.

As far as sex: having a new family is an opportunity to up your masturbation game, buy yourself some toys, try something new on yourself.
May 12 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: I've Looked At Accidental Anal From Both Sides Now.
Ugh, if you're going so fast and furious that you accidentally pull out and slam the wrong hole you're also putting yourself at risk of jamming your penis and fracturing it. Google "penis fracture" if you want to cringe so hard you'll feel your balls crawl inside your body.

Be careful out there.
May 5 debug commented on Sex (At) Work.
@3 Because men, gay or hetero, don't typically masturbate with a vibrator (or give it a name if they do). It can be done of course but at some point you play the odds when reading and stop worrying about accidentally triggering concern trolls like you. You're using "blaming the victim" incorrectly as well. There is no victim here, just a gal who has the hots for her boss.
May 5 debug commented on SL Letter of the Day: In The Neighborhood.
Sounds to me more like the classic scenario: Man wants to open relationship, woman is hesitant but agrees, man finds he has to work harder for the opportunities and is jealous that the woman is getting hers so easily. He was fine with it as long as he had his piece on the side. In the new town she's a bigger commodity.
May 3 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Soft Serve.
The one thing you can say about all women is that they're individuals and will have different reactions to situations. Best to decide first how you hope she responds to your honesty and if it doesn't match up then she probably isn't right for you.
Mar 23 debug commented on .
This week on Portlandia...
Mar 23 debug commented on .
@7 lol!
Feb 17 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Ex Files.
I think LW did the right thing, listened to her, gave sympathy and ended the call nicely.

But now I think he does need to "blow her off" for her own good. Whatever the whammy it put on her, steeping in it over and over again with the ex is not really a healthy way to move on for either of them. If she has unresolved issues it may be time to talk to her family, friends, new boyfriend, or a therapist if she wants to keep it confidential.

If she contacts him again I'd suggest the LW be cordial but stern saying something like "I'm sorry this happened but I'm not interested in going over it again" and let her go.