Not enough like Twitter.

Apr 3 LML commented on Here Is a Breitbart Writer's First Response to Fort Hood Shooting.
If only there had been good guys with guns on that military base--oh, yeah, right.
Mar 27 LML commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I am sure your sponsors would be happy to help anyone pick out the perfect penis for them, as well as the proper equipment to attach said penis to whomever they so wish.
Mar 26 LML commented on Savage Love.
Dan, Dan, Dan. Bill O'Reilly IS a PERFECT PENIS.
Mar 19 LML commented on People Are Upset About Bill Maher's Comments About Noah (and Copernicus).
Dan, Dan, Dan. You always forget the important point: He kills those little old ladies WITH LOVE.

And besides, isn't it better that all of those innocent people died while they were still innocent (and eligible for heaven) before they were corrupt by the evil homosexuals (and thus doomed to Hell.) I bet God knew that those little old ladies were about to become lesbians, and he SAVED them just in time.
Mar 4 LML commented on Headline of the Day.
Dan, Dan, Dan. Second amendments don't kill people. People with second amendments kill people.
Feb 26 LML commented on Stand Perfectly Still While That Bigot Punches You In the Face....
Dan, Dan, Dan. That punch is filled with God's love.
Feb 26 LML commented on Savage Love.
Words you never expected Dan Savage to write:

"I've got some eating pussy to do."
Feb 20 LML commented on It Could Soon Be Legal For Satanists to Discriminate Against Christians in Arizona.
How about: "I believe in a loving supreme being who condemns all forms of discrimination. I therefore refuse to serve bigots."
Feb 18 LML commented on Slate Insults the Intelligence of LGBT Voters.
New Definition: Vitiello--the act of licking Santorum
Feb 18 LML commented on Slate Insults the Intelligence of LGBT Voters.
Just look what happened when the Whigs fell apart! It lead to a civil war and the abolition of slavery!

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