Jun 11, 2015 ean commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
@30 - my sentiments exactly.

"It would be a really cool thing to have a municipal broadband system" is not a compelling reason to spend public funds on a project! If we're starting projects on the basis of being a really cool thing, I'd rather see the Seattle Center turned into a Wild Waves with beer, but that's just me.

There is also no indication that the City of Seattle will be any better at building and running this utility than Comcast is today. People are losing their minds over dumb customer service and a couple of outages, but these problems are endemic to any infrastructure service, regardless of ownership.

Finally, with our present public infrastructure track record, we have no basis upon which to assume this project will be on time, on budget, or high quality (e.g. Bertha).
Jun 2, 2015 ean commented on Second Comcast Internet Outage in Two Months Hits Seattle. Meanwhile, City Report on Municipal Broadband Is Way Late..
Comcast sucked for me until I replaced their all-in-one router/modem with some stock models from fryes and radio shack. No more problems, and lots of fast internet.
May 6, 2015 ean commented on What Is It Like Eating at Seattle's Most Exclusive Restaurant?.
Canlis is nice for a special evening, and not the most expensive restaurant in Seattle. The foie gras and sauternes is super good, if your ethical set lets you go there. Sorry hippies, mine does. Mwah ha ha haa ha! The Wagyu beef is overrated, but the standard steaks are awesome. They also know how to make classic cocktails. It's also cool that they've kept the dress code and the 50's layout: it's nice to see a bit of the old Seattle still lurking around, albeit on SR-99.
Apr 23, 2015 ean commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan on Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
Oh MAN do I dig this kind of stuff! Thanks medievalist!
Apr 22, 2015 ean commented on Savage Love.
@69 - Crinoline

I've seen it work, certainly. I suppose it's worth noting that multicultural marriages are pretty common in places like I was living, and lots of people with super diverse backgrounds get together. There's weird cultural baggage, but there is always some kind of baggage in marriages anyway, right? I think it's when one of the parties is from somewhere or some sub-group that is particularly conservative that things get more difficult. Which is why this letter gave me pause.
Apr 22, 2015 ean commented on Savage Love.

Living abroad, I saw this scenario often, and heard about it more often.

A modern western woman meets a guy from a religiously repressive and conservative country, while they are both living in a liberal western country (this last bit is key). They have fun, he gets laid for the first time, he's exotic for her, she's exotic for him, everyone around them is living the carefree life of expats anyway, and it's all good.

Until they get serious.

Then he starts thinking "how am I going to bring this girl home to my family?" and "what will my parents think?" This is when the repressive anti female crap he grew up around starts to come up: "you should be more like X" or "my mother doesn't do Y" and "nice girls don't (get drunk / stay out late / go dancing / talk back)" or whatever particular thing is or isn't done back home. Since things are serious, it's harder to DTMFA, and accommodations get made. From there, it's easy to end up in a marriage where she's never traditional enough for him and his family, and he's become way more conservative and repressive than the fun-loving guy she fell in love with. Or even worse, he's allowed to still have fun, but she's not. Heavy or very sad scenarios can play out from there.

Lots of cultures tacitly support the idea of young men sowing a few wild oats, and places like London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. are great locales for this. However, when life gets more serious, people often go back to their roots. You've got to figure out if this guy is just having a fun time in the big city for a few years, or if he has truly broken away from his culture. The former case is way more common.


Mar 3, 2015 ean commented on A Stunning Overreach from the DEA Is Playing Out in Eastern Washington.
All of this sounds like the DEA brutalizing some unfortunates who mistakenly thought that state law would protect them, over a regressive 20th century moral law which most of us find preposterous if not sinister. UNTIL they mention the 28 pounds of buds that Zucker brought back to Seattle. That is a huge amount of pot, and that was merely his share. They were growing way more pot than anyone needs for a year, and it's not unreasonable to assume they were planning to sell some of it.
Nov 4, 2014 ean commented on Savage Love.
BRAHS sentences 1, 2, and 3 read like a slow motion car crash, raising the dude...Dude...dUDe...DUDE! alert level factor in my head as it dawned on me what these brahs were up to. I wonder if they first considered any lower mortality activities like cave diving, grizzly snuggling, or wing suit base jumping before stepping up to the big boy stabby danger table?
Sep 30, 2014 ean commented on Tom Morello Rages Against 5 Point Cafe After Being Denied Service.
How is this news?