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Aug 19, 2013 ean commented on Déjà Vu in Ballard.
Aug 13, 2013 ean commented on Hostile Policing.
As a Seattle native who has never been involved with crime, my experience of the SPD has been infrequent. However, the few experiences I have had (aside from Officer Friendly in elementary school) have been bad. These guys are aggressive, condescending, menacing, and quick to grab for their guns. They always have been.

When I left Seattle and lived in other cities, I was surprised by how pleasant and humane cops could be, even when dealing with totally unreasonable people. Living abroad, I was saddened yet unsurprised to read about the murder or the wood-carver, the "mexican piss" incident, and the federal investigation.

My father in law, a long time senior manager with Washington State and later with King County, said that the SPD's problem is that historically it didn't have to care what anyone thought, because it was essentially independent and unimpeachable. This certainly seems to be the case, but it does seem to be slowly changing.

The fact that Police work is hard, or dangerous, doesn't change the fact that upholders of the law must also follow the law. We clearly have a problem, cops like these are an example of it, and Dominic is playing the role that a free press plays in a democracy: telling the people what is really going on.

Thank you Dominic for standing up for your rights, and thereby for all of our rights. I will buy you a beer if I ever meet you.
Jan 9, 2013 ean commented on I Regret What's Happening to This City.
I loved the Funhouse and I love Brian.

Whoever owned the Funhouse absolutely had a right to sell it, it belonged to him! We should be thankful that Seattle's not a shithole like it was in the 70s and and 80s. Unfortunately that also means that divey downtown buildings aren't cheap enough to house shows, practice studios, actual dive bars, oddball galleries, and etc. So we are better off and worse off too. Denser neighborhoods are a good thing all around, so mixed use and yes condos (sigh) are progress, like it or not.

I'm still left wondering if the process is self defeating. If Seattle is attractive because of it's culture, and everybody moving to Seattle makes it economically viable to knock down all the funky little places that sustained the culture, will people still want to live here? If Ballard becomes just like Belltown, or even Bellevue, what's the point of moving out to Ballard? And didn't we just destroy something unique and replace it with something you could find anywhere?

I am a little sad reading this article. :(
Jan 8, 2013 ean commented on Savage Love.
With respect to Saddlebacking and the Cardinal George, I believe this activity is also referred to as "Italian". The idea being that Italy is near Greece, but not quite the same thing.
Dec 12, 2012 ean commented on Cockfighting in Mexico.
Reminds me in a small way of bull fights in Spain, but with all the fancy divided out. Great article, it makes me want to travel to Mexico.
Dec 5, 2012 ean commented on A Divorced Straight Man’s Guide to Gay Marriage.
this is really funny
Dec 4, 2012 ean commented on Savage Love.
This reminds me of when Dan made fun of Germans, and some German guy got all bent out of shape about racism against Germans. As if German was a "race".

I think there is a difference between who you are, and what you'd like to see happen if you could swing it.

Don't get me wrong: I also think you should be in exactly as many relationships as you want, and if you and your squad of hot poly partners are happy and hitting it, then YOU ROCK. I am fist bumping you over the internet as I type this.

Back to earth, friends: every guy on the planet (aside from the questionably extant Mr. "not into 3-ways" above, apparently) would like to have more than one partner. That doesn't mean that society has forced your life into an empty sham if you only manage to accrue one (gasp) measly partner. It just means you were lucky enough to find someone, and we can't all get what we want all the time.

What's next, sympathy for CEOs that have to make 50 times the average worker's salary because they're just big spenders "innately", or just can't be satisfied with one Lexus?

Don't be greedy, get everything you want, AND self righteous about it too. The outrage rings false.
Aug 26, 2012 ean commented on Pop Punk Puberty.
Dear Megan, you may also recall how the "punks" of this period could go on trying to (a) out PC each other and (b) tell you that you like the wrong pop punk bands. I enjoyed your article. - Ean Sicko
Aug 20, 2012 ean commented on Why Is This Man Leaving the Housing Authority?.
The whole point of mixing market rate with low income housing is preventing concentration of the poorest citizens. This affords a better quality development, encourages citizens of all stripes to mix, and prevents the development of classic "projects" with their attendant crime and blight. The planned development sounds like a good step forward.
Aug 17, 2012 ean commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
Yeah MCC me too, but she is kind of right. I always thought that this album was crappy except for that song. Especially the production, which if I remember correctly was a collaborative effort between Self Produced and LSD, never a good combo. For me, Flip Your Wig and New Day Rising were the good albums, and this was the self indulgent lousy one.

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