Aug 27, 2015 LML commented on An Email Exchange With One of the Few Women on Ashley Madison.
@1 I was not on Ashley Madison. I would think, however, that individuals who were involved and don't want to draw attention to themselves would be more likely to share confidential information with a reporter from an established new organizations than with an advice columnist. No offense to Dan, but there is a solid tradition (and legal precedent) of journalists maintaining the confidentiality of their sources. Also, I am not sure what a judge would say if Dan tried to invoke confidentiality of sources--but I suspect that it would not work because Dan would not fit the definition of a journalist.
Aug 24, 2015 LML commented on Incoming Duke Freshmen Refuse to Read Alison Bechdel's Fun Home Because Lesbians Are Gross.
And, of course, no atheist, agnostic, or other non-Christian was EVER forced to read Christian literature in college (and high school) English classes.
Jun 6, 2015 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Should the Duggars Have Done?.
Dan, Dan, Dan. Always missing the RELEVANT question: What would Jesus do?
Apr 23, 2015 LML commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan on Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
To say that medieval religious leaders were hypocrites who kept brothels does not indicate that they were all that different from today's religious extremists. ISIS and similar extremist groups rape women and take "war brides," for example. George Rekkers and others of his ilk preach anti-gay Christianity while hiring male prostitutes. Sounds like today's fundies have a lot in common with their medieval counterparts to me. Both now and then, the rules were meant to be applied to everyone else, not them.
Jul 2, 2014 LML commented on Savage Love.
"Elder sex expert"?? You're taking sex advice from Mormons?
Jun 28, 2014 LML commented on SL Letters of the Day: Response Required.
"Look at it this way: If foreskins made sex more difficult, R.R., evolutionary forces would've selected against foreskins and they would've disappeared long before we appeared."

Dan, Dan, Dan. this is just yet more evidence that GOD CREATED MAN with the FORESKIN precisely to make sex more difficult and less pleasurable. ;)
Jun 12, 2014 LML commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
I haven't heard anything about excommunicating gun nuts like Jared Michael Padget, the Mormon leader/Troutdale school shooter.
May 30, 2014 LML commented on Misogyny Kills Men Too.
Our patriarchic culture is very relevant, but we must remember that BOTH men and women participate in reinforcing this culture. Women who slut-shame other women? Part of the problem. Women who virgin shame men? Also part of the problem of reinforcing the patriarchic culture.
May 29, 2014 LML commented on Misogyny Kills Men Too.…

A huge amount of the coverage of Rodger’s murderous spree has been focused on his misogyny—brutal anger toward women—which dominates his video, and is central in his manifesto. The killings and coverage have launched a number of viral Twitter hash tag campaigns demanding an end to the horrors that this “women hating” attitude has manifested in society with stalking and violence.
But very little attention has been given to the overwhelming message of society that for heterosexual men—if you are not attracting women, if you are not getting laid—you are an utter failure. The dividing line between men who are desirable and have sex, and those who don’t, is often cruel and arbitrary. In the case of Rodger, his rejections likely had something to do with his affect, which suggested to girls and women that he wasn’t right for dating, a relationship or sex. We all know males who seem to be particularly klutzy around women, and don’t have a clue as to why they fail with the other gender. That failing and frequent rejection is devastating and can breed depression and worse.