Oct 5 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
Everyone always remarks on how confidence (which can often cross the line into arrogance) is sexy. Uncertainty and self-doubt are so not sexy.

Here's something everyone seems to forget. That confident/arrogant woman you are attracted to has the confidence/arrogance to cheat on you. Of course the object of their affection/lust is going to say yes! Of course they won't get caught! And even if they do get caught, you're lucky to have them so you will never leave them. It's a win-win situation!

Someone who is more humble would be hesitant to approach other men/women for an affair. What if I get rejected? What if i get caught? I am lucky to have the man/woman I love, so why risk that?
Sep 30 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tweet Storm of Excellent Advice.
Problem--some women are attracted to assholes. When I was in college for example, G was having sex with tons of women who identified themselves as feminists. They would all complain, "G is such a pig." "G treats women like shit." "G is so sexist." Their words, not mine. They saw him as an asshole. Yet they kept fucking him. They even fought each other over him. So then obvious question is "Why would G stop being a fucking sexist pig if you keep rewarding him?" You may also recall a relatively recent caller who identified as a feminist but sought out a complete sexist dick who really abused her because subbing to a nice-guy who didn't REALLY think she deserved to be treated like shit would not be good enough.
Aug 31 LML commented on Shut Up About Trigger Warnings....
We also need to call out the conservatives who throw up their own trigger warnings at being exposed to any idea that does not come from THEIR version of the Bible. Remember the student who complained about being forced to read about "anti-Christian" lesbianism in Funhouse? As a former Political Science instructor (about 12 years ago), I remember all the grief I got when I discussed religion as a social phenomenon. How dare I suggest that God might not exist or that other religions might be equally valid?

And what about all those supposedly anti-PC conservatives who can't have their beliefs bruised by learning about evolution in a biology class???
Aug 24 LML commented on SL Letter of the Day: Asexuality-It's a Thing..
@5 No, I am not missing out. My wife (then girlfriend) tried to get me to eat seafood for several years. She was convinced that I just hadn't had good seafood and I must really like it, even though I "did not know" that I liked it. The result was simple: I still hated seafood every time I tried it. To my palate, all seafood tastes like something that has spoiled. YUCK!
Aug 23 LML commented on SL Letter of the Day: Asexuality-It's a Thing..
Dan should have added that asexuality should not be viewed as the result of a trauma anymore than the old standard that homosexuals must have been abused--why else would they be gay? Asexual could mean, for example, that she naturally has an extremely low libido.

Also, "she'll miss out." On what, though? On something she is not interested in? As a straight guy, you can tell me I am missing out on a lot of dick. But I don't want that, so missing out on it is not a bad thing. I hate seafood, so "missing out" on salmon, lobster, etc. is actually a great thing in my book! I imagine that an asexual who goes along with sex and pretends to like it in order to conform must find it either unpleasant or, at the very least, boring. So this girl would not be "missing out" if she really is asexual.
Jul 14 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Crazy Soon-To-Be-Ex-Girlfriend.
Sounds like classic Borderline Personality Disorder.
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How about a Star Wars stormtrooper? (Imperial or First Order)
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All of those answers had FIVE words!
Jan 5 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Good Wife (And Her Sister).
This could work, but only in a porn movie.
Dec 22, 2015 LML commented on SL Letter of the Day: High Hopes.
Years ago, a tall friend of mine in college said she could not date shorter men because she "would look like a moose." In other words, it might not be that they are not attracted to short men or don't find them sexually appealing. It may be that they are being self-conscious because society puts them down for "looking masculine" because they are tall. The solution--stand next to someone taller than you.